Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

Does Hair Removal Cream truly Last Longer Than Shaving?

Hair removal creams Removes hair from its root by dissolving the hair protein structure. While shaving, on the other hand, will only cut hair from the skin surface. Shaved hair will likely regrow more quickly. 

Apart from the unpleasant smell from hair removal creams, they are far better than shaving methods of hair removal in the context of how long the skin will remain hair-free. Hair removal creams are not only painless but also inexpensive and easily accessible

However, it is important to apply the cream in a smooth, even layer across the entire leg to ensure an even result. They are a better substitute for shaving because they are simple to use by just applying on skin and washing away after a few minutes. If misused, these hair removal cream could pose a great risk to your skin such as patchy.

Now you’ve got the answer, but that is not all. Let’s look deeper into the reasons why hair removal cream is better substituted for shaving.


Reasons why hair removal creams are better than Shaving

Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

1. They keep your skin smoother for a long time

Hair removal creams keep your skin smoother for longer. On the other hand, shaving with a razor will make hair remain on your skin. This is because they don’t cut from the skin. Hair removal cream will dissolve the hairs and in no time, your skin will be smooth.

2. When using hair removal creams, no chance of cuts or razor burn

Since you are not dealing with blades, there are zero risks of razor bumps, cuts or reddish colour on the skin during and after hair removal.

It is among the quickest and painless methods of removing body hair. We recommend using hair removal cream before you jump in the shower.

3. It takes only four minutes to work

If used properly, hair removal creams only take four minutes to take effect on your skin. Try to use a razor to shave your skin for 4 minutes, well, that’s almost impossible. Shaving takes a lot of time.

So it’s time to look at this two method of hair removal individually, identify their pros and cons, and arrive at a reasonable decision – why hair removal creams are better

What is the shaving method of hair removal?

Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

While shaving remains the most popular form of hair removal, Disposable razors are always available. It is a very easy way to remove hairs from the skin. No appointment nor professional needed and is ideal for having a quick fuzz fix.

Shaving only cuts hairs on the surface of your skin, keeping the root intact, which means you’ll have to shave often. Even the most seasoned shavers experience quick hair regrowth.

The major disadvantages of Shaving

Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

Like I have mentioned, even the enthusiastic Shave Experience quickly makes hair regrow. This is because shaving only cuts away the hair from the skin’ s surface, leaving the root intact. After some time, the root will push out a new strand to the surface and creates stubble.

Many people believe that shaving makes hair grow back thicker. But that is a myth.

If you still practice the shaving method, and you discover stubble at the end of the day having shaved in the morning, then we recommend you opt for hair removal cream.

All in all, shaving will only look great for people with fine, light-colored hair, and for those who naturally grow hair slowly.

What is Hair removal cream?

Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

They are also called depilatory creams. And depilatory means ‘hair removal’. It is true that hair removal creams do not last longer than waxing, but they work better and last longer than shaving methods.

With the presence of some certain chemicals in these creams, your hair will become thinner when regrowing. One thing to note about these creams is the chemicals that have some unfriendly side.

Before using hair removal creams, it is important to read directions carefully. If you do not use them properly, they can give you a nasty burn.

This is far worse than the stubble you get from shaving. If you need a detailed guide about how to use depilatory creams, then I recommend this post for you HERE

Advantages of using Depilatory  creams for hair removal

Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

There are many benefits to get from using hair removal creams. They include:

Relatively Affordable method

Every hair removal cream enthusiast will agree with me that this method is relatively inexpensive. But this depends on how often you plan to use these creams. They don’t last forever, do they?

The general Price limit is usually around $5 – $15 (anything from $0.75 per fl oz upwards) this should be enough for a number of treatments.

We can not deny the fact that there are other cheaper methods of hair removal such as threading and tweezing, but in the case of versatility, depilatory creams are suitable for dealing with larger areas of skin.

If you really want to splurge on hair removing things, then, you can think of home lasers or epilators.

Quickest and easiest method of hair removal

You need the experience to handle methods like threading, epilating, waxing, shaving, and even laser removal. That is why consulting a professional is required.

But when it comes to depilatory creams, the case is different. They take effect in a time range of 4 – 8 minutes, and are easy to use. You do not need to be skilled or consult any professional and you can do them in your home provided you follow the instructions properly.

It is painless

One of the advantages of using depilatory creams which every user can not forget is that it is pain-free. In other words, there is actually no pain involved in this particular method of hair removal. Except in cases where one skin reacted to the chemical that these creams are made of.

While most people say there is no pain attached to shaving, there are potential threats to your aftershave such as razor burns, stubble, rashes and ingrown hairs.

Some downsides of hair removal creams you should be aware of

Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

The treatment takes longer – Frequently

Like I have explained, these creams will only dissolve the protein structure of the hair, thereby causing the hair to be easily wiped off from the skin.  In other words, it will grow to the surface and start to show again within a matter of days

But let me assure you that this is going to last longer than shaving.

Hair removal methods that involve Removing hair from the root with force will last longer such as tweezing

Possible Allergic Reactions

As you now know, they are made of certain chemicals that are strong and have the ability to cause severe reactions and burns, blisters, etc. to the skin if not used properly.

This is why I will always advise users to follow the instructions on any of the hair removal creams you will use. One of which you should not leave this cream on your skin for too long… Longer than the recommended time.

And yes, one can become allergic to any product. The case is not different when it comes to depilatory creams. Even if you’ve been using it successfully in the past.

An ugly, pungent smell

This is an inevitable feature when discussing depilatory creams. However, some reputable brands like Nair and Veet have been working out in producing creams with less offensive Odour. But even at that, there is no disguising the fact that these creams usually emit quite a strong scent.

These brands have definitely improved considerably and some actually smell quite pleasant.

If you are looking for this kind of depilatory creams – ones with less offensive Odour then I recommend this product  review for you HERE

So Which Hair Removal Method Should You Choose?

Does Hair Removal Cream Last Longer Than Shaving?

Now that I’ve shown you all you need to know about depilatory creams and shaving methods of hair removal, I’m sure you now know the pros and cons of both shaving and creams, choosing which type of hair removal method is best is entirely up to you. But what I’m pretty sure of is that you want the most convenient and easy-to-use.

Although answers may be left undefined, it doesn’t change the fact that these creams ditch out the shaving method when it comes to long-lasting results. But for convenience, you may still want to consider shaving.

Before I end this article, I will repeat myself by spelling out here that it is very necessary for you to follow instructions when using depilatory creams. Also, do not forget to try out the cream on your skin before application.

Shaving will be best if you notice you have sensitive skin.

Be you a fan of waxing, shaving, tweezing, or depilatory creams, getting rid of unwanted hairs can be an overwhelming task. If by now, you are not still sure of which hair removal method is best for you? You are not alone.

I will drop a link that will take you to a post where ALL methods of hair removal are fully explained, their pros and cons, ins and outs, as well as how they suit your type of skin. We break down each process for you in this post HERE

It is no longer a doubt that depilatory creams last longer than manual shaving with a razor. Not only do they make you hair-free for a long time but they also leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Other methods of hair removal you should know

Apart from hair removal creams and shaving methods of hair removal, there are other methods to remove hair from the skin. While some are permanent, others will temporarily remove hair but in a painless process.

Let’s  briefly take a look at the other methods of hair removal that you can use to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. 

Waxing for Hair Removal

This process simply involves the use of wax to remove hair from their roots with a particular technique. When you use the waxing method of hair removal, warm wax is applied on the area with unwanted hair, and then removed with a strip of cloth along with the unwanted hair. 

While this method will require you to endure seconds of pain for at least two weeks of hairlessness, it is affordable and does not have grave effects on the skin. The best result will make your skin  look silky and make the hair growth process slower and finer. This method can be applied to any part of the body including sensitive areas like the face and genitals. But you will get the best result when the hairs have grown enough to be pulled out. 

With a waxing method, your skin can be hair-free for at most four weeks. But there are some cases that hair will begin to grow after two or three weeks. 

The two major downsides of waxing method of Hair removal is that it is not a permanent solution and you will have to allow your hair to grow to a particular extent before they can be waxed and pulled out. 

To carry out the waxing method of hair removal, it is advised to consult a salon owner who is experienced in the process. Or if you know what you are doing, there are waxing kits available for home use. 

Electrolysis for hair removal

Electrolysis method of hair removal is a very known method that most people who want to get rid of unwanted hair uses. In this method, the hair follicles receive a short blast of electric current with the use of a needle. Electrolysis is a very permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair. In other words, people who go through electrolysis treatments will never bother about unwanted hair again. Gladly, it works on any skin type. 

One of the main benefits of electrolysis that I must not fail to tell is that it gives permanent results unlike any other method of hair removal. To get a safe and effective result, I advise that you consult a professional. When compared with a laser, electrolysis is much cheaper and safer. But it is not recommended to do this at home. 

At the very least, if Electrolysis does not provide a permanent solution, then  hair growth is minimum and lighter in appearance. But in most cases, it gives a permanent result. 

One of the downsides is that it will work perfectly only on small areas like the face, neck and underarms. In connection, it is not that cool because it can waste time. Imaging one single hair removed individually. Depending on the area of the body, a single string of pain can accompany just a single hair. 

 I do not recommend you use an electrolysis machine at home. Or even carry out the process at home. More than one session is required to get a perfect electrolysis treatment. Only a professional can handle that. 

Laser therapy for hair removal

This is also an effective method of removing hair from the skin. It is the use of a sensitive light to destroy hair follicles. 

While some doctors say it is a permanent solution, it has the potential of slowing down hair growth for a very long time. Laser works best on those with lighter skin. 

It was in times past that it was known to be a painful method. But with the advent of the latest technology, lasers have improved and their Rays of light have become painless. 

Unlike electrolysis, laser therapy can work on both large and small areas of the body including the  upper lip, chin, sidelocks and bikini line. This is an ideal method to use for hair on the leg and hand. 

Even when hair regrows after a long time, they become lighter and finer. After a few sessions of treatment, laser gives you a perfect hair-free and silky skin. 

The major disadvantages of laser hair reduction is that it will only take effect on hairs in the active stage. This explains why several treatment sessions are required in this method. In addition, it is regarded as the most expensive method of hair removal so far. 

We advise that you consult a dermatologist to carry out this method of hair removal. 

Threading method of  Hair Removal

This method of hair removal is mostly used by those who want a perfect shape of eyebrows. People who want to remove coarse hairs on the face can also use threading methods.

It involves using a twisted thread to catch hair and pull them out by rolling it across the skin. This method can be used in areas like the upper lip, neck and chin. 

Threading method is far better than tweezing and will not damage the skin. Instead of wasting time and suffering the pain of picking hairs individually, threading can remove short rows of hair at a time. 

The only problem one tends to face using threading methods is that it can not be used in large areas like the leg and hand. 


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