Various Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal Methods

hair removal methods

There is no doubt we have various hair removal methods, either the ones carried out at home, or the ones we do in the salons around us. Whichever way you wish to carry out the method, it all depends on your choice.

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Here are the common hair removal methods we have so far

  • Shaving
  • Plucking
  • Depilatory Cream
  • Hot Waxing
  • Threading
  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis
  • Medication and unwanted hair

We have to look into the various hair removal methods one after the other to see which is the best for you.

Shaving as the Method of Hair Removal

hair removal methods

Shaving of the hair simply means the removal of the hair by the use of a razor, or any other device designed for that purpose, to cut down the hair to the level of the skin. The act of shaving the hair is more common with the men compared to the women.

Men use this method to remove their facial hair; women commonly use the method to remove hair from their legs and underarm areas. For instance, if a man removed his entire beards, he is called a clean-shaven man.

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As a man or woman, you can shave your chest hair, leg, armpit, abdominal and pubic area hair. I always advise shaving with modern tools that will not leave you with skin irritation after shavings. I’ll recommend the best devices that you can easily purchase on amazon for this remarkable result you have been thinking about.

Hair shaving is also a common tradition mostly among men but some percentage of women and girls especially shave their head hair too. Most of the time, head hair shaving could be associated with religious ritualism while sometimes especially in some West African education country’s educational system, the public school girls are instructed to shave their head hair.

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Armed forces are also known for this practice, in fact, they clean shave their beards including the moustache.  An individual may decide to shave his or her own head hair, sometimes, the health issue may warrant a person to shave his or her head hair. Some sports activities cannot be carried out without the players shaving their head hairs.

To mention but few, historically, shaving of the hair has been used as a method to punish an offender, especially in Igbo people of Nigeria, if a woman is suspected to have killed her husband, her head hair will be shaved as a sign of punishment for her.

Cancer patients are not left out of this method. This is a method of fund-raising by charity organizations. Cleaning shaving the head hair has a lot of emotional attachments to it, so if people recognize a cancer patient in this way, they may quickly help raise funds even though they are not initially willing to help.

If a cancer patient is losing his or her hair, he or she may adopt the shave method of hair removal. This depends on the choice of the carrier of the hair or as may be prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Plucking of the Hair Removal Method

Another name for plucking of the hair removal method is tweezing and it is the process of removing the human hair, sometimes it can be used as a term to refer to the removal of bird’s feather. The method is carried out by a mechanical means through the pulling of the hair from the human body.

Normally, humans carry out hair removal primarily for grooming purposes, usually, a machine called tweezers or epilator is used for this purpose. This machine is a motorized device and we shall recommend one or two of the best on the amazon store. Don’t hesitate to purchase as soon as you see the reviews.

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Sometimes, people that suffer deliriants or trichotillomania may decide to pluck out their own hair as a normal habit. There are some skincare companies that employ experts to help pluck out hairs from their clients’ bodies too.

This means the method is common and acceptable by people. The carcass of animals usually goes through this method by a human. Especially chickens’ feathers are plucked out before roasting or cooking or any method of food preparation. This brief explanation should have given you an overview of what plucking really means.

Depilatory Cream Method

hair removal methods

There are some chemicals that are cosmetically prepared for the removal of hair from the human skin. They come with active ingredients such as thioglycolic acid. The compounds are capable of breaking down disulfide bonds that are present in keratin and also their work is to hydrolyze in the hair for easy removal.  The chemicals that were formally used are called sulfides and strontium sulfide, however, not everyone can withstand the odor and therefore, there is a need for them to be replaced by thiols.

Hot Waxing Method

hair removal methods

Surely, there are numerous ways you can remove hair from your body—hot waxing is another method that can be adopted. This is a process of hair removal from the root by the application of wax on the area the unwanted hairs appear.

Through this method, you can pull out hairs from the follicle. This method is so effective that when done, the hair will not grow back on that area for the next six weeks—this depends on the person, some people will begin to recover hair on the waxed area on a week after due to stimuli response level.

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It is only a few areas of the body that cannot be waxed, depending on your choice, the eyebrows, face, pubic hair, legs, arms, underarms, abdomen, knuckles, and feet can be waxed.

In fact, there are various methods of waxing. Among them is strip waxing that is normally carried out by spreading the wax to the skin. You will then come up with a cloth and or paper strip and apply and press firmly. The strip is then quickly ripped against the direction of the hair growth to avoid damages to the skin.

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Threading Method of Hair Removal

hair removal methods

A thin cotton or polyester thread is doubled after which it is twisted—this describes threading. The prepared threading is rolled over the part of your body with excess hair as a result of plucks the hair at the follicle area. Threading is more effective than tweezing because unlike it that pulls out a single hair strand at a time, threading can pull out rows of hair.

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In fact, there is more advantage in eyebrow threading compared to eyebrow waxing, it ensures more precise more accurate control in shaping eyes brows, it is gentle on the skin but can be painful due to several hairs being removed at once.  The pain, however, can be greatly reduced if done accurately with the appropriate pressure.

Threading is carried out also in various methods such as hand method, mouth technique, and neck approach. The mouth holding method is the fastest and more accurate though has both advantages and disadvantages just like the rest.

You can use this method to remove all unwanted hair from the entire face. If you have beards like men, as a woman, you can use this method correctly to remove the beards from your face.

Laser Hair Removal Method

This is another method and process of hair removal in which the hair is exposed to pulses of a laser of light which as a result destroys the hair follicle and living it unable to grow back, or taking too long time to grow back. People have been exposed to this laser light for about twenty years before it finally available commercially in 1995 and 1996.

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The method is commonly used in clinics, and even at home, you can use laser hair removal. No wonder we shall be recommending a laser hair removal for you on amazon, grab and take advantage of using it at home conveniently.  You can get it on amazon at cheap prices.

The thousands of reviews flying around this method and the devices cannot be over talked, ranging from the safety and efficacy in the dermatology terms.

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 Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

This is the chemical process of permanent hair removal, it can be said to be a process through which hair is permanently removed through the use of electricity.

This method is a special and professional method usually known as electrolysis carried out by a specialist called electrologist. He or she does it by sliding a hair-thin, solid metal probe into each hair follicle without hurting and puncturing the skin.

Be careful, you may puncture your skin if the solid metal is wrongly inserted. No wonder a professional is required in this aspect.

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In this method, electricity is delivered to the hair follicles through a probe, so that localized damage is caused to the affected areas that generate excess hair, either through the formation of caustic sodium hydroxide, overheating, or both method.

Let us look at the amazon store for various hair removals I can recommend for you. I am recommending them due to the customer’s review; honestly, I have not used any of the products reviewed before.

Professional Ipl Technology

Are you interested in the best technology that will give your skin that smooth and clean shave appearance you desire? This device is the best for you. I am urging you to go get it straight away. It is a technology that will give you that quick result you aspire for.

Apart from being an awesome hair removal, it is known as being an intense pulse light device i.e. IPL, it is also known as the most advanced and popular hair removal technology.

Are you already thinking that it is not necessary to buy it since it may not be useful at home?

That’s not true anymore. If you can operate it well, it can be used at home. The reason why you need to purchase this product is that it has gained a good reputation, many reputable companies and beauty salons have bought it.  This means you are not risking your cash.

In fact, this device is not in any way a local device, it has gained an international reputation and many people are talking about it in millions, not thousands, I mean millions of people are talking about this hair removal. Isn’t that awesome?

Dermatology centres are not left out of this wonderful benefit from this machine. You know what? When you are good, people look for you?

It has gained his positive reviews over 20 years in millions, so I am confident enough to recommend it to you. The hair removal is so superb that it doesn’t only remove hair from the underarm, face or below the chin line but also can remove hair from large areas such as arms and legs. It works best on dark skin; also, it is good for people with Fitzpatrick skin.

Features and Details

It is the most comfortable Ice Compress and IPL Technology that is built-in ice-cool technology and it is known to greatly increase the comfort of the hair removal experience and is painless to your skin during the entire treatment.

It is also a machine that is fast and it comes with a 0.9s flash with a smart automatic flash mode that makes it easy to treat the lower leg within a short time of say 4minutes, underarm in 2 minutes and 1 minute for Bikini hair.

It is known also to have a super long lifespan with 2 years warranty that you can always enjoy anytime you purchase it. What about the unlimited flashes that come with it? This means you will not have to buy or replace it for a long period. The 2 years guarantee is another added advantage.

The result is normally seen 95% hair reduction in 6-12-weeks. If you continue the treatment, it will permanently destroy the hair follicles and prevent the hair on that area from growing back.

It is a multifunction device and has come with some other beautiful device such as 3 lamps, specifically provide to meet the demands of the type of your skin.


Permanent Hair Removal for Men and Women

If you haven’t purchased this device, you are really missing, many that have purchased it are already happy they did. It is a device that can help remove your hair permanently; this means if you are not ready to lose your hair permanently, you don’t need this. It works very effectively and also comes with many powerful features.

Let us look into the features one after the other:

Features and Details

It comes with 350,000 Flashes for Hair Removal; it also helps in skin Rejuvenation and ice compress function that can be operated synchronously.

It is made in such a way that you can switch at one button without you changing the Cartridge holder.

It contains a clear LCD touch screen which allows you to experience more beauty of technology in operation.

It is the latest integrated version of its kind and so, therefore, made of modern materials that will suit the kind of your skin.

If you need fast and unique treatment, don’t even think twice before you purchase this device. People have been saying all sorts of great things about it. In fact, over 90% of the customers have been satisfied with the usage, because it gives them an amazing result after only 3 treatments, now I think you should have a reason to purchase it soon.

If you are already tired of that bushy hair, don’t worry, a major change is about to happen in your life. There will soon be permanent hair reduction on that area you die to see is free of bamboos and mahoganies. 96% of the customers have realized permanent hair reduction in just 8 weeks of the treatments.

Dermatologists are known for their love in using IPL technology, this machine uses the same IPL desires the most by these gurus. Therefore, it is safe and effective as already proven over the years of usage.

It is hair removal that is equipped with double ice compress function which aids in cooling and protecting your skin from damages, Hair removal and ice compress that are parts of its features simultaneously make you lose your hair without any pain.

It has been clinically tested and can be used at home at your own convenience. It can be used on the whole body, including face, underarms, bikini line, legs, arms, chest, and stomach. It gives you long-lasting effects on the privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home at any time. Don’t hesitate to get it at any moment from now. Good luck!

It is perfect for the permanent removal of the whole body hair and also comes with five adjustable energy levels settings to ensure gentle and effective treatment on your skin.

What is that skin area of yours? Don’t worry; I have got your back on this device because you can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth, just as simple and stress less. If you used the hair removal device correctly, IPL-treatment will be comfortable and gentle to use even on your sensitive skin and sensitive body area.


Feeke Hair Removal for Men and Women

If you really care for painless hair removal, I am urging you never to hesitate but to go and get this amazing product on amazon. This product has a lot of positive reviews and will give you those positive results you really deserve. It is affordable and also comes with a lot of fantastic features as mentioned below.

Your satisfaction has always been the purpose of the manufacturers and that is the reason why they have made their contact easy to case if you aren’t satisfied with the products, or you have other requirements on their services.

There is no doubt you need this hair removal badly. It is the hair which when used is painless and works very effectively. It has a lot of positive reviews from the customers that are satisfied with it. It is effective when it comes to breaking the cycle of hair growth, so your aim is to evacuate those hairs disturbing your mind; this is the right time to do so. Grab this opportunity and purchase the product.

You have to rest assured that the result is permanent hair removal and smooth skin just as you have been expecting. It is very gentle, especially for treating sensitive areas of your skin, such as the face or bikini line as the case may be.

It is made of both Manual and automatic modes, the manual mode is mainly used to remove hair from the small areas of your body, such as bikini lines, underarms, fingers, lips while the Automatic mode is used to remove hairs from the large areas of your body such as arms, legs, abdomen, and back. The device is special and therefore, you will benefit greatly upon the usage. It lasts long and worth your cash. Don’t forget to follow the link above and get your purchase now.


QB POWER Hair removal


This is one of the hottest products in the market; you don’t want to miss it out at all.  Many reviews have been going on it and they are all in major numbers positive. The size of her device makes it amiable and you travel with it anywhere.  There is no reason why you should not buy this product as soon as possible. It is going to do you a lot of good. If you want a smooth skin free of hair? The best product is here. Grab yours and be free of unwanted hair.

Features and Details

This is an IPL hair removal that puts hair follicles to sleep and then helps you break the cycle of hair regrowth, whose result is for sure permanent hair removal and smooth skin. I am sure that is exactly what you want.

If you are already thinking that the whole hair removal process may be painful, this hair removal is painless therefore, go for it and never should you miss this rare opportunity.

It can be specially used to remove hair from sensitive areas such as the face or bikini line, this is what gives it a further advantage over the rest.

It is newly upgraded to 999,999 flashes, and this is the peak value ever produced by the manufacturers,

It has enough for life-long body treatment, and you will never need to buy replacement cartridges for the hair removal device. The manufacturers are guaranteeing you of lifelong usage. In fact, it can be termed a generational hair removal device.

Don’t hesitate to purchase this device already, believe me, it is going to be super effective. Good luck and thank me later.


I hope you will find this article useful to get your desired hair removal. We are now in a world that makes things easy for us. If your hair grows too much, these machines are already in the store for you. Purchase the ones you can afford as soon as possible.

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