Vintage Hair Dryer Chairs for Salons

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Vintage hair dryer chairs for your salon might be one of the most beautiful acquisitions for your brand this year. Not only does it make your salon exquisite, but the usefulness and durability of a good vintage hair dryer chair also can not be traded for anything in the hair world.

Due to the fact that clients can truly relax and pamper themselves in a salon, A visit to a hair salon can become a special experience.

Just so you know, quite a number of ladies love to go to the salon simply because it gives them a chance to sit back and get relaxed by the best massage chairs.

A good chair for hair drying placed in a comfortable place in the salon will make customers forget about all the hassles and worries of the world while only focusing on their beauty.

In this way, it is very important for a hairdresser to ensure that they deliver a good experience overall. A comfortable hair dryer chair for a hairdresser is a must and is truly really important for any salon. I have considered it thoughtful of me, if I could share with you the best hair dryer product online and their flattering reviews.

Vintage hair dryer chairs like the ones reviewed here make such a big contribution to the world of salon furniture.

Why Are Vintage Hair Dryer Chairs Important?


The straight-up answer to this question is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of beauty salon chairs.

A woman hair drying while sitting in a vintage hair dryer chair? Or maybe it’s a woman sitting in a swivelling styling chair with her hair under a dry hood.

Whatever it is that your imagination is, just know that A small piece of furniture can end up ruining the experience of the customer. It can result in a lot of complaints against your brand and you might have to bear the repercussions of it. Hence, it is a good idea to take some time out and get the perfect hair dryer chairs for your salon.

No one would prefer sitting in a chair that is outdated. While getting any hair treatment in a salon, clients usually spend a lot of time in the chairs. They can get really uncomfortable and irritated if the chair is not right.

Things to look out for when buying a hair dryer chair for salon

With a range of prices and options available in the market in recent times, finding and investing in the best hair dryer for your salon can be intimidating – does it have to always be that way?

Gently browse through these tips and find your dream hair styling chairs!

1. The Quality

If you are searching for the best hair dryer chair for salon use, then the first thing to consider is construction.

Quality salon styling chairs come at an increased cost, but are a solid, long-term investment for you and your salon, and will save you money in the future. Depending on your budget, there is a wide range of high-quality styling chairs from which to choose.

2. Material used

Standard round, flat round, flat square, star, and Italian bases each have pros and cons, so consider stability, weight distribution, upkeep, and maintenance.

Quite a lot of buyers do not consider the materials for your potential salon hair dryer chairs. It is often overlooked in the purchasing process.

Steer clear of fabrics and opt for high-quality vinyl for easy maintenance and long-lasting results. For example, the metal portions of your hair styling chairs, chrome is a durable material and provides a chic look, while its powder coating hides scratches and general wear and tear.

Lastly in this, be conscious of your base options, and which base is best for your salon chairs.

3. Your Budget

This is a point that many buyers tag as ‘integral’ well, I wouldn’t treat it trivially despite how wrong they may be.

Generally, The cost of hair salon chairs range from high to low, so it is important to have a realistic budget and stick to it.

Ideally, we could all afford the highest-quality salon styling chairs, but there are plenty of mid-priced, high-quality options available that check off your boxes for fashion and function.

The truth is that when you work with a smaller budget, investing a little extra into your styling chairs will pay off, as they are some of your most-used equipment and a strong representative of the quality of your salon to your clientele.

4. The comfort of your Client

The best way to make your client feel appreciated and increase the probability of them becoming a full-time customer is by creating a comfortable experience for them

You don’t put their comfort into consideration? Trust me, they won’t come back. Providing a comfortable, satisfactory experience for your clients is undeniably one of the most important factors to consider when finding the best and most comfortable salon chairs for your salon.

Based on the hair treatment or hair dryer you are using, you may have your Clients sitting for hours depending, and the key to a comfortable salon hair dryer chair is full lumbar support, high-density foam cushions, and a width that can be comfortable for all sizes of clientele.

5. The comfort of the Stylist also

Let’s balance the pulley. Truth be told, The day-to-day work of a stylist is physically demanding, and it is extremely important to consider the long-term comfort of your stylists.

When searching for the best and most comfortable all-purpose chairs, make sure to consider a reclining salon chair in order to give your stylists the greatest ability to be in control of their craft.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you purchase a chair with a hydraulic base that adjusts in accordance with your stylist’s height.

Regardless of the  hydraulic chair thingy, it is important to make sure your potential salon chairs are lockable at the preferred height, and that they provide maximum mobility.

6. Is it easy to clean?

You will need to frequently clean your chairs in order To keep your hair salon’s chairs looking brand new. In that way, it is important to consider material and colour, how products, hair colour, and bleach will affect your chair’s look, and the design of the chair.

A hair dryer chair designed with an open back or sides creates the ability to easily remove hair from the salon chair, and in turn, allows you to have a more sanitary salon.

Although the chair may be your main focus, don’t forget about cleaning your chrome base to keep your station looking clean and sleek. Fabrics and leatherwear are challenging to clean and keep up with, while you can easily clean high-quality vinyl.

7. Warranty

Looking at a company’s warranty can show a lot about the quality and durability of your salon’s potential styling chairs. Beware if there is no warranty – this could be a sign of low-quality materials with a short lifespan. The best salon chairs will be backed by at least a one-year warranty. Along with a warranty, check to make sure that they have a dedicated customer service team ready to assist you

Top Vintage hair dryer chairs for Salons

Vintage Hair dryer chairs for salons

Now that you know the importance of a good chair in a salon, we can forge ahead to the main reason why we are here. Without further ado, here is our top choice when it comes to the best vintage hair dryer chairs to buy online. You will come back thanking

1. Edison Hair Dryer Chair

About product

The Edison hair dryer is our number one top choice when it comes to vintage hair dryers chairs for salon owners. Not only does it has an industry-standard box but it is upholstered with the best quality.

Reasons to buy

One of the interesting feature is the commercial vinyl and Extra wide seating and ultra-thick cushioning to ensure client comfort. It Supports up to 450 lbs  32″ L x 23.5″ W x 31.5″ H  and the Seat Height is  17″


  • Upholstered with high-quality commercial vinyl
  • Defined lines make this chair very stylish
  • Sleek appearance
  • Extra-wide seating
  • Ultra-thick cushioning to ensure client comfort


  • You might as well not put the arms of the chairs on they are so wobbly
  • You may always want to put a pillow behind the client foe their head to better fit inside the dryer hood, otherwise, it is like they are sitting too far behind. t isn’t  too easy to assemble as well


2. BR Beauty Kate Dryer and Chair Combo (Set of 2)

About product

Tush up your salon with the BR Beauty Kate Dryer and Chair Combo. Because it Dry clients’ hair in comfort with this set of two wood-framed dryer chairs with American-made 980-watt salon hair dryers. Each set includes two chairs and two dryers. Each dryer motor is covered by a 3-year warranty, with a 1-year warranty on the chairs and all other parts.

Reasons to buy

In this chair, you get Thick cushions and removable arms seat clients in extreme comfort. UL and CSA approved and rated at 8-8.5 amps, the powerful dryers have built-in timers and slide into the back of the chair for easy setup and use.  It Includes 2 Wood-Framed Dryer Chairs & 2 American-Made 980-Watt Hair Dryers Thick Cushions & Removable Arms UL & CSA Approved, Rated at 8-8.5 Amp Built-In Timers on Dryers, Easy Set-Up & Use. A 3-Year Warranty on Dryer Motor, 1-Year Warranty on Chairs & All Other Parts


  • Wood-Framed Dryer Chair w/ Thick Cushions & Removable Arms
  • Made in the USA, 980-Watt Salon Hair Dryer w/ Built-In Timer
  • UL & CSA Approved, Rated at 8-8.5 Amps
  • Includes 1 Chair & 1 Dryer
  • 3-year Warranty on Dryer Motor, 1 Year Warranty on Dryer Chair & All Other Parts


  • The timing does not go the full length without shutting off and needing to be reset, otherwise the dryer gets really hot and leaves your hair dry and free of frizz.
  • Some reviewers find it hard to assemble


3. The  “D Salon” dryer and chair combo

About this item

The D salon dryer and chair combo will give your customers great comfort! And make them feel fabulous. Also, the dryer comes with wheels which means it can be used with any chair in your salon. Dryer height can be adjusted from 45” to 57”, Dryer body dimension: 12” L x 7” D x 24” H

Reasons to buy

The  “D Salon” dryer and chair combo is easy to use and compliments any salon space! Dryer came with stand and wheels, can be used alone without the dryer chair

The dryer can be operated at 120V/60 Hz, 1180 W, built-in timer and temp control
Includes one dryer chair and one dryer. Dry chair dimension is 25” L x 35” D x 33” H, and the Inside seat dimension measures  19.5” L x 19” D x17.5” H


  • Dryer came with stand and wheels, can be used alone without the dryer chair
  • Dryer can be operated at 120V/60 Hz, 1180 W, built-in timer and temp control
  • Includes one dryer chair and one dryer


  • The hood is set back a little too far from the chair. Therefore, the client for the head gets too hot


4. Icarus”Bogart” Beauty Salon Dryer Chair

4. Icarus"Bogart" Beauty Salon Dryer Chair

About product

It’s no-nonsense, but that doesn’t mean it can’t give your clients a cool time sitting back under the dryer.

That rugged simpleness has more class and style in all the things it doesn’t say than a lot of fancy chairs.  With smooth talkinPVC vinyl upholstery that’s easy to sit in but tough to crack, setting up this chair on your floor will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

It has some amazing features such as :
Leatherette cushioning. Chrome cushion arms which Will hold most standard dryer units.

It is Design to fit box dryer (Height:24″, Width:12″,Depth:7″) with a Padded cushion seat and backrest area.

Awesome commercial grade soft black leatherette. Smooth surface for easy to clean and maintenance.

Reasons to buy

If you are to ignore all the hair dryer chairs I’ve been listing, you should stop here. why not sit in the “Bogart?”

Within that square seat are hours of comfy sitting, and the chrome armrests come padded with plenty to squeeze.

Need extra space? Remove the armrests to make it fit tight areas of salon. You can save up to 5″ in width by doing this. Having safety in mind, the Intelligently placed brackets is there  to prevent box dryers from tipping over without the large cross bar bracket.

However, Some assembly is required.


  • Padded cushion seat and backrest area.
  • Awesome commercial grade soft black leatherette.
  • Smooth surface for easy to clean and maintenance.


  • the backing of the chair didn’t align with the base


5. Set of 2 EDISON Salon Hair Dryer Chair CRIMSON Salon Barber Shop Beauty Salon Furniture & Equipment

Hair dryer with

About product

This EDISON Hair Dryer chair is a sleek chrome-accented dryer chair. It is upholstered with durable, high-quality CRIMSON vinyl that’s great for easy maintenance.

Extra-wide seating and ultra-thick cushioning to ensure client comfort. Supports up to 450 lbsDimensions:1.

Reasons to buy

Its stylish design works very well with any salon decor. Superior back and seat cushions make this a very comfortable and relaxing dryer chair for customers. Compatible with Industry Standard Box Dryers.


  • Sleek chrome-accented dryer chair. It is upholstered with durable
  • High-quality CRIMSON vinyl that’s great for easy maintenance
  • Its stylish design works very well with any salon decor
  • Superior back and seat cushions make this a very comfortable and relaxing dryer chair for customers
  • Extra-wide seating and ultra-thick cushioning to ensure client comfort
  • Supports up to 450 lbs


How To Buy Good Vintage Hair dryer Chairs

Buying  your vintage Hairdryer

A little bit away from the product on hair dryers chairs for salon, there are certain things you need to know about Hairdryer chairs in general as a hairstylist. If you want to buy any chair for your salon, here is a quick guide on how to go about it. Remember, we are keeping comfortability, durability, quality and economic friendly factors at the back of our mind.

Trying to save a little money now would make you regret your choices later. Get the right hairdressing chair for your salon with the help of the below tips.

Look out for Good Size, portability and Height

Before you head out to buy the perfect hairdressing chair, make it a point to take measurements of your place. Keep in the mind the height required. While this sound like a normal thing to buyers, they often ignore this aspect while buying the hairdressing chair.

Make sure you  also check if the chair is adjustable (just like the ones  I have provided here) Buying a chair that is not adjustable is like throwing your treasure into the sea.

To aid your ease while at service, it is equally important to take note of the height of the chair

Consider the Chair design

Opt for something that is modern as well as trendy. Moreover, do not forget to get something relevant to the style of today.

The design is yet another important factor that you need to consider. The kind of chair you use also should complement the overall décor of your salon. If you have a particular colour setting for your salon, the colour of your chair should complement it. This comes under design.

Do Not Cut Costs

While you might settle for a chair that is barely comfortable, remember that it could cause your customers to never return to you. No matter how amazing your service is and how dedicated the staff is.

This is where we make a mistake. As long as the equipment for your salon is concerned, you should always make quality your priority when buying any Hairdryer chair

If you must save money, then shop from While buying a lot of hairdressing chairs in bulk, you can easily get them from a wholesaler in order to save money without losing quality. Else, you can also search for a hairdresser chair for sale online or find vendors who provide them on a rental basis.

If you are starting your own business then it surely means that there are a lot of expenses to take care of. This could sometimes make you opt for options that are cheaper.

Your Client’s Comfort comes first

It is important to choose the right hairdressing chair as it is crucial for your business.

In a case where your client is getting a hair spa done, it is certain that they would sit in the chair for a really long time. If the chair is uncomfortable, the client might lose their temper and never visit you again. How bad is that? Real bad. Do not overlook it as a mere piece of furniture since it holds a lot of importance.

It is therefore important that you always have to make sure that clients’ comfort is prioritized. Always use products and furniture of only optimal quality.

After all, the services are meant for your clients and they would certainly judge every aspect of it.

If you wish your clients to become regular customer then focus on providing an impeccable service to them.

Conclusion on Vintage hair dryer chairs

Buying  your vintage Hairdryer

Buying your vintage Hairdryer chairs online can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. That is why it is important to read articles like these to get detailed information on your potential salon hair dryer chairs.

The search for the best salon chairs can be daunting – but follow our guide and you can balance fashion and function, all while staying within your budget!

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