Treatment For Itchy Beards Just For You

Treatment For Itchy Beards – Knowing you are part of the Beard Gang is a really good feeling. But you should know that while growing beards is really great, there are problems that come along with doing that.

One of the problems is the Beard Itch.

Itching can be irritating. Imagine you are in a very formal meeting and your beard suddenly starts itching. What do you do? Do you start scratching it roughly and thoroughly?

No, you surely can’t.

Why? Because your whole look will be messed up. It’s no lie that itches are frustrating. Every man who has ever grown a beard knows that beards could itch a lot. Nobody likes inconveniences. That is what itches cause. They cause discomfort and inconveniences.

How do you solve this? I am sure that is why you are here reading this article. You want to know how to stop the itch. by knowing the treatment for itchy beards.

There is absolutely no problem with that. But, we need to understand first what causes beard itch before we get to the treatment for itchy beards.

Why Beard Itch?

Itching in your beard is caused by the sharp ends of your hair strand grazing or touching your hair follicles.

When you shave, the razor causes the hair strands to have sharp pointed edges like little needles. So when you stop shaving for a while, as the hair strands grow out, the sharp hair edges start to come in contact with the skin beneath and it then eventually touches the hair follicles. It is the contact with the follicle that causes itch.

You might be wondering what a follicle is right?

The follicle is that hole that contains your hair strand and protects it. It is the hole from which your hair strand grow out. So, one hair strand is to one follicle.

Another reason you could be experiencing beard itch is because you have dry skin. Dry skin could be caused by cold weather, dry weather conditions like Harmattan and certain skin conditions like eczema. Also immersing your skin in very hot water can cause dryness. This dryness later causes beard itch for you. So, be sure to always keep your skin and beard moisturized to prevent dryness which could lead to beard itch.

Another potential reason you could be experiencing itch is you have ingrown hair. When your hair strand grows into it’s own follicle instead of growing out, it is called ‘Ingrown Hair’.

This phenomenon could cause redness of the area, bumps, pains and itchiness. This is another reason why your beard could be itching you.

Another cause of itchiness is Follucotilitis. This is the inflammation of the follicle. This also can cause itchiness. Obviously, there are different sources and causes of beard itch. You could go see a doctor to help you with figuring out the problem.

Now that you know why you are experiencing itches, shall we move on?

What is the treatment for beard itchs?

There is no specific cure for a beard itch like maybe a pill or cream. Unfortunately so.

Reason is that there are so many possible reasons why you are experiencing beard itch. So if there is a cure, it is probably targeted to only one cause. Maybe dryness or folliculitis. The cure that will eliminate beard itch caused by dryness will not stop beard itch caused by folliculitis or early beard sprouting.

But there are ways to make sure the itch goes away faster. Ways that are quite straightforward and are more like normal day to day beard routines. But they work like magic! What are they?

How do you treat beard itchs? The ultimate question!

1. Start with very good hygiene

Sometimes, it is the little things that count. Regular baths will go a long way in keeping your beard healthy and well moisturized. Avoid allowing dirts, dust and germs to accumulate in your skin and beard.

You can prevent this through regular skin and beard washing. Use face or beard wash designed specifically for the face. Also always use beard conditioner with essential oils in it like Jojoba oil or Argan oil.

Avoid beard conditioners with chemicals because those chemicals are usually too harsh and they dry up the skin. And you remember that dryness encourages itching right? Also, always use quality beard oil as a moisturizing agent for your skin.

2. Clean your beard regularly

How to clean your beard is what you need to learn now. How do you effectively clean your beard, you might ask? Well, let me walk you through the step by step process.

First, you need to wash your beard with shampoo. Put a very generous amount of beard shampoo in your beard and dig your fingers through your beard as you try to work the shampoo into it deeply. Don’t be afraid to get rigorous with this. Being thorough with the scrubbing of your beard will allow it to cleanse well.

It will remove all the dirt underneath and leave your beard healthy. After scrubbing with shampoo, you can then rinse your beard. Rinse very well with water to the extent that no shampoo or soap traces are left.

After this, then apply conditioner to it.

There Are a wide variety of beard conditioners to pick from and you could browse through the catalogue of available beard conditioners on Amazon.

Apply the conditioner by squeezing it into your palm and rubbing your palms together. After that, you wipe the conditioner in your palm on the beard and massage it well into it. Let the conditioner sit in for up to five minutes and then rinse out thoroughly.

After conditioning, it is very important to moisturize your beard.

How you can moisturize your beard is by applying beard oils. Beard oils are so important in your journey as a bearded guy that you cannot avoid it. Beard oils deeply moisturize your beard down to its roots and tips.

They seep into the skin underneath and hydrate it to prevent dryness. So, you see why you can’t afford to miss on the benefits of beard oil. Beard oils are so very important!

Apart from a beard oil, you could also use a beard balm. Beard balms are like waxes. They help in locking in moisture. They are very effective in helping to keep your beard hydrated all day long. Keeping your hydrated and moisturized all day will help to prevent dryness which could be a leading cause of the itchiness. At all cost, just make sure that your beard is never dry.

Now after moisturizing with either a balm or oil, you should consider trimming. These processes are all to help relieve the itch by removing possible problem areas from the equation.

There are trimming scissors and kits you can buy in stores or online for your beard. Trimming is a very important grooming procedure for your beard. While trimming, if you notice any ingrown hairs you might want to pull them out. This is why trimming is important. To help in removing unwanted hairs and ingrown ones as well. You will know the ingrown hairs by the red mark and spot just below them. The skin area around the ingrown hair is red in color because the sharp edges of the hair has irritated its own follicles.

You could also remove these ingrown hairs through the help of tweezers. After washing, conditioning and trimming, another thing you could add to your regular beard clean up schedule is the brushing of your beard. Your beard needs regular brushing to help keep the hair growing in one direction. When your beard grows in one direction, it will greatly reduce the tendency for you to have ingrown hairs.

Brushing your beard also helps to keep your beard looking smooth, neat and soft. But how do you effectively brush your beard for maximum results?

You need Boar beard brush

This type of brush is made out of natural animal hair and will suit your skin very well. Don’t just grab any brush and use. Using synthetic brushes or plastic brushes can have adverse effects on your beard and even increase your itching problem. Reason is, the boar beard brush is very similar to the human skin and hair makeup so there will be less irritation.

Try a boar beard brush today. You can get one on Amazon. Just browse through their catalog of available brushes and order away. Remember that the appropriate time to brush your beard is after you showered and applied your beard oil. After the beard oil, then you are free to brush.

Another thing to note when trying to treat itchy beard is your diet. What are you eating? Are you eating junks? If yes, then you can be sure it will have negative impact on your beard.

A lot of research has shown that the health of your beard is directly proportional to the healthiness of the food you ingest. This means therefore, that if you want to remove the itch, you need to eat well and healthy.

Remember to drink enough water and eat enough greens. Vegetables should be your best friend and so should be fruits. Eat whole grains and fiber rich foods. They help a lot. These will encourage your hair to grow out by hence reducing your amount of susceptibility to ingrown hairs.

All these follow a popular saying that “Health is wealth”. That saying is so true!

After all these steps and processes, you might ask that, “Will all these stated above cure the itch?” And that’s a good question. Well, your itch will go away when your beard is mature and full grown. Your beard still itches because it’s just growing out. It is still in the stubble phase. Hence, the sharp edges can still reach the follicles.

But once your beard is full grown, you will rarely complain of itch in it. Except if you have a medical condition. The above steps help to effectively increase beard growth rate. Do them regularly and in no time at all, your beard will be in its full blossom and the itching will stop. You don’t even need to worry about the itch. It is only for the short term and it will surely go away. Patience with your beard is key.

Nothing good comes easy. You have to be patient enough with the process. Beard itches last for 3 weeks Max for the first time you start growing out your beard. For some in a week, the itch will be gone. And for some, it can take up to 2-3 weeks. But it is not permanent. And will only be there for a few weeks. But how you can help yourself feel better in the main time is to regularly take extra care of your beard.

Apply sufficient quantity of beard oil when you want to brush. Beard oils, the quality ones have so many nutritional benefits and supplements in them. You really don’t want to miss out on a beard oil’s gift to your beard. Also use shampoos and conditioners with less chemicals to reduce the drying of your beard and its skin. Dry skin should always be what you avoid. Dryness encourages itchiness, so do all you can to keep your beard and skin moisturized. It helps! Itchiness in your beard will eventually go away.

If you follow the above steps thoroughly, you will start to see it in your beards. You will see significant improvement in your beard’s performance. Apart from curing itch, the above method will also help to reduce your risk of beard dandruff, and accumulation of dirt and germs in your facial hair. It will also help you to look attractive.

Remember not to scratch too much. And have enough rest. Rest is key in beard grooming. Not giving yourself a break, can cause poor health. And this will have effect on your beard. To prevent this, rest very well. And always stay hydrated.

Happy beard grooming! Don’t be frustrated! Keep going, you did not come so far in your beard journey just to come this far. Don’t even think of giving up when you are halfway into a full grown beard. The itch is an hurdle you must cross, and you should conquer this hurdle and come out with a well groomed beard.

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