Epilators for Men’s Pubic Hair [Updated for 2021]

Epilators for Men’s Pubic Hair

Our list of Epilators for Men’s Pubic Hair

What is an Epilator

An epilator is said to be an electrical device that can be used to remove your hair by a mechanical means through grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out of a selected part of your body. Epilators work in a similar way with waxing but don’t remove cells from the epithelium of the epidermis, unlike waxing.

There are various types of epilators that come in different designs.  There are corded epilators, rechargeable, and battery-operated systems. The battery-operated designs are waterproof which means they can be used wet and dry.

Epilators come with attachments such as exfoliation head that helps to exfoliate the skin before and after epilation, smaller head that handles the epilation of hard to reach areas of your body.

Is Epilation Painful

It depends because it can be painful for some people since it is similar to waxing which involves pulling out of the hair from the roots.  Due to the pain involved, if it is your first time, first of all, get a professional to wax your hair and then after, you can use an epilator on the regrowth.

Note: wet and dry epilators are comparatively less painful due to the fact that removing hair from wet skin is less tough. In case you still can’t bear the pain despite being wet, you can apply numbing cream before epilation to drastically reduces the pain.

There are some epilators that allow you to set their speed of operations if you have got that type which I strongly recommend, you can set the speed at the lowest in order to reduce the pain involved in the process.

Types of epilators

There are various types of epilators that can do a great job for you. The choice is yours now.

The Spring Type

This is the earliest type of epilator that was originally founded in Israel, and then, manufactured by Mepro in kibbutz, in 1986. The design is made of coil spring, bowed into a curve in such a way that the coils on one side of the spring were squeezed tightly together whereas the other side of the coil was spread out. I am interested in a brief explanation to meet the scope of this article.

Rotating Disc Type

The rotating disc type is also known as the Remington. It was designed to operate in a similar way to the above type but metal discs were used instead of spring.

Tweezer Type

In this modern type, the plate is no longer complete discs.  The head of the modern epilator is made with a series of metal plates mounted in a plastic housing. The end of the plates may be revealed at one or both sides of the housing.

 Wet Use Epilators

These types are also the modern types of epilators that come with a built-in rechargeable battery and are designed to be used either wet or dry. You can always make use of this type of epilator both in and out of the shower and with cream or gel as may be necessary.

Benefits of Epilating the Pubic Hair

Epilation makes your skin become smoother and softer without a single straight hair

It gives a lasting result when done properly with the modern machines sold on Amazon or other market platforms.

You can epilate your pubic hair at home and that’s safer and faster

It is a cheap method of the hair removal process

It is friendly to sensitive skin. This means there will be very less risk of skin irritations, redness, or bumps.

Best Epilators for men’s pubic hair

Now let’s get to the business. I have come up with some selected and yet the best epilators out there. They are specially made for men’s pubic hair removal.  I am sure you will get the best out of these epilators because they are of high qualities and that’s exactly what you need.

Ice Feeling Hair Removal Instrument for Men Full Body


Epilators for Men’s Public Hair

Product Note

This is an epilator that is effective for the removal of men’s pubic hair; both women are not exempted to use it. This machine can be used to remove hairs from your lips, armpit, and pubic hairs. This very item is in pink color.

If you need a smoother and neater skin, don’t forget to invest your money on this product, it worth it and should be considered with immediate effect. The features are essential to your desires and will surely meet up with your needs.


Name: the name is Hair removal instrument

Material: it is made of pc material

Light output area: the light out area is 4.5cm2

Exposure times: it is made of 350,000 flashes that work fine and no disappointment

Light source: it is purposely designed with weak pulse light

Optical radiation energy: the optical radiation energy is 2-4J / cm2.

Energy gear adjustment: it is made of 5 gear adjustments for your convenience.

Actual operating power: the actual operation power of this material is 36W

Weight: it is very light in weight and the weight is 0.36kg

Cleaning type: you cannot wash this device with water.

Hair removal site: the hair removal device can be used on all parts of your body where hair grows.

Features & Details

The product is designed with 5 levels of light intensity adjustment and one-click adjustment of light intensity for your convenience.

It has 2 in 1 functions which include skin rejuvenation and hair removal function.

It is made of quartz lamp head that is safe and effective for your skin; it is painless and long-lasting hair removal, suitable for the whole body.

If you care so much about sweat or effect on sebum secretion, this device has a negative effect on them at all.

These are the various areas you can use the product to remove unwanted hairs: underarms, legs, bikini line, face, body, and there are no side effects on your skin or body.


Ice Feeling Hair Removal Instrument

Epilators for Men’s Public Hair

Product Note

This is another awesome device for epilation you shouldn’t miss out at all. It is so incredible and can give you a hundred percent jobs well done. Are you still battling with that unwanted hairs? Here comes the solution, it comes with a lot of fantastic features that will answer your questions right away.

The product is designed for both men and women and can be used at home, which means it is not designed for commercial purposes only. It is used to remove hair from all parts of the body including your armpit, pubic, and private part. The colour is white and quite heavier than the previous product.


Product Name

Ice Feeling Hair Removal Instrument

Material: The material is made of abs (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

Power supply: the power supply is AC (Alternative Current)

Power mode: It operates with electric power

Weight: The weight is also light but a bit heavier than the first product above 0.68kg

Cleaning type: You cannot wash this product with water

Hair removal site: It can be used to remove hair from all part of the body where hair grows

Colour: The colour of the material is white, to avoid wrong delivery service

Skin Reaction: it gives you accurate hair removal and does not hurt your skin! The value of this product will do well grooming your body.

Features & Details

It is gentle inhibition of hair regeneration, comfortable and efficient, a new experience of hair removal from your body.

It is portable and light, easy to carry around especially during a journey

It does not harm your skin in any way, and it is safe and reliable, worry-free hair removal classically made for you

It can effectively remove your facial hair, promote cell regeneration, reshape pore texture and restore skin elasticity with easy and painless manners

It is suitable for all parts of your body even the pubic hairs are not left out.


Hair Removal Instrument Armpit Pubic Hair

Epilators for Men’s Public Hair

Product Note

If you haven’t bought this device, it means you are missing out greatly. It is another hair removal device that brings an end to your long term excess hair saga. As you stumble into this review today, kindly celebrate because this is the solution you have been waiting for all this while. It can be used to shave all parts of your body where hairs grow especially the pubic parts.


Product name: the name of the product is Hair removal instrument

Focus size: the focus size of the product is 30mm by 10mm

Wavelength: the wavelength of the item is 470mm ~ 1100mm

Weight: The weight is 178g unlike the first two described above, it is heavier

Size: The size of the product is 175 * 118 * 100mm

Operating temperature range: the operating temperature range is  5 ° C ~ 30 ° C

Operating humidity range: It operates under the relative humidity 30% ~ 60%

Features & Details

It can be used effectively at home and it will give you the same result as the beauty salon.

The pulsed light has been upgraded to illuminate your hair follicle’s melanin, delay its growth from the source, and also irradiate according to the growing circle of your hair in order to achieve the effect of silkiness without repetition.

It is designed in such a way that the automatic flash mode can automatically flash and fit different skins in different areas of your body.

Just give it one-click to adjust the light intensity, gently irradiate, even the most sensitive parts of your body. With this device, your body can be gently cared for.

Depending on the condition of your skin, it can be used for eight weeks to treat your hair.


Rayuwen Hair Removal Device for Women and Men Painless 

Epilators for Men’s Public Hair

Product Note

It is designed to get rid of your unwanted hair with ease and permanency. If you have this at home, you are already good to go and your skin assured that it will be smoother than ever. The product can be used to remove hair from underarms, pubic parts, and face. So, it is a multipurpose device.


If you need a product that can guarantee you of hair removal, you are not far from the very one. It is a well-designed product that can make your skin neat and smooth after epilation. I guaranteed you will like the product as it is carefully made to suit your skin type. It comes with some amazing features you will like.

Features and Details

Product Name: Rayuwen Hair Removal Device for Women and Men Painless 

Mode of Operation: it has two modes of operations namely; intermittent single flash and automatic flashing. Based on the different parts of your body, you can choose to long-press the device switch to automatically continue to emit light and high speed so that the hair removal will be more efficient.

It is made of 350,000 flashes and the whole body is sharp and will cause no harm to your skin.

It displays LCD clearly and the hair storage is of high energy, high efficiency

It is a device that solemnly focused on removing your hair as you desire. The screen is a touch screen, easy to operate, and can regulate fingerprint, the adjustment is simple and smart.

The pulse light can penetrate into your hair follicle and destroy it without damaging the tissue of the melanin endothermic disintegration.

It repeats the irradiation according to the cycle to achieve long-lasting hair removal and then says goodbye to the unwanted hair from the root.

If you need a silky skin, this product is the right formula, it is available for both men and women and can be used to epilate all parts of your body.


Conclusion on Epilators for Men’s Pubic Hair

Epilators are effective in removing your hair from the root and sometimes it can be painful depending on the type of skin. However, there are ways through which you can subdue the pain.

For instance, you can make it less painful by practising wet epilation. Many of the modern devices operated on wet and dry epilation, purchasing one or more of them can give your desired result with less or painless effect.

You can leave your feedback in the comment box as we are always ready to reply every question as may be necessary.

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