Can You Use Beard Trimmer To Shave Pubic Hair

Can You Use Beard Trimmer To Shave Pubic Hair? Is using the same trimmer for your face and pubic area okay? Can you use a beard trimmer to shave your pubic area?

These are questions that need answers and it is rare not to find them on a forum, social media pages and groups. You have a beard trimmer but you leave your pubic hair without proper care. You’ve been neglecting a pubic area that’s growing without or little concern.

The straight answer to this question is Yes! You can use a beard trimmer to shave or trim your pubic hair. But before you do that there are certain things you need to factor, your beard trimmer should have certain features and specifications before it can be considered good for shaving of the pubic area.

A beard trimmer should have a powerful motor, multiple guards and a safety guard before it can be used.


An example of a beard trimmer with all these features is Brio Beardscape, it is a perfect beard trimmer for stubble beard type integrated with 1.0-19mm blades and it also comes with longer  1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm,  and 18mm length guard.

Beardscape Beard & Hair Trimmer

In addition, an old fashioned trimmer can be used for trimming of scrotum area instead of the normal trimmer. Using a trimmer is likely to cause nicks and cuts.

Another factor that contributes to why many don’t like using the trimmer for pubic hair shaving is hygiene. Does that really count? The idea of using trimmer for pubic hair means nothing as long as it is properly cleaned after each use

What Makes Beard Hair Different From Pubic Hair?

The difference between beard hair and pubic is noticeable and that can be confirmed by looking into the mirror and looking at the hair around your balls. Although you may notice no significant difference, the thickness of the hairs and texture are not in any way similar aside from the difference in texture and thickness pubic hair and beard hair are not different. Pubic hair and beard hair are hairs that both started growing off as tiny at the early stage of puberty.

Taking these factors into consideration, the beard trimmer can be used for any hair type.  As long you’ve got a trimmer with sharp blades and powerful motors, you shouldn’t find any problem using a beard trimmer in getting rid of your pubic hair.

Below are the essential trimmer features to successfully shave your pubic hair with a beard trimmer.

Essential Trimmer Features For Successful Pubic Trimming

Before you use a beard trimmer there are certain things you should factor before selecting a trimmer for your pubic hair. You need to look at these features as the trimmer should be capable of removing your hairs.

Let’s go through them one by one.

#1. The Right Blades

Make sure you avoid trimmers that are old and dull. Using old and dull beard trimmers will make removing a strand of hair hard and painful. At the end of the day you may find it difficult removing any hair.

Go for a fresh and sharp blade, they won’t cause itching, irritation, razor bumps, razor burn on the sensitive skin part of your pubic hair region area. Not using the right beard blades can cause an allergic reaction. So this can make matters worse.

Many would tell you to buy a beard trimmer made with stainless steel and titanium as they are durable.

#2. The Trimmer Should Have Multiple Size Guards

Before you use beard trimmer for shaving of pubic hair area you must have total control over the length. Good beard trimmers are known to have different sizes of guards and attachments to allow easy shaping and trimming.

So it is good to vary the length of the trimmer blades to achieve an optimal result

For example, make sure you trim the hairs above the pubic bone down to achieve the best result and an even hair length.  And you can as well trim it to whatever length of your choice.

Another thing to do is make use of different size guards to trim the hairs around the groin area down to the inner thighs region.  Increasing the guard’s lengths as you trim down will ensure you neatly trim the pubic region.

#3. Lightweight and Lightweight

That you are improvising does not mean you should use a bulky trimmer, the trimmer should not be heavy or uncomfortable to hold.

Use a beard trimmer that is easy to maneuver around your pubic hair region area

Is Hygiene Really A Concern With Pubic Hair?

If you ask the majority why they are avoiding using the same beard trimmer on their face “many will say hygiene” while some will come up with different excuses.

Pubic hair is really not what many see it to be

But many think of it as what it is not, in as much as it is taking care of, it is not in any way different from other hairs in the part of the body. So, it should not be considered any less hygienic than the scalp, beard or chest hair but it is considered so because of its proximity to the genitals.

Pubic hair is not for fashion alone, they can be helpful for the protection of sensitive skin and other irritants such as bacteria, dirt and other harsh material from our clothing. It collects sweat just like every other hair, just that it is always a little more. What makes pubic hair different from others is that it can become unpleasant if bacteria break out due to ignorance or lack of care.

Once you bathe regularly this shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you bath regulary and wash your trimmer after use then you have nothing to worry about.

The point is hygiene itself is not the only reason why you should not use your beard trimmer in your pubic area.

As long as you keep it clean – Make sure you do this regularly.

What Is The Proper Way To Care For Your Beard Trimmer After Use

Know that using the same beard trimmer you use for your beard for trimming your pubic area is not bad but not taking care of it the right way is. Pubic hair collects dust and it should be taking care of regularly.

Not taking care of the trimmer the right way can spread dirt and bacteria to your face.

Cleaning your trimmer after every use will not only keep your skin away from dirt and bacteria but also ensure the blade stays sharp for long.

How can this be done?

Trimmers are made differently and that makes their maintenance to be different. The way you care for a waterproof trimmer is different from the way you care for a beard trimmer that is not. Also, we have cordless and corded beard trimmer.

Follow the guide below:

The first thing to do is turn off and unplug if it is corded. If your trimmer comes with a compartment make sure you empty it after every use.

Make sure you have a trimmer for cleaning and you can as well use a little toothbrush. Open the compartment and gently clean the crevasses. If your beard trimmer is washable or waterproof you can hold it under the running tap but make sure you don’t dip in a bathtub. After this, pat it dry.

Dip brush into alcohol scrubs it on the beard trimmer on the blade after this, leave it to dry. Also, we have a beard trimmer that comes with a little bottle of oil for the clipper. If this is not available you can make use of alternatives or make use of olive oil. what you need to do is rub the oil over the clipper blade using a soft cloth(do not use your finger).

Reason Why You Might Want To Have A Separate Trimmer For Your Beard and Pubic Hair

We discussed why hygiene is not a reason why beard trimmers should not be used for pubic area. But do you also know we have reasons why you might want to consider not using the same trimmer for your beard and pubic area?  Instead of using the same trimmer for your beard and pubic hair why don’t you buy Philips Norelco Bodygroom instead?

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

Another reason why you should have a separate trimmer for your beard and pubic hair is for lifespan. The more you use your beard trimmer the shorter it will last. Having a separate trimmer will make it last even than the time speculated by the manufacturer.

By having different trimmers for beard and pubic hair your trimmer will not only last long but also stay sharp and effective, also you won’t have to waste money and financial resources on maintenance. If you are serious about having different trimmer for both areas make sure it is the right one.


We looked into why you need to have different trimmer for different areas, why hygiene is not a big deal when it comes to why beard trimmer should not be used for shaving of pubic hairs, and how to maintain a beard trimmer.

If you have anything to ask on the question – Can You Use Beard Trimmer To Shave Pubic Hair or have any experience you will like to share, kindly make use of the comment box.

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