Beards Discrimination is Annoying – ChukwuEmeka Uzukwu

I started to grow my beards in 2014 but then I used to trim it. I’m a hairy person so the beards just came naturally, then the beards were still tender and all. I was also a hair freak then. I plaited my hair at some point, turned the hair to dreads like the rasta man, and later left my hair to be full like Afro of the old.

I was being called Korede Bello because we had the same hair style, that was in 2015, so then I felt carrying so much hair on my head and also leaving thick beards will just be outrageous, so that’s why I trimmed it, until 2016 November when I decided to go on low cut.

In 2016, I was ready to take my beards game to the next level.

So, I left it to grow and it was awesome. Another thing that made decide to leave my beards when it started coming out so much was the fear of bumps and itching, that was like my worst nightmare.

Having bumps was something I dreaded the most so I decided to leave it be and respect God’s gift to me.

That was how myBEARDGANG journey STARTED!

My Beard Growth Challenges?

As for challenges, the only challenge I had was scanty and patchy beards at the beginning time but as time went on it became normal and equal all round.

My Beard Growth – Fashion or Style?

Keeping beards is totally style for me. I’m not a trending thing kinda person, so I dress and look how I feel.

What my beards does for me is to hide my baby face and make me look a bit older. With it you can’t really tell my real age. My beards help build my confidence when I’m in the midst of older people…LOL!

Ladies love bearded men

OMG!! them ladies love it..not all though but majority of them.

Any special beard routine?

Well my routine, I just wash my beards very well as I have my bath, then I use coconut oil, like home made coconut that I’m sure is pure and not mixed with anything, unadulterated.

The coconut oil softens my beards and moisturizing the skin underneath, thereby checking dry roots and itches, and its not greasy just like other oils. Due to lauric acid, it’s able to penetrate your skin more effectively.

I apply it on my beards, rub it into the root of the beards and make sure it circulates fine, that’s all. Believe me, it does a good job for me

On Societal perception of bearded men

I for one know there are discrimination issues on bearded men.

Beards discrimination is annoying, and absurd cause we are still people like every other person. Keeping beards is a natural thing, it’s like part of dressing.

The only way I know we can handle beard discrimination is through information, letting the world know through blogs like this that gone are those days when its only people that are in a fight against something or Muslims that keep beards.

Time has changed, the world is evolving and people now keep beards as fashion and style, the world needs to know that. We are good and responsible people.

Mybeard gang - Chukwuemeka Uzukwu 

Chukwuemeka is from Nkwere Local Government in Imo state. A computer scientist and photographer whose hobbies are surfing the web and drumming, 

Chukwuemeka also loves fashion, and he believes life is all about Cause and effect, what ever effect you see today was caused by you sometime ago, so stay positive and work so you will have a better effect tomorrow.


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