Trimming Your Beards With Scissors in 2020 – Will You?

Trimming Your Beards With Scissors – As a bearded man, the first time you probably heard about the concept of trimming your beards with the right tools was when you wanted to style your hair and the beard you had probably waited for so long to grow was about to be scraped by your hairstylist who thought you were some kind of Esau and your beards grew overnight.

Trimming doesn’t occur to you as a person living with a fair amount of beards until they start growing out of proportion and you feel uneasy looking at your reflection in the mirror, that is the phase where you settle down on your sofa to brood over the best way there is out there to groom your beard just the way you have pictured it, short and cute.

Majority of bearded men in need of a quick trim will turn to no other place than the barbershop where the outcome is dependent on the skills of the handler and fate, the thing is, I can’t really castigate those who opt for and entrust the grooming of their beards to a hairstylist which might, in turn, make things worse than it was.

But lots of men out there prefer having their beard destroyed by a total stranger to having a go at grooming it themselves and at the end of it all having an unsatisfactory result, so, in order for the blame game to go as it is in the script, the opt for the next available alternative, the barbershop.

Professional Beard Trimmers For Barbers

If we are being honest here, trimming your beard is as scary as skydiving without a parachute especially when you have had to endure a lot of itching, patchy, ugly-looking phases to get it to that enviable length and now that it is full-blown and some of the hair is growing out of proportion, the only other option to retain its enviable look is to trim.

Trimming of beards can be likened to cropping the plants around the house to bring forth the beauty in them, so, to retain that glowy look.

Trimming is not an option, it is a must-do for your own sanity and to prove to the world around you that it is not the only thing you have to show off, there is a bit of cleanliness in you.

The most recurring reason why people trim is that a beard that is left unattended will appear wiry and unkempt while others only trim because they want to shape their beard to suit the beard styling that is in vogue.

With that being said, the moment you as a bonafide beard gang member spots the need for a trim, the ideal question that follows is how to get it done and with what tools that sure, in the end, won’t make you regret your decision for opting for a trim.

If you have not been following keenly, this is the part where you choose a part, if you are the type that loves entrusting your beard grooming to barbershop handlers but you are tired of doing so as they barely get it right, you can read on as this article is all about getting that beard trimming you needed badly done in the comfort of your closet.

When it comes to cutting off the extra strings of hair on your beard yourself, you find yourself at a crossroad when you are faced with the plethora of tools to choose from, the question of which tools to opt for becomes the number one on your troubled list.

Not to worry your head about something as little as this, here is a secret the hairstylists don’t want you to know because they want you to go on with the never-ending weekly visits to their respective shops so they can milk you of some bucks, all because of what?

Because you have a beautiful beard that has started imitating the booming rate of a wildfire, you need to take a chill pill as the tools needed for the “operation groom your own beards” are simple but serpentine.

Of all the viable options, two came out on top and thorough scrutiny of tools that can be easily used to trim beards without discomfort, trimmer clippers and scissors.

Yeah, you read that right, a pair of sharp scissors and out of this two, we are opting for the latter which propels me to write on “trimming your beards with scissors”.

Not to be biased, allow me to take you on a quick tour of what trimming clippers are and a little of their features.

Trimming clippers come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and reason(s) to choose a particular one you are just looking at over the other, to not kill time on trimming clippers, the intriguing thing about them is the availability of plenty add-on clips to choose from.

Scissors, on the other hand, are much simpler to handle, the thing about getting scissors is, you can’t just pick one off the counter.

Well, in the literal sense of it, you can decide to check-in at a store then checkout with off-the-counter scissors, there is absolutely no rule against that, but, you will be back in a matter of days to sort through the available scissors so you can at least get one that will outlast the other you just squandered a few bucks on.

Quality as an important factor in every buying guide is one thing to look out for when getting a pair of scissors as settling for less can ruin that precious beard of yours you have been growing for a long time now and peradventure you find yourself in a situation where the scissors handle breaks, you will be left with no other choice than go about your daily routine with an unfinished beard trim.

The type of scissors to use is never an easy task as each of the scissors in the open market based on quality have their own pros and cons and it is advised to set your priorities straight as to how you want your beard to look after the trim and other basic considerations before opting for the kind of scissors to use.

Before we go right into how to trim your beards with scissors and the facts surrounding it, let’s take a break to look at whether or not trimming your beard adds some other unknown value asides changing the outlook of your beards.

Types Of Beard Trimmers You Should Know

Nine reasons and the benefits of trimming your beard at a regular interval

    • By reducing the hair on your chin, you get better access to it while washing which makes cleaning a much easier task coupled with the prevention of clogged pores, dirt and bacteria.
    • Remember spotting that guy with wiry, messy and dirty looking beards across the street and you were wondering does this guy even have his bath at all? You’ve probably been in that situation too and no matter the kind of beard care products like balms, oils, and shampoo you apply, you barely notice the changes, well, trimming your beards can help with that, especially when it’s done with scissors, you not only have a cleaner looking beard but also get rid of split ends that prevent the healthy growth of your beard.


  • Removal of coarse and tangled hairs. Those wild and stubborn strings of hair your waxes, blow-drying and balms just don’t seem to get can easily be gotten rid of if only you will take the time to carefully cut them off.
  • Uniformity in appearance. Given that facial hair doesn’t grow evenly which can sometimes be as a result of your genetic makeup, you can make the disorderliness in your beards’ growth rate seem like it never happened by taking control with a razor-sharp scissors or some other trimming tool you are comfortable with.
  • Improves your look. On several occasions, researchers have been left with no other choice than to agree with the fact that having what most term a “symmetrical appearance” goes a long way in enhancing your physique.
  • Makes the beard appears a lot fuller than it actually is. You might actually not make sense of this right now as you will be wondering how cutting off some of your beards will make it appear bulkier, well, trimming can be likened to unveiling a hidden treasure in a rusty chest, you only get to see what’s inside in its full glory after gaining access to the chest.
  • Longer usage of beard care products. This is not rocket science as the logic behind this is actually “the lesser the beard hair, the lesser the amount of product application”.
  • Makes eating a lot more comfortable. If you’ve ever been changed to witness a full-bearded man trying to down a bowl of cereal, you will understand the struggle as the meal, on most occasions gets stuck in the hair surrounding the mouth, opting for a trim is one of the low-cost solutions to this problem.

Waterproof Beard Trimmers For Your Use

Now, to the main part of this post; trimming your beards with scissors, how to trim your beards

Wet and dry

You have to before anything else wet your beard area and completely dry it off almost immediately with a clean towel. Drying it off ensures the water residue in the beard doesn’t give you much of an issue as trimming with scissors while the beard is still obviously wet will give you an unexpected result and on most occasion, the result is one you won’t be happy with.

Comb your beard

Combing your beard right before trimming it is not just for the fun of it, it is usually advised that you comb your beard in a downward motion that will ensure the beard is full blown and you can easily work with the new status unlike when it was uncombed.

Take it one step at a time

Precision is not really what’s required when trying to trim your beards with scissors in the confine of your room, what is required is patience on your part as this is not something you can set out a couple of minutes for, trying to get this done in a jiffy could ruin your beard, so, it is advisable to start with one side and move to the other when you are fully satisfied with the one side you started with.

Don’t leave out the moustache

Moustache hair can be really funny, they always appear like dwarfs lying down on a mountain, when you take out your time to comb your moustache, you can get rid of the extras crossing your lip area downwards for a better look.

Watch out for your neck

The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, trying to work on your neck area requires a bit more patience so you don’t hurt yourself while trying to attain a better look.

Check, again

To be sure you got rid of all the wild hairs growing out of proportion, comb again immediately you are done with the trimming, every other stray hair that managed to escape the blades of your trimming tool will spring up and you can then do justice to them.


Washing again right after trimming helps to get rid of the slain hairs hanging around in the beard area and this gesture is not only for your own comfort, it also helps to prevent hair from draping all over your pillow, beard, and partner.

Although perfectly trimming your beards with scissors takes a little bit of gut, patience, and practice, it is always worth it as the feeling is way greater than having your beards trimmed with a clipper. The scissors is mostly recommended by most beard lovers solely because highly paid barbers also make use of them and the aftermath is always satisfactory.

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