List of Best Halloween Costume With Beard

Looking for the best Halloween Costume with a beard? Have you been searching for Halloween kits with beards to use with your boyfriend to the next Halloween party?

You have searched for different keywords, visiting one webpage to another but couldn’t find the information you want? Worry no more, this is the right place for you and definitely, you won’t regret it.

Not getting disappointed means that we are going to list all the best Halloween costume with beards, but we are not stopping there, we’ll provide the pro’s and con’s (Why you should buy and you shouldn’t), reviews of what those who bought it are talking about concerning the products they bought.

Before we dive into the Halloween costume with a beard, let’s take a look at the information below.

 History of Halloween

The present is the aggregate of the past, the present will the aggregate of the future

Halloween is an annual day celebrated each year on October 31 and Halloween 2019 occurs on Thursday, October 31. It is said to originate from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a festival where people would light bonfires and dress to wade off ghosts.

So Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a day to honor all saints; which later turned to some of Samhain tradition. The evening before All Saints Day was referred to as All Hallows Eve and later turned to Halloween.

Years after, Halloween evolved to a day where activities such as eating, carving jack-0-lanterns and others are carried out, which is what we celebrate today.

Best Halloween Costume With Beard Review

1. Full Beard With Mustache, One Size, Pack of 1

Halloween Costume with beard

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It is brown, made of synthetic fiber and according to reviews dropped by verified buyers on Amazon shows that Full Beard With Mustache worth the money.

Two of the reviews dropped by the buyers are the ones below:

Beard look fine, except for the adhesive on it is worthless and it won’t stick to your face. So unless you can come up with a custom solution to stick to your face, you are better off using some other products.


Looked pretty good with my costume. Had to use a spirit gum to make it stick, but held up easily well.

Looking at the reviews dropped by the buyers one can say that it is not bad but one needs another adhesive to get the best out of it. Another advantage of this product is that you can easily trim it to your taste.

2. LUOEM Fake Beard Black Bearded Man Funny Mustaches Costume Party Fake Mustaches Whisker Festival Supplies

Halloween Costume with beard

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LUOEM Fake Beard Black Bearded Man Funny Mustaches is the one for whoever is looking for something different for Halloween dressing. It is made up of soft materials that make it suitable for many to wear. It is not only ideal for Halloween parties but also for festivals, carnivals, and other fun social gatherings.

Black in color as seen in the picture above, Lon’s fluff materials made with an elasticated band making it suitable for all ages, with a size of 20 x 15 x 0.5 cm.

Reviews dropped by verified buyers shows that it is good and also worth the price.

3. Self Adhesive, Novelty, Philosopher Fake Beard, False Facial Hair, Costume Accessory For Adults

Halloween Costume with beard

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Self Adhesive Novelty, Philosopher comes in four(4) different colors. This novelty size self-adhesive false beard is the one for you if you want to participate in Halloween drama activities. Suitable for Adults and a perfect combination with other special offers.

Aside from the fact that it is good for all attires, it is simple and convenient. It is easy to put on and take off, it can also be re-used multiple times without losing its adhesiveness. You can as well trim it for special needs and dye to change the color.

Putting your health into consideration, it is certified by the Europen Union as safe. Made with high-quality fur, 3M surgical tape that won’t irritate your skin. The adhesive tape also meets up with the internal standard.

Looking at the three (3) reviews are the product posted on Amazon. 2 out of the 3 are positive while the other is the negative one. From this, we can say that the product is a good one and worth the money. It is a great fake beard costume to consider for the coming Halloween.

4. Long Blade Wig Thor Endgame Wig Men Halloween Cosplay Hair Wigs

Halloween Costume with beard

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Long Blade Wig Thor Endgame Wig Men Halloween Cosplay Hair Wig is a synthetic wig made with Excellent quality Heat resistant fiber.

The quality is top-notch and will make you stand out out of others that will be doing Halloween in your community. The size is adjustable, you won’t be needing pins or tape as it fits in perfectly on most people.

Check out the reviews below:

Perfect especially for the price. we cut it & dreaded it a little & it worked great.


Fits well


The wig is beautiful and thick, but the inside of the wig and backing of the beard is hard and scratchy.

From the three reviews, two are satisfied with what they bought while the other one can’t use it after the first trial. That might be because the person’s skin is sensitive. The solution is to loosen the size a little.

5. Yuehog Short Blue Layered Anime Cosplay Wig Halloween Costumes Party Hair Wigs

Halloween Costume with beard

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Yuehog Short Blue Layered Anime Cosplay Wig Halloween Costumes Party Hair Wigs from the picture is blue, a weight of 180g, adjustable wig cap size, made with high-quality Japanese synthetic fiber.

12 x 8 x 2 inches package dimension, 8 inches item weight, and also produced by a manufacturer from China.

6. Forum Biblical Wig and Beard Set

Halloween Costume with beard

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Forum Biblical Wig and Beard Set made up of 100% polyester, a size that is good for adults and kids. It is a perfect combo to take with you for the forthcoming Halloween party. It stays on due to the presence of an elastic strap.

7. Amscan Brown Plush Beard/Mustache

Halloween Costume with beard

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Brown plush beard attaches through an elastic band; so you need no adhesives or grappling hooks. It fits most teens and adults. It is not only good for Halloween parties but also Christmas parties and others.

8. 80’s Blues Rocker Beard With Moustache

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So below are the reviews dropped by previous buyers:

Perfect look with sunglasses and other additions.

9.  Mr. Moustachio’s Top 10 Manliest Mustaches of All Time Assortment, Black, One-Size

Mr. Mousta Chios is one of the kits you can get for Halloween. It fits most faces and depending on the size each mustache requires approximately  2.4 inches long and full-sized for adult faces.

I got these for Halloween but as soon as they arrived my kids wanted to wear them. They each chose one to play with and there are plenty left for costumes. The backing isn’t every easy to get off and can be pretty frustrating. Once the back is off the mustaches stick well.

My 5 year old looked like he was peeling his face off when he removed it. Both kids said it hurt a little when they removed them. I rather they stick a little too well instead of falling off 5 minutes in.


Which one to choose?

Now that you are done reading the best Halloween costume with Beard. The next thing that will come to mind is which one to buy? We actually can’t decide what to do for you we have fulfilled our part of the deal and that is to provide reviews for you. If you are confused about which one to buy, scroll up and read the post again. When doing so, put the following factors into consideration:

  1. Skin Type
  2. Price
  3. Materials
  4. Color of the materials

Now that we are done with reviews, let’s go back to:

How did Halloween get to America?

The celebration of Halloween was only limited to Colonial New England because of their belief (rigid protestants). It was common in the Southern Colonies and Maryland.

But later, the beliefs and customs of the Ethnic groups in Europe and that of America Indians started correlating. And the first party was organized and neighbors shared stories of the dead, talked, dance and sing.

Halloween reached every corner of America when it was flooded with new immigrants from other parts of Europe.

History of Halloween Parties

Within 1920-193o, Halloween had become community-centered with parties organized across the country. Efforts were put into place to make this party obsolete.

In the year 1950, leaders of town in Europe had put measures in place to limit vandalism and it evolved into a holiday mainly for young lots in elementary, colleges and Universities.

List of Best Halloween Activities that are Funny

  • Play a pumpkin Toss Game
  • Make a Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  • Make Tasty Treats in mini Cauldrons
  • Put on a Ghoulish Stick Puppet Show
  • Give Rocks a Fa-Boo-Lous Halloween Look
  • Bob For Apples in the Backyard
  • Make a wonderfully Wicked Halloween Decoration
  • Turn Cones Into a Candy Corn
  • Get creative with your Holiday Beverages
  • Make printable Halloween Masks
  • Create Halloween Paper Lanterns
  • Cook Fun, Festive Finger Foods
  • Turn your Home Into a Haunted House
  • Embark on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

So What is the History of Trick-or-Treating?

Borrowing from the European tradition, Americans began to move from house to house asking for foods dressing up in costumes, a practice that later became today’s “trick-or-treat tradition.  Young women in America believed that through Halloween they could know their husband’s names.

Later in the 1800s, there was a move in America to turn it into more than just a Holiday. At the turn of the century, Halloween parties for children and adults turn to one of the most common ways to celebrate the day.

Why is Halloween on the 31 of October?

Halloween is a celebration in remembrance of the dead that happens annually. It started from an ancient Celtic seasonal festival popularly known as Samhain to mark the end of the harvest and to remember the dead which is celebrated from sunset on October 1 to sunset on November 1.

So here on our site, you have read on the best Halloween kits with a beard, factors to consider before buying any of the products listed above. History of Halloween, How Halloween gets to the United States of America and How the name came to be.

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