My Beards Made Me Look Mature – Segun Adejumo

The journey to keeping my beards started 6 years ago. That period the beard was not so much at that time, so I was constantly nurturing it and the beard kept growing.

During the early stages of my beard growth journey, I was told by friends to trim my beards so it could grow faster and I did – it worked for me.

I decided on keeping my beards because whenever I saw people who kept beards back then, I fell in love with the beards, and since I knew I could groom mine to look that way, I decided to commence my beards journey. When my beards started sprouting, I became really excited because it was one of the most exciting periods of my life. LOL

I never really faced any challenges during beard growth. The only little issue was the need to keep going to the barbershop to trim so the beards could grow longer. I do not really see my beards as a fashion statement rather I see it as a signature style.

About beard discrimination

A lot of people actually discriminate beards.

You looking good does not depend on other people as it really depends on you. My Mom said sometime ago that I was gradually becoming a Muslim Cleric, and the question I asked her was, ‘Why does everyone think only Muslims can be bearded men in our society?’

Discrimination is a No No for me. Why would you criticize or discriminate another because he keeps beards. All in all what we need to do is continue to sensitive people that bearded people are responsible people. Beard is one thing God created with man. Men are meant to grow beards believe or not.

My advice to every man out there is to grow a beard today, and to the society, not all of us are Muslims and bearded people are responsible people.

About Segun Adejumo

A professional videographer and video editor who believes so much in creating video contents that speak to one's soul. Segun is a preacher of using your creative skills to chart a life course of fulfillment for oneself. He loves his beards and will do anything to keep them forever. Connect with Segun on Instagram @eyemontage.

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