How Do I Make My Soul Patch Thicker?

I know that for you to be here, then you must have been asking the question, “How do I make my soul patch thicker?”. Not to worry, all you need is here. We will provide you with what you need to ensure you have a darker, freshers, and thicker soul patch.

What does a soul patch mean?

A soul patch is that little hair that is located under your lower lip and above the chin bone. The patch may be thin or thick, sometimes; the soul patch hair can normally grow to the size of your thumb.

Soul patch is a historical beard style that reigned between the 1940s and 1950s and then suddenly ceased to reign until the late 20th century when it rose again.

Many people adopted this facial hairstyle, mainly African American celebrities, and this is what gave rise to its other name known as “Jazz dab”.

How do I make my soul patch thicker?

The ways you can handle a thicker soul patch is right here. So, let’s get into the grind.

Make use of a full-size trimmer

A full-size trimmer will help bring your facial hair down to 3-5mm, leaving your soul patch hair longer. This is the basic approach you need to master your soul patch just in a similar way to how you grow your beard.

Get a Precision Trimmer

Trim the hair found on your chin with a precision trimmer until the only permissible hair on your chin is the tuft of hair under your lip.

Go for some precision work

Get a mini foil shaver to determine how your soul patch looks. Your soul patch should be evenly distributed down the middle of your face, either as a triangular shape or square depending on your choice. Start by trimming it 8-10mm below your lip and stop above the dip in your chin. Ensure it doesn’t go beyond that.

You can also make use of a Beard Stubble Trimmer

Beard stubble trimmer can also carve out a thicker soul patch for you. All you need is to nourish your face with beard growth oil, once it works fine; your stubble beard trimmer is good to go.

Use rotary shaver to shave

Rotary shaver is awesome when used to shave your cheeks and neck clean. Move it gently and in a circular motion. After which you should use your mini foil shaver again to shave the tighter areas around your soul patch.

How do I make my soul patch attractive

By grooming and shaving your soul patch into a good shape, you will make it look attractive. Remember, when left unattended, your soul patch will not be good to your appearance. There are many many styles for soul patch.

Should you trim your soul patch?

If you are just growing your soul patch, then I’ll advise that you leave our soul patch for two or three months This will allow it grow considerably to the point where you’ll be comfortable with the length. You should, however, note that growing a soul patch to the point of thickness and length may lead to some unevenness in the beard hairs.

At that point, you may need to trim your soul patch to a length where you’ll love. A lot of people with soul patch try to trim theirs so as to match the sou patch styles that they prefer.

Just in case, you want to trim your soul patch, you should check the best soul patch styles below and see which you like.

Best soul patch styles

These are the various soul patch styles that are trending since the second rise in the 20th century to date. You can adopt any of these or come up with your own style to join the train of the famous soul patch.

The Tame and Thick Soul Patch

This has to do with a clean-shaven face, thick and long mustache, and the soul patch all together to style a unique and thick soul patch style.

You can keep the appearance regular by combing and trimming the hairs.

Conservative Soul Patch

How Do I Make My Soul Patch Thicker

When you cut both the soul patch and the mustache down so that your face looks like it is clean and classic, without a sign of stubble, it can be named a conservative soul patch. You can also call it a soul patch and mustache combo style.

The Thick Soul Patch

When you styled your soul patch, it makes your chin looks classic, it is a common soul patch style around the face.  The hair under the lips is styled downwards to the line underneath the chin.

The curl up soul patch

How Do I Make My Soul Patch Thicker

The beard can hardly be seen in this style. You curl up both ends of your mustache using a curling wax and then cut your beard to a short length. You can decide how thick your soul patch looks.

A dash Mustache to the soul patch

How Do I Make My Soul Patch Thicker

This is said to be a classic type of soul patch style, it is a soul patch with a dash of mustache which gives an appearance of cleverness.

To achieve this, style the mustache in a dapper way and then shape up the soul patch to create a perfect combination.

Kevin Costner Soul Patch

How Do I Make My Soul Patch Thicker

This is the style worn by Kevin Costner, where the patch is small and apparently touches your lip. The beard is close-shaven you can combine a hot haircut to blend along accurately.

Stevie Ray

How Do I Make My Soul Patch Thicker

Stevie Ray is a guitarist, he is famous for this smart soul patch style. He was known for this beautiful facial hairstyle on stage. It is a narrow strip.

The combination with the moustache makes it a perfect style for a mature man.

What a Soul Patch says about you

There is no doubt if you follow the steps above in shaving and shaping your soul patch, it will make you look good.

Soul patch says something good about you because there are underlying meanings and notoriety attached to a different kind of facial hair appearance.

The clean-shaven look is now accepted as standard and unique facial hairstyle, in some cases, it may trigger people to judge you.

In conclusion, the soul patch says something unique about the way you shape it. Do you want people to call you a Super Mario? Shave your soul pack into the shape of the one worn by super Mario.

Can I grow my soul patch with beard oil?

Yes.  Beard oils are made for facial hairs. Soul patch is also part of your facial hair, and automatically, it becomes possible that beard oil can nourish the hair follicles in charge of it to grow fuller and thicker.

Once you apply the oil, it will help you reduce the itchiness, though I have never complained of my soul patch itching me, although this may be common with you, it is a rare case.

Brush your main beard by using a bristle brush to brush it downwards,  so it can cover patches and give your beard a stunning appearance.

Soul Patch Costume?

On Halloween day, you may want to wear some funny but interesting soul patches, I have gathered some items from the Amazon store which I believe will work fine with you.

They are all attractive and will give you complete pleasure on Halloween day.

Fancy Face Paint Color

Looking at this product, it is attractive, fancy and smart. It is made of good materials that make it look more stunning and acceptable – a Fiber material.

The dimensions are moderate, no too big not too small the length and width are 3” By 2”. They are decorated for the party,  Halloween and many more.

Features & details

  • Materials: Synthetic Fiber.
  • Dimensions: L x W- 3″ x 2″
  • It is a great decoration for Halloween decorations haunted house or party.

Men’s Big John Wig

This is another attractive goaty and soul patch wig, it gives you a unique look on the Halloween day, or if you are a comedian, this product is good for you.

It speaks well about your unique but funny appearance. The features and details are as listed below.

  • It is designed to Include synthetic brown wig, synthetic self-adhesive moustache, and synthetic self-adhesive goatee
  • It is made for ages 14 and above
  • It is a fun costume for kids and adults, so rock the day
  •  It can be used for Halloween, a themed party, or even for giggles
  • It is designed with various beautiful colours, it can also be hand-washed, and it has good performance for dress up

Self Adhesive Fake Facial Hair

How Do I Make My Soul Patch Thicker

Are you a dramatist? Or are you planning for the simplest look for the coming Halloween day?

What are you really planning for this time around? To make a difference with a funny appearance? This item is for you.

It is an artificial facial hair, it gives you the look of a real goaty look. Here are the features:

  • It gives you that look nature has denied you. It is a natural-size self-adhesive false handlebar with a goatee soul patch under the lip. It is ideal for theatre, drama clubs and cosplay as the case may be.
  • You can just get it to the party and for having fun. It makes you look smart all the time. There is no doubt that on its own, it is a special attire made for adults.
  • It is simple to wear, and easy to remove and it stays in place and holds its shape for hours with the original adhesive. It lasts longer that it can be reused multiple times, for multiple performances, with a bit of double-sided tape or spirit gum. If you are using it for special purposes, the moustache and goatee can also be trimmed, combed, styled and even sprayed with colour or dyed.
  • It is made of superior quality material. Europeans have embraced this style and have been using it as a symbol of fun since it was produced. The originality gives it more love from the users and its longevity to use is amazing.
  • It is a certified product that has no harm on usage. So feel free to use this unique product anytime, any moment.
  • The company practices money-back policy, so, it is safe to purchase this product conveniently.

Get to grow your soul patch thicker by following our steps above, apply beard oils to grow your beard and the soul patch alongside. Shape your soul patch into the various styles mentioned above, it is your choice. You can also leave feedback in the comment box.

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