Why Do Women Grow Beards?

Why do women really grow beards? I am sure this question would be on the lips of a lot of women; you inclusive. That’s why you are here. So, let’s find out together.

In the environment we find ourselves, hardly will a woman with beards walks around without attracting peoples’ attention. Especially these days where memes are all around the internet where people find joy in funny pictures, let alone when it is seen in reality.

why do women grow beards

Women with beards are already summoning the courage to walk around with beards without shame because they are beginning to accept that it is a part of the human and should therefore manifest—this is especially in the case of Paul Michael (pictured above).

The fact that the majority of women don’t have a beard doesn’t mean it is actually unacceptable for a woman to grow a beard. This is the bitter truth and everyone should accept it. Can Beard Trimmer Be Used To Shave Body Hair?

why do women grow beards

Keala Settle was the Hollywood actress that played the role of the bearded woman in “The Greatest Showman”.  Such movies build the confidence of women with beards; it means you are just as normal. At a time, during a show, Keala Settle was spotted screaming in excitement despite her fully grown beards. Although a man reacted to the look of a sudden woman with a beard; o my God, she wasn’t worried.

Abnormal levels of androgens and testosterone are the reasons why some women grow a beard. Normally, since females produce androgens though in a very low quantity, it is expected that they rarely grow a beard. Precisely, the growth of excess androgens is caused by certain medical conditions.

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why do women grow beards
Bearded Keala Settle a Character in the Greatest Show Man

Other ways through which a woman can grow a beard


If you have a family history of a female who grows beards due to hormone deficiency, there is a chance that you will also grow a beard and that’s the reason why you already have it.

For instance, women from South Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean and more prone to a genetic condition that causes excess female’s facial hair. Some of these women are not suffering from any medical condition; their genes are the reason behind the excess growth.

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why do women grow beards

This is another factor that contributes to the reason why some women grow facial hair, mostly due to excess weight. The condition of obesity can allow women to develop some males’ feature which includes facial hair too.

This is a fact from authority especially research conducted in Italy’s Santo’Orsola Malpighi hospital. In the article review which covered over 20 years of published literature, obesity is closely associated with androgen levels in women.

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Menopause: a lot of women tend to develop facial hair during menopause due to the fact that the ovaries tend to release estrogen at a very progressive low level, while it is already known that the release of andrena androgens is high at the stage of menopause in women.

This became a fact when it was proven by a study carried out by OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY CLINICS of North Journal in 2011.

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

The PCOS is a set of symptoms that are caused due to aroused androgens which is normally known with men but little in women.

The Signs and Symptoms of PCOS

why do women grow beards

Josephine Closecullia a bearded woman

These are the common signs and symptoms of PCOS include irregular or no menstrual periods, heavy periods, acne, difficulty conceiving, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mood disorders, velvety skin, excess body and facial hair, etc.

The conditions that are normally associated with PCOS include type 2 diabetes, obesity, obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease, mood disorders, and endometrial cancer.  PCOS is caused by the combination of genetic and environmental factors, and the risk factor includes obesity, family history of the victim, and lesser exercise.

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Diagnosis for the Syndrome

Most of the time, the syndrome diagnosis is based on three discoveries which include: high androgen levels, ovulation, and ovarian cysts.  Cysts may be identifiable by ultrasound.

Adrenal hyperplasia, hypothyroidism, and high blood levels of prolactin are other conditions that produce similar symptoms.  The bad news is that PCOS has no cure, however, the treatment normally occurs in major life changes such as weight loss and regular exercise.

Adrenal Gland Disorder

Some adrenal glands disorder such as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) causes females to grow a beard just like their men counterparts.  This is due to a hormonal imbalance caused by the inability of the body to produce enough cortisol.  Cushing’s syndrome is another Adrenal Gland which can trigger facial hair in women. This condition may occur due to the overexposure of the body to the cortisol.


It is no longer news that some medications are known to affect the level of androgen levels in women.  For instance, progesterone pills for birth control can also cause facial growth in women.

How a Woman can get rid of excess facial hair

If you notice, I called it excess facial hair. It is never unwanted as some people termed it. A condition that has to do with nature doesn’t necessarily need to be termed negative terms.  The good news is that you can get rid of the excess hair. We shall discuss further that.

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Depending on the cause of facial hair growth, for instance, serious hormonal disorder may require hormone therapy or medication.  While carrying out this kind of process, it is necessary that a medical professional should carry out certain medical tests on you.

Herbal Remedies

There are other local you can take to help you stop the growth of facial hair and that is normally carried out through the use of herbs. These herbs are mostly found around you, this made them less expensive. The herbs include:

Neem Seed Oil

why do women grow beards

In a study of animals led research in the India University of Rajasthan, Neem oil was discovered to have anti-androgenic properties as part of its benefits.

Spearmint Herbal Tea

why do women grow beards

According to the research carried out in the United Kingdom’s Eastbourne District General Hospital showed a great impact on lowering the androgen production levels in women with PCOS Syndrome.

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Saw Palmetto Extract

Another research study that was published by the Iranian Journal of Dermatology in 2009, the application of Saw Palmetto Extract helps women suffering from Hirsutism.  To permanently get rid of facial hair, you need to first understand what causes it. These seven reasons why women grow beards or facial hair will help in the quest.

Can We Find Facial Hair Removals for Women on Amazon

We are encouraging you to buy these facial hair removals, as they are a potential part of getting rid of your beards as a woman. Especially if you are not confident about the beard, perhaps you are too shy to withstand the people’s discrimination.

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We shall review some amazon products that can save you from embarrassment and put a stop to your emotional trauma caused by something that is already natural.

Flawless Facial Hair Removal

If you are reading this article, you are very lucky because Flawless Facial Hair Removal is specially made for your condition or that of the person you are reading for. We encourage you to buy this product as soon as possible because it will give you the perfect solution.

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There are various ways you can use this awesome product. You can decide to shave your neck side, your eyelashes, your moustache, your ear sides, thighs, and other unexposed areas that hair grows.  Merely looking at the product, you will realize how portable it is, this means it is a perfect size made for both residents and travellers. You are perfectly okay with this size formula.

If you are the type that really cares about your skin condition, medically, you are already covered because this product is perfect for every type of skin.  What about the battery life, it is very encouraging and lasts long, so you can go everywhere with your flawless facial hair removal. Just like the name, it is worth using. It gives you a flawless clean shave and leaves your skin smooth.

It has a one year guarantee, this means before one year, if it happened that it doesn’t work as expected, you can replace it with another. This product has a low purchase risk since one year is a warrant enough time. This is one good thing some users love about this product—one year warranty.

The delivery package is friendly and the price is not scary at all, with your $16.49, you can purchase this fantastic product on amazon.

The colour is catchy, it is made of 18k Gold plated in Beautiful rose gold, Discreet and portable.  We recommend this product to you not because we want to make a discount from you through amazon, but because it is the right product for your current skin condition.

Do you want to remove your facial hair and other hairs on other parts of your body painlessly? This is the right product that can do that.  From lips, cheeks chin, and other parts not mentioned, this product has got your back. You can use the product every day.


Avon Fresh and Smooth Hair Remover Cream

There are creams that do just perfectly well when it comes to facial hair removal. Well if you haven’t bought this product before, you can immediately go to amazon store and get yours now. Remember, a delay is dangerous.  If your skin is sensitive, there is no doubt this cream is just the best for you. I am sure you will find the best result this time around concerning that disturbing hair growing on your face.

With Avon, say bye-bye to excess facial hair.  Are you a woman with a moustache? Don’t worry, it is funny but today marks the beginning of the end of an unwanted moustache on your face.  Customers who have used it claim that it doesn’t give skin irritation, so people have been saying pretty good things about it.

You are not supposed to use this product on sensitive areas of your skin, the eyebrow is included. According to a user, who said: “It works great, smells terrible”. The terrible smell doesn’t really matter, what matters the most is the result it can give you.

We want you to go straight to amazon store right now and purchase this product; it is just too risky to allow it to finish in the market if you are really serious about getting rid of your facial mess.

If affect effect has been your concern, the customers who have used it before claimed that it doesn’t have such a thing in the history of its usage. You have every right to purchase this product as soon as you finish reading this review.

Avon is sold at an affordable price, there is no excuse for you, so if you are really ready for the war against unwanted hair on your face, go and purchase this product now.


Facial and Body Laser Hair Removal

Can I introduce this laser hair removal to you? It worth purchasing, so what are you waiting for? Get it right on amazon store. It is very effective when it comes to permanently removing your beard, especially as a woman. It is known as a formula that can help you get rid of those annoying hairs and for this reason, gives you that smooth skin you deserve aftershave.

The facial hair removal has proven effective over the years and it is known for its ability to emit light of a specific wavelength. Melanin is present in the hair follicle, and it absorbs light and then blasts, which causes it to be destroyed.

The melanin is isolated or separated from the body’s metabolism, and for this reason, your dream of permanently removing the unwanted hairs from your body is achievable.

Clinical research has revealed that this awesome product is 100 percent safe and effective for the entire body hair removal. The scientific result showed that 96 percent of your hair will be reduced after 3 weeks of treatment, due to hair growth cycle; the normal full hair removal takes at least 8 weeks to show a result.

We have thoroughly made this research for your sake because we needed to bring the best products to your notice, are you already thinking of purchasing this product? Don’t risk the opportunity of its effectiveness, destroy those follicles now, beards belong to men only.

The product is made of high tech hair removal. Therefore, smile and say goodbye to a hair salon and the unwanted beard. This product can be used at home and the safety precautions are already well written on the manual that comes with it.  I will like to call it a multipurpose device because it has 35,000 flashes, wow this is amazing, it can in fact be used for 10 to 15 people.  It is painless when used, so don’t even hesitate to purchase the product at all.

The LCD screen is created to display the number of flashes the hair removal has and a person can use it for 10 years maximum.

This device is more than just a hair removal; it is a fantastic device that is made of 5 energy levels that ensure a gentle and effective treatment. The level can be adjusted to suit your desire especially based on the area of the skin. It is specially designed with hair removal, ICE cool function, and is safe for your skin since it helps to prevent it from damages as well and reach a safe smooth and comfortable result.


Leuxe Painless Facial Hair Removal

Every product has its own feature that gives it that uncommon power over the rest. In this case, Leuxe cannot be overemphasized it comes with the best features that beat every other product I have ever reviewed.

It is a painless, effective and yet unique device that comes with dual blades that aid in the removal of facial hair from the jawline, cheeks, chin effectively.

Are you willing to use it every day and you are thinking twice if it is normal to do so? Your gut is right, because of the hypoallergenic stainless steel blades will prevent you from any redness aftershave, you are free from aftershave skin irritation.

Have you worn that your favourite makeup? You don’t want it scattered or messed up aftershave? Don’t worry this is the perfect device for that dream. The product is made of small razor that cuts hair from the source; I mean the root of the hair for sure will not escape the blessed hand touch of the small but mighty razor. Can you now see why you must buy this facial hair removal?

It is a waterproof device; this means you are lucky enough to be able to use it during and after a bath. It can be rinsed with running water.

Hello ladies! Buy this product with full confidence, check the reviews of the product on amazon store and discover how much users have fallen in love with it, rating it five stars.


IPM Hair Removal System On Amazon

Are you already searching for that perfect hair removal but realize that it is getting more difficult to find? Today ends the struggle because we have finally come up with a new formula recently discovered on amazon. We advise you shouldn’t risk the chance of purchasing this awesome product because it is going to give you the perfect result desired.

The product is exclusive and of high quality, you will not regret purchasing it at all. Here are some of the features that come with it.

It is a product that leaves the shaved beard removed permanently; therefore, there is no compromise on this.  It is painless when used on your skin, no matter the area you chose to use it on, the guarantee remains the same—it doesn’t hurt you at all.

It is built of intense light that penetrates into your dermis and then absorbed by the melanin present in the hair follicles to produce a photothermal effect, which conducts the energy from the hair section to its root, and the raises the temperature of melanin so rapidly and then finally decompose. This, therefore, results in the growth of the hair stopped permanently.

You can send out a flash of the device by pressing its window again your skin at 90 degrees vertically. The intense pulse light hair removal system is very effective on Black, Dark, brown and medium brown or light hair. If that’s your hair colour, what are you still waiting for? Go and get it on amazon and find the benefits of the features beneficial to you.

Sorry, Mrs. and miss blonde, I have bad news for you—this hair removal, despite the great level of its effectiveness, it is not active on your hair. What about a woman with red or grey hair? Sorry, this device is not meant for you too. It is also not suitable for dark skin.

Despite the selection of this device, people love using it, you have to go and get one now so that you can enjoy what others are enjoying.  Though it is a bit expensive; the potential of the tool is really worth it.


Natural Ways to Stop Excess Hair Growth

If you have been carefully reading our article, you will realize that it mainly focuses on why women grow beards and how it can be controlled.  We are going to briefly mention some other natural ways through which you can control the abnormal growth of facial hair in women. Here we have gathered some of our findings over the week.

Egg white mask is one of the most effective ways women remove excess hair from their face. The sticky nature of the mixture makes it stick to the applied areas on your face and thereby, peels up the excess hair growth on your face. I don’t think this can work fine in the case of a woman who has a real man’s beard. Do you know what I mean? I mean a woman like Paul Michael Hughes, cannot get rid of those beards using this method, it has to be clean shaved first and then this method can be applied to get rid of the thin hairs that may be left unshaved.

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