What is the Reason for White Hair in Young Age?

White Hair in Young Age

Long before I could even dream of writing on this topic, I used to wonder why white hair grows at a young age. The last time I saw a completely white hair on a young head was last year in FCT Nigeria. A secondary schoolboy with total grey hair, this was amazing though. This kind of experience automatically is expected to force an inquisitive mind on me.

This is the reason why I actually want to know, what is the cause of white hair at a young age? Could this be a result of the kind of food we eat? Or could it be some aliens forming these white hairs on our head or bears?

Let’s see if the solution has been found:

The truth is that premature gray hair is mainly genetic. The scientists have long discovered that hair follicles contain pigment cells that are known to produce Melanin, which gives your hair their color. A certain time will come your body will stop producing melanin, and therefore, results in gray, white or silver color.

Melanin has been known to produce moisture, so when low quantity is generated, hair becomes brittle and loses its bounce.

Sometimes, you may be unlucky when your parents or grandparents had gray hair at an early age. This means you will perhaps, have too.

“Contrary to popular belief, stress has not been shown to cause gray hair. Scientists don’t know exactly why some people go gray early, but genes play a large role.

Also, a vitamin B-12 deficiency or problems with your pituitary or thyroid gland can cause premature graying that’s reversible if the problem is corrected”, Benabio says.

Just like I said the above, white or silver hair grow at a young age due to the role of the gene.

If your parents or grandparents grayed at an early age, you probably will too,” says David Bank, the Director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, Mt. Kisco N. You.  “There is no much you can do stop genetics “. This implies that gray hair is natural even when it comes at an early age.

Could this be the Only Reason

I wonder if this will be the only reason why gray hair grows at a young age. Some research has suggested that a connection between premature graying and lower bone density is the reason. In 2007, a study of about 1,200 California men and women didn’t show a link to such.

According to Deborah Just. Morton, Ph.D.,  a researcher, at the University of California, San Diego. “Your level of bone density is related to activity level, your weight, your height, your ethnicity. It is not related to your hair or things controlling, the color of your hair”.

Apart from the research above, I have read about Anne Kreamer, who was started noticing gray strands at in her 20s, despite her skills of hiding the gray hair with premium color dyes,  such as magenta, until the moment of eureka, she decided to return to her gray hair and vowed never to dye it again.

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Ethnicity can equally play a role

The research has made it known that even race and ethnicity can play a role in deciding gray hair at an early age. For instance, it is common with the whites to notice gray strands at 35 or a bit less, while Afro-Americans could begin to notice it at around 40, like what Jefferey Behavior said: “ About 50 percent of people have half of the gray by the time they’re 50”. This is a sentence coming from a dermatologist in San Diego, Calif.

One other factor that may cause early white hair is malnutrition. Our body system needs all the required nutrients for it to function well. The production of melanin will be deficient if the body lacks enough nutrient. This may occur as a result of too little protein, vitamin B12 as I mentioned earlier, and the amino acid phenylalanine.

It is recommended that a person should maintain a balanced diet; it may keep the hair color dark and stable.

It has been confirmed that sometimes, the medical condition could be the cause. For instance, “Some autoimmune and genetic conditions are linked to premature graying” Said Benabio. This could be a result of a thyroid disorder, and it is therefore recommended that a person should see kids the advice of a doctor. Thyroid disorder also known as vitiligo causes some areas of the skin and hair to become white or anemia.

How to Manage Premature Gray Hair

Since we already know the possible causes of white hair at a young age, it is time to know how to manage or control it. Is it actually possible to deal with premature graying? This has been a big challenge to many young men and women, therefore, there should be a way to control it. How then shall we do so?

Here are some possible control measures you may want to apply if you eventually fall into this natural trap. Don’t panic, life is beautiful when we find solutions to problems.

Some people believed that these natural resources could bring a solution for a person with premature graying of the hair.

1. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables and vitamin C, rich fruits, use one of those essential oils meant for hair and then wash properly.

2. Use curry leaves and coconut oil. Coconut oil has some amazing benefits. It is a perfect hair conditioner which helps in regrowth of damaged hair. Coconut oil is known for providing the essential proteins that are needed for the nourishment of damaged hair. You will have to add the coconut oil to curry leaves. This will result in a nutritious concoction. Massage your scalp with the concoction, this will help maintain dark tresses as foolproof.

How to make it

  • Get a handful of curry leaves and boil in 1 cup of coconut oil for six to eight minutes.
  • When cool, massage your scalp with it regularly.

Ribbed Gourd and Olive Oil

The ribbed gourd is known for its effectiveness in dealing with prematurely gray hair. To prepare, you need to dice the gourd into small pieces and dry them properly before soaking the olive oil for three to four days. Boil the mixture until it turns into a black color. After all, this, massage your scalp at least twice a week.

Incorporate onion into your hair care regimen as it’s one of the oldest remedies to prevent premature greying.

Onion and lemon juice hair pack

You can make this hair manager by mixing onion and lemon juice, and then apply it to your scalp and hair. Allow it to stay for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.

Henna and Egg Hair Pack

It is a natural hair colorant, henna can give a solution to premature graying. A henna and egg mixture treated with curd have the ability to deal mercilessly with white hair or premature graying while nourishing the hair from its root.

How to make the pack and apply: Break one egg in 2 tablespoons of pounded henna. Add 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and then mix it well. Apply this paste to cover the hair strand and roots. Leave for 30 minutes before you wish off.

Mustard oil

This is known for its fantastic flavor. It is a great agent when it comes to hair management. In fact, I will like to give it a CEO role in the hair business. It is rich in antioxidants, selenium, and healthy fats, mustard oil helps to nourish the hair by giving it that sparkling natural look and also gives it the necessary strength to last long. It helps to darken the air, as well as helps in darkening the hair by so doing, helps in hiding the premature graying of air.

How to prepare and apply: Heat 2-3 tablespoon of organic mustard oil then apply to your hair and scalp thoroughly. Cover the hair with a shower cap because it will get very sticky. Wash after leaving the applied mustard oil overnight. If you include mustard oil in your meal, such as rice, it will also do a good job.

Black seed oil

When it comes to tackling the premature graying of the hair, the black seed oil is effective as found in the Indian kitchens. It has been known to prevent hair fall before and after, it is also good for hair thinning.

How to prepare and apply: heat some black seed oil to warm up and then apply and massage the hair and scalp thoroughly. Don’t wash immediately, you should keep it overnight and wash with shampoo. Repeat this, three times a week.
Alma Juice, Almond Oil and Lemon Juice: these three essential oils are equally fantastic, especially when combined to amla. The application equally helps to some extent to stop premature gray hair.

You can equally clean your hair with Shikakai

Shikakai is nothing but brilliant hair treatment. It cleanses the hair and places it in its right position for beauty. According to the research of experts, it can prevent premature graying at a young age.

Preparation and Application: Take 4-5 Shikakai pods, grind them well, and then add them to a half a cup of sour curd, before mixing well. Apply on your hair and keep it for about 15 minutes. After which you should wash

Rose Mary and Sage: they are known for treating skin and hair conditions. If you mix them well, they both will fight against premature graying. You can try it to see the effects. Here are the steps to preparing and applying: get a half a cup of both herbs and boil the mixture in two cups of water for half an hour.  Let it warm and calm for some hours before applying the mixture on your scalp and hair. Allow to dry and wash with a mild shampoo. Apply it three times a week.

Can Stress Cause White Hair

Some people believed that stress can cause gray hair, and I have always been one of those who believed that. Recently, research has been carried about stress being an agent that triggers white hair at a young age.

Another evidence is a historical event that happened to Marie Antoinette’s hair turned white overnight before she was beheaded. The assumption is that the graying of her hair was caused due to the imagination of the horrific penalty she was about to face. Her locks were lost their colors within hours. However, most of the scientists rejected this story but accepted that stress can play a role in graying the hair in a gradual process.

Other research presents that the process of growing white hair at a young age can be associated with stress.  The stress hormones may impact the survival or the activity melanocytes, however, this has not been made a theory as reported by Scientific American.

Can we prevent white hair at a young age?

This is another question that should be answered if there is any possibility for it. Can we actually prevent premature graying?

Get enough Vitamin: the vitamin should include vitamin B13 because vitamins are essential for the health of skin and hair. If you have a deficiency in vitamins your hair will begin to lose of God pigment associated with it or even fall out in some cases. This may result in making you gray early or remain bald. Although the topic focuses on gray hair rather than hair fall out, none the less, zinc deficiency is the cause of hair fall out.

You can find vitamins in animal products such as beef, fish, eggs, and chickens as well as natural products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy.

You may not want to ignore multivitamin capsules or precisely, multivitamins no matter the form either tablet or capsules. Micronutrients through your diets can go a long way to help against premature graying too early. However graying, with bitter truth can’t be stopped by these supplements, they only delay the occurrence at young ages.

Now that you understand why white hair grows at a young age and how to tackle it when it occurs, kindly follow the steps to handle it as presented.

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