10 Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards – For you who have decided to grow beards, you will realize the importance of possessing a quality beard trimmer.


Well, how else can you keep your beard from looking like a chunk of an unkempt mess all the time without the trimmer?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that simply growing out one’s beard isn’t really enough to make a fashion statement, thus, you’ll also need to ensure that such beard is well groomed and quite presentable.

Your neighbours, friends, and people around you generally, would make comments about you and your personality, depending on your looks. Therefore, getting yourself equipped with the required grooming tools (beard trimmer inclusive), would increase your tendency of being acceptable in places you wish to belong to. Especially in this kinda age that we are in; where all men with well-groomed beards tend to hold more domination than those who do not. Hence, getting the best beard trimmer becomes a very essential step for men who want to keep facial hair.

This grooming tool is specifically designed for men who prefer to grow out beard instead of keeping a clean shave.

It is quite understandable, that selecting the best beard trimmer can be really difficult and daunting. In this article, this process has, however, is simplified for you. I’ve taken my time to review the top ten beard trimmers present in the market for those long beards of yours!

This review also includes the various pros and cons attached to each beard trimmer.

…and without much ado, let’s set down to business!

Top 10 Beard Trimmers for Long Beards in 2018

Please note; this list isn’t ranked and is as well based on studies, experience, and personal researches.

1. Panasonic ER-GB60-K

 This is a trimmer that has been quite popular amongst beard groomers. The one feature that will blow you up and keep you in much awe, thus catching your attention, is the inclusion of a 39 length settings.

This is by far, the highest adjustment offered by any trimmer present on this list. However, the main function of this adjustment is to help you get that particular desired look you are looking for.

For long beard groomers, the two combs added help in providing them with everything that is needed for an accurate trim. You can as well use the combs horizontally to help hold the facial hair in place, whilst simultaneously using the trimmer to cut it.

Another attention-grabbing feature of this trimmer for the long beard is its style. The glossy black added as its finishing, is a really nice touch, as it reflects an aura of sophistication. Also is the rubberized grip which is added for comfort, which as well blends with the black finishes.

This beard trimmer doesn’t leave itching effects.

All the components of this trimmer are washable. This, in turn, ensures multiple uses of the product by different users without the fear of a getting contaminated, or what-a-view.


  1. Quick charge
  2. Fine grip
  3. High level of accuracy and precision
  4. Doesn’t leave itching effects


  1. Doesn’t possess a LED indicator which shows the battery level
  2. Has a high tendency of getting smudge marks because of its kind of finish.
  3. Requires high investments

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2. Philips Norelco 7200

Philips is quite known for being a step ahead of its counterparts when it comes to offering innovative technology and benefits to users. This Trimmer Series 7200 is thus an example of such speed.

Principally, this trimmer is efficient in taking care of all possible mess created when shaving. All thanks to the “vacuum” feature included. This thus means, that one doesn’t necessarily need to worry about leaving behind any facial hair, because this trimmer will literally take them all.

According to confirmed researches, this trimmer happens to be the only trimmer for long beards that comes with an in-built vacuum…isn’t that wonderful!

Also, as regards the quality of the vacuum, this product has left quite a mark. The company however also claims that the vacuum can capture 90% of the fallen hair, which although can’t be really ascertained, for now, it can, however, be gotten from past experiences, that there is barely any hair left on the sink after employing this product for shaving.

Also present in this product is the polished chrome plastic which usually comes with this product. This provides the trimmer with a relatively attractive finish. Also, is the addition of steel to this product, which in turn helps to resist smudges and also watermarks.

Finally, this product provides a really comfortable grip.


  1. Comfortable and firm grip
  2. Excellent trimming performance
  3. It’s easy to clean after use.


  1. Doesn’t have a long lasting battery life

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 3. Panasonic ER-GB370K

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

 After hearing the brand name Panasonic, then you should definitely expect the product to deliver the claims it makes. It’s not surprising that this Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Beard Trimmer manage to do so.

Firstly, this product’s lightweight along with the focus that was put on its ergonomics, which ensures that its users can get hold of the trimmer properly, is its first eye-catching feature.

This product has a rubberized component which as well guarantees a firm grip, and also allows you to have maximum control over the trimmer.

Another grasping feature is the underwater usage. That is, the trimmer can be used underwater successfully. Maybe under a shower or what-a-view.

For long beards, this product offers a maximum of 19 settings, each of which is at 0.5mm increase from one another. Thus making it possible to manipulate the trim length from 1mm to 10mm in order to achieve a precise and detailed cutting experience. Also, it’s quite easy to change settings with just an addition of a dial which can as well be adjusted quickly.

Finally, this product has sharp trimmer blades which have been honed with immense precision, and are also at a 45 degree for optimum performance.


  1. Very portable
  2. Works with excellent performance
  3. Highly durable
  4. Doesn’t make noise when it in use


  1. Poor placement of the length control dial

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4. Philips Norelco Multi-Groom 7100

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

Yes! Another beard trimmer suitable for long beards from Philips! – Multi-Groom Trimmer-QG3390/42.

This product is filled with loads of value-added feature. Let’s thus identify them one after the other.

Firstly, this trimmer has the ‘shave it all’ power.

Also, this product is highly durable, and as well as highly efficient. This is made possible by the presence of self-sharpening blades which is made from ground steel, and also the lithium-ion battery it possesses.

This trimmer also comes with 8 attachments as well as 18 length settings. These two features help in providing the desired flexibility that you need to tailor out the specific look you want for your long beard. And if it’s also to shape it all, it’s capable of that as well.

Hence, irrespective of the kind of style you want to carve those long beards into, be rest assured that this trimmer can do it for you.

Also, the cutting edge of this product is washable, which in turn makes it clean and free of germs.

The internal parts of this product are also supported with a turbo boost which helps in delivering a relatively fast output. The battery as well takes about an hour to charge and can as well be operated for a whole one hour after such charging.

The long-lasting battery capability, coupled with its lightweight, makes it a perfect mobile trimmer.


  1. Doesn’t generate unnecessary noise
  2. The varieties of attachments deliver their functions quite flawlessly.


  1. This product comes with a flimsy adjustment clip.

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5. Philips Norelco 9100

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

This product is basically used to trim long beards without physically marking the boundaries.

However, let’s start with a relatively less common feature in trimmers – a laser guide. Philips Norelco 9100 has a built-in laser which provides its user with all the help that might be needed in creating the desired look for your beard.

When it comes to performance and also other features, this product does have it all. It gives its users the liberty to choose between 17 different lengths. This variety, however, helps in altering your look as per your desire, and also to get the exact length wanted.

This trimmer has two sides. Also with a wider end, this makes it an ideal trimmer for facial hairs that extends to the neck, and also for sideburns, since it can create straight and wide lines. Also, its narrower end helps in reaching difficult areas such as hair near the nose and mouth.

The LED display included in this product lets its user know the trimmer setting he’s on, which thereby helps in eliminating guesswork. Howbeit, it also gives the trimmer a stylish look.

Finally, the self-sharpening blades included in this product are quite cost-effective, and also requires no maintenance. In addition, they possess a rounded tip which ensures that its user’s skin is not irritated, irrespective of how close the blades get to its user’s face.


  1. The 17 length settings provide users with the degree of versatility needed
  2. The product comes with a two-year warranty
  3. Highly durable
  4. Comes with a laser guide


  1. The high cost of running the trimmer
  2. The guards do get filled with hair relatively faster

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6. Braun Cruzer 6

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

Braun is also a highly reputable brand of electronic device, and one of the best things about this product of theirs is the various length settings it includes.

This product provides its users with the autonomy to vary the length from 1mm to 20mm. The inclusion of such settings made this product used for creating stubbles, as it is used for a full beard look.

Also, this trimmer runs on battery, thus confirming that it’s cordless. It runs for about 40 minutes when fully charged. Although takes up to an hour to charge completely again.

One of the evident disadvantage of cordless trimmers is that you can’t use them when they’re being charged. Anyways, Braun has successfully eliminated that in this product, as this product allows itself to be used even when it’s being charged.


  1. The dual battery provides optimum power.
  2. Possesses very sharp blades
  3. Trimmer is easy to grip
  4. The ergonomics are comfortable


  1. The trimmer gets to a point where it refuses to charge.

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Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

Beautiful! Isn’t it?

The most prominent feature of TRYM II is its sleek cum stylish look. Its appearance is top notch… in short, it can be inferred that this product possesses the best appearance amongst all other trimmers.

However, it is not only the appearance it possesses that makes this product qualify as one of the best trimmers for long beards.

The excellent performance of the product is also up to par as per its price. This product is wireless and can last for about an hour when fully charged. However, it has a long period of charging (about 8 hours).

This trimmer comes with metal blades, which are made of a professional grade material. This feature ensures the blades durability, and as well as the quality of the material itself.

In addition, this trimmer for long beard comes with 4 other attachments, which ranges from a cleaning brush to oil. The brush is used to ensure the cleanliness of the trimmer.


  1. Great appearance
  2. Highly durable
  3. The output produced is quite satisfactory


  1. This trimmer has only four settings, which is not usually enough for some users.
  2. Has a very long charging time

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8. Andis 4775 GTX

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

 This trimmer is basically for those who love professional tools when dealing with anything gadgets. Andis 4775 GTX is a trimmer which has gotten a wide degree of populace amidst professional barbers. Thus, in a brief description, this trimmer makes you enjoy the experience of the salon without even leaving the comfort of your home.

This trimmer is equipped with a T-blade with curved edges. The blade, as a result, that it is made of quality carbon steel material, ensures that the component does not easily lose its sharpness. The curved edges give room for you to trim your long

Beard with a high level of precision, without leaving any bump behind. Thus, the performance of this trimmer is in such a way that it doesn’t leave behind itching nor irritating effects, neither does it give space for ingrown hairs.

However, one major disadvantage of this trimmer is that it can’t function without a cord. This according to experience undermines comfort and user convenience. Also, this beard trimmer doesn’t have adjustment settings; only four settings are included, which doesn’t actually serve a purpose as adjustable settings.

However, these drawbacks can be overlooked, considering the perfect precision in the performance of the trimmer. For perfection while trimming, with the fear of making mistakes, then this product should be employed to use.


  1. Comes affordably, and pocket-friendly.
  2. Has a robust trimmer
  3. Near perfect performance


  1. Doesn’t have a varying trim length
  2. This product isn’t water resistant
  3. Not cordless

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9. Wahl Lithium Ion

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

This trimmer comes with quality components, great battery power, and also a great storing capability. In terms of performance, it is unarguable that this product gives the best.

This is a good thing for men who groom long beards and thus wish to effectively trim them without having to invest loads and loads of time. This powerful performance is delivered with the assistance of the included motor. This motor plays an important role in providing an increased torque than an average beard trimmer.

Furthermore, this trimmer comes with blades which are known for its high durability. They are also highly resistant to rust, which is because they are made of stainless steel. The material used in its construction is very easy to clean (even by mere rinsing with hot water).  In the area of maintenance, this product doesn’t demand a lot and is also quite pocket friendly.

Also, this product comes with a two-year warranty. It also makes investment quite cost effective. This is because of the reduced brunt of the expenses. In addition, this product is highly durable!

Finally, this product is a wireless trimmer with an absolutely lightweight which is also equipped with a storage case that is bound to come in handy. This product charges full for about an hour, and gets used up in 2 hours.


  1. Has a variety of attachments which can be used to achieve ones desired look
  2. Has a long lasting battery life
  3. The quality of its blade is quite satisfactory


  1. This product is not water resistant
  2. Have only six length settings

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10. Remington PG6025

Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards

This product specifically comes with the flexibility of choice, robustness, and also in an affordable price. This product offers its users everything that a beard needs to become a center of attraction.

Remington PG025 serves as a packaged solution for everyone who is on the lookout for a trimmer that’s multipurpose. It includes an array of items in it, such as the foil shaver, a full-sized trimmer, combs, and a hair clipper which comes with 8 settings.

I know you might be thinking that the 8 settings aren’t enough. Well, although it might not yield a satisfactory output for people who are extreme with their styles, it would however be useful for those who just need to trim their long facial hairs, and put it in order.

Also, since the unit is waterproofed, you will not find any stress nor problem when cleaning this product. In addition, the grip offered by this product is textured, which in turn ensures that the trimmer doesn’t by chance slip away from the hands of its users. Hence, this caters for your fears and worries of getting unnecessary cuts and trims.

This trimmer comes with a 2-year limited warranty. That is, one is at liberty to use the product without having to constantly worry about what will happen if the trimmer accidentally gets broken during use.


  1. Cost of getting this product is low
  2. Offers maximum grip as a result of its textured exterior
  3. Offers a variety of attachments


  1. Has a relatively short battery life
  2. Takes long to charge
  3. Has limited length settings

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Why African Americans Need To Buy Beard Trimmers for Long Beard

Shaving a black man’s skin is really daunting and challenging in quite a number of ways – firstly, they have a denser beard to deal with, which is as well accompanied with sensitive skin and thus aggravated with ingrown hair.

Common also to the black man’s skin are razor bumps, skin irritation and burning sensations. So now the big question is, how exactly can one successfully counter the challenges of shaving a black man’s skin?

In a modern manner, we simply say by the use of beard trimmers. Although not really the best, but it’s among the best tools for shaving black skin.

With all this known, let’s thus quickly talk about the reasons a black American would need all of the above listed beard trimmers.

  • Greater Motor Speeds: When the motor works close to 14,000 cuts every minute for a single blade, it all happens within a jiffy, and on most occasions, you wouldn’t even notice how fast it moves and also what precisely cut you. This automatically takes all the pain and suffers incurred from the blades out of the equation. Moreso, with greater speeds, it is easy to rely on the motor to give faster results.
  • Blades Are Many And Sharp: Trimmers unlike some razors make use of the best blades out there. You will notice how many sharp blades act on the skin at the same time to give you better shaves that are nearer to perfection. Also, the number of cutting actions in a minute multiplies with the number of blades, giving you all the more traction. Beautiful isn’t it!
  • Better Grip With Picot-Action Head: The pivoting head of the trimmer is another captivating thing that you will find when on the look for trimmers. The pivot action head makes it a lot easier to manoeuvre the shaver on the face. It also increases traction when you are shaving rather difficult areas of the face. Such as near the mouth or the nose.
  • Modes Of Personalization: Yes, a lot of personalization has gone into trimmers, especially for those that are meant for black skin. The new ones that we meet today are meant for doing great shaves in less time – very fast! And that happens chiefly because of the kind of personalization modes that goes into each model.
  • Easy To Clean: Cleaning of trimmers is easier than ever before. You can open up the head and keep them under running water and watch the action unfold (especially when water resistant). Some trimmers also come with specified cleaning stations with alcohol-based cleaning mechanisms. Any which way, there is plenty of room for better cleaning your foil shaver.

Conclusion on the Best Beard Trimmers for Long Beards

Getting the best beard trimmer for long beards (especially for black Americans) involves a little bit of accounting for your personal taste as well as the degree of effectiveness of the blades, batteries and other important components. In this review, we have highlighted those features. Please share with us your experience with any of these products or if you think of others we should profile.

We’ll be waiting for you via the comment section…keep bearding!





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