How To Use Beard Trimmer Attachments on Mustache

How to use beard trimmer attachments on mustache – Beard Trimmer is one of the most popular and valuable items that all men grooming beards must have in their beards kit. It gives a trim that looks nice, making use of beard trimmer is as easy as ABC but many of those using it don’t know the proper use of Beard Trimmer Attachments.

For those who prefer smooth hairless skin, making use of a beard trimmer is of no need, but it needed by those who wish to design the hair of their beards in a way that is more presentable and attractive. Having a beard trimmer is one of the windows to getting presentable and attractive beards.

Buying a beard trimmer is easy, but making use of the beard trimmer attachments properly is not for many. Making use of an electric beard trimmer gives you options to craft out your own beard design so you should have it in mind that you will need guides on how to make use of it in the right way.

How To Use Beard Trimmer Attachments

  • Variable Guard Lengths
  • Edgers
  • Nose Hair Clipper attachments

Using Beard Trimmer Attachments Guide

As said earlier, many of the beard trimmers are made with attachments but only a few know their way around it. Below are the guides on how to make use of it properly.

1. Variable Guard Lengths

The most common set of beards trimming attachments are the ones using variable Guard lengths. We have those that can cut hairs close to the skin level (Guard 1) up to the next guard that allows hair long enough. What determines the level the trimmer is placed depends on the region you’re clipping and at what lengths you want it.

So If you are cleaning the mustache it is good to make use of the lower guards that offer cleaner and neater short. While higher guards are preferable if you want to clip your beard but still want it bushier and fuller.

Do you prefer Higher level guards?

If you are choosing the higher level don’t forget to brush when done with each clip, it keeps hair pointing in the right direction as to prevent beard trimmer from pulling hairs out of pores instead of keeping them at the same level.

2. Edgers

Edgers beard trimmer attachments are the ones that clip close to the skin with sliding Edges. Using Edger will give you total control of where you want the outline to start and end.

3. Nose Hair Clipper Attachments

Narrow Single Edge attachments small enough to enter the opening of the nostrils. Ensure that the nose of the clipping does not reach far-end of your nostrils. The only thing to do is clip the hairs around the edges of the nostril opening slightly.

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Guides on Maintenance of Beards Trimmers

Traditional and Electric beard Trimmer works better if compared to scissors or any other products used in bearding grooming in context to what they are used for. But, when it comes to taking care of beard trimmers maintenance, many bearded men out there find it difficult and if you fall into this category it is not to worry about, you are not the only one facing this same issue. However, following the guides provided will give you the edge over others.

1. Cleaning the Beard Trimmer

The majority of the beard trimmer available online or on an e-commerce store always comes with items like oil and brush. They are meant for cleaning the beard trimmer, not for decoration. The brush is for removing hair without removing the blade. In most cases, we have hair stuck inside the trimmer where the blade is and it can lead to failure.

Once you remove the hair, make sure the trimmer runs for some minutes to remove any extra hair. You should make sure to use a cotton swab to remove any extra hairs in from the beard trimmer.

2. Oiling the Trimmer

Do you know that the oil bottle that you saw when you bought your best beard trimmer from Amazon is to keep it lubricated?  Electric beard trimmer comprises moving, it is important to them to be lubricated for proper functioning.

If the manufacturer oil is not available, you can make use of olive oil for a trimmer. Examples of oil that you should avoid are motor oil, vaseline, extra virgin oil.

3. Read the Manual

This should come first as manual will provide you with all you need to know, the do’s and don’t of your beard trimmer. In case you have lost your manual you can make use of other tips provided here on our site.

Tips on How to Use A Beard Trimmer

Above we have guides on the maintenance of an electric beard trimmer. Below are tips that will guide you on your way.

Grooming your Beard

Trimmers are easy to use as beards grooming tools to compare to scissors, as you can adjust the trimmer to any length you want. If you want a long beard hair then set it the beard guard to a longer length.

Setting the beard trimmer to a longer length is good if you are just starting out. You don’t want to cut too much of your beard hair off before realizing that it is not what you want.

Define Beard Length

Defining the beard length starts with removing the guard and holding the trimmer in a vertical position facing you. Start with the edge of your beard line, and having the area of the blade resting slightly on your skin, then move to the edge of the beard line to trim the beard line to the desired location.

Trim Beard Hair Length

Put the trimmer on and ensure that the front is facing you. Start from underneath your chin, then move slowly to the jawbone line, move towards the ear and upper beard line using an upward motion. You can decide to trim against or follow the direction of beard growth.

Making a stubble look out of your Beards

Ensure that you set your beard trimmer attachment guard to 1 or 2. Hold it in a horizontal position with the cutting unit facing upward or downward. Start trimming in the direction of your choice ( upward, downward or following the direction of hair growth).

To create a better stubble look you can remove the trimmer beard guard attachment and follow the same process as indicated.

Below is a general summary of how to use a beard trimmer.

  1. Wash your beard and dry with a clean towel
  2. Comb properly and check out the best beard comb if you don’t have any.
  3. Comb out to show the end of the beard.
  4. Ensure that it is fully dry before trimming to prevent the trimmer from getting damaged.
  5. Set the guard to the longer length to avoid cutting shorter than what you want.
  6. Trim down one side first, don’t cut to a point, stop and move to the other side.
  7. Comb to check out what you have done.
  8. Move to the other side then trim.
  9. The hairs under the chin need to be comb, do that then cut the stray hairs.
  10. Start from step 1 to remove the remaining hairs.
  11. To replenish cut ends oil and brush your beard.

Note:  Start your beard trimming with bigger guard or lower settings you want to avoid any accidents of removing too much hair. And always trim in the downwards direction vertically to avoid hair raising up and removing chunks out of your beard. And you can as well check out our previous post on how to take proper good care of your beards and reviews on beard product:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Beard Trimmer Attachments

What length should I Set my beard trimmer for a beard?

At what length to set your beard trimmer might seem easy but it is for those who are still new in using it. If you’re using a guard to trim your beard, at what length to set the trimmer should be around 1/2 – inch / 1.25 Long.

At what Length should I set my beard trimmer for a mustache?

The ideal length to set trimmer for the beard is 1/2-inch/ 1.25 cm long but in the case of mustache, it is not. Leaving at the same length as for beard will leave your mustache too short to get styled and long.

What does the number on a trimmer mean?

This has been confusing many for years, whether you are visiting a barbershop or planning to do it yourself. Knowing what each number corresponds to is important. MyBeardGang will demystify what seems to be like a mystery by providing detailed information on what each number represents.

Starting from the basics especially for those just growing beards. Beard Cut numbers are referred to as clipper guard sizes, and you can find the number etched on the guard itself. The majority of clipper’s sets have a maximum of 8  guards.

Meaning that the larger the number, the longer the beard cut.

Let’s take, for example, you went to a barbershop to have hair and beard cut and asked for “Number 2 beard cut” that is the #2 guard will be attached to the clipper and 1/4 inch of hair will be left on the scalp. Similarly, a “Number 1 Beard cut” is short; a “Number 2 beard cut” to 3/8 inch and a “Number 4” is the average length of 1/2 inch.

Below is a Summary

  • #1 – 1/8 of an inch
  • #2 – 1/3 of an inch
  • #3 – 3/8 of an inch
  • #4 – 1/2 of an inch
  • #7 – 7/8 of an inch
  • #8 – one inch

The #5 and #6 are different from others and designed for tapering the hair.

How often should you clean your Electric Trimmer?

How often you shave your beards depend on how often you shave your beard and how thick it is. Cleaning your beard trimmer after every use is recommended.

Where can I get a replacement for my beard trimmer attachment?

You can find a replacement for your beard trimmer attachment online; from online stores or visit the official site of the company that produced your beard trimmer. And you can visit the local store close to you.

Which trimmer brand is best?

We have different brands available on the market but the best one for you might not even that best beard brands. The most costly beard trimmer might not be totally what you need. Make sure to read the reviews of the products you want to buy and make sure it is what you really need.

What clippers do barbers use for beards?
  • Wahl All-In-One
  • Andis Master Clippers
  • Remmington Vacuum Haircut
Is Nova Trimmer Good?

Yes, they are good but that does not mean it is good. You can’t compare the durability of beards trimmer from Phillips to Nova trimmer.

Now, this is the end on How To Use Beard Trimmer Attachments and you have read on tips on using beard trimmer attachments, What do the numbers on a trimmer mean? List of best beard trimmer attachments and many more. Following the guides we have provided here will give you chances to make the best out of your trimmers and how to maintain it and the attachments.

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