Is Soul Patch Attractive?

Is Soul Patch really attractive? Let’s find out

A soul patch is also known as mouche, I do wear this stunning patch below my lips and no one has ever said it is bad for me.

When I look into the mirror, I see a man with attractive mouche so, it is cool. I have seen it in many people. A soul patch is definitely attractive when bearded men wear it.

Depending on how you take care of your soul patch that will determine how attractive it could be. Shaping your soul patch into the most popular styles without a doubt will make it attractive if well done. For this reason, I will say, soul patch is attractive.

If a soul patch is attractive, what about a beard without a soul patch? How do we judge it? Let’s read further to see my judgment about it. Beard without soul patch is also stunning; it brings out a unique appearance in you.

Is ‘soul patch’ actually a beard?

Yes, soul patch is a beard. After all, it is part of the facial hairs. In my expertise, I considered every hair around the face of a beard, including the sideburns, moustache, and soul patch.

In some people, soul patch grows fuller and thicker that it looks like another separate beard on its own.

It is normally blended with goatee for a more attractive look. Lastly, since goatee is a beard why then soul patch is not?

Why do they call it a patch soul?

Historically, the origin of patch soul comes from the African-American men popularly known as Jazzmen. Other less common names you can recognize soul patch to be are, mouche, a lady pleaser, a Jazz dot.

It came to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s and many people embraced the unique facial hair. Suddenly, as a fashion behaviour, the style went off and then revived in the 20th century and up till date.

Why do men grow soul patch?

Is Soul Patch attractive

As the soul patch a unique facial hairstyle that finds its origin in the fifties revived in the 20th century, it has become more popular among celebrities.

It was later known as “Dizzy Gillespie Beard” and was imitated by Jazzmen and eventually beatniks. Dizzy made the facial hairstyle more popular. Summarily, the popularity and caliber of people that maintain soul patch are the real influence why guys wear it. However, the attractiveness of the soul patch cannot be ruled out.

Are soul patches in style?

Definitely, they are one of the most attractive facial hairstyles. Soul patches only require minimal maintenance.

Should you shave off your soul patch

Well, “one man’s food”, they said, “is another man’s poison”. Some people believed that soul patch is one of the worst facial hair a man should maintain, although that hair didn’t just get there on its own, while others like me, believed that soul patch as it is called is one of the reasons why you win a lot of women’s soul.

Besides, the beauty of a man is better judged by women not men at all, if you are in doubt, grow a soul patch and ask women about their opinions. If you cut your soul patch to look attractive, definitely, people will like it.

How to shape your soul patch to look attractive

There is always a way out of every distress, you can shape your Jazz dot into an attractive style by using a precision trimmer to trim its tuft in order to shape it up neatly and evenly.

A mini shaver (like this one on Amazon) will do you a good job in this aspect by using it to shape up the edges of your soul patch so that it will appear stunning and well-trimmed, after which you should finally shave your neckline and cheek clean.

What does a soul patch say about you?

The soul patch is saying awesome things about you, it is a style you chose to wear. In as much as you trim it well, and it looks attractive to people, it will generate two qualities in the opinions of people—rebellion and delusion.

It doesn’t matter, as much as one single person loves your beauty style, forget about the rest of the 99 people, 50 percents of them will soon join to love it. I have always loved a soul patch but not the untrimmed bushes some people wear as soul patch.

How Do You Grow Your Soul Patch

If you are reading my article up to this level, it means you are already interested in the topic, and you may want to know how to grow a soul patch. The direct answer is that it can be grown in a similar way you grow your beard.

Use a full-size trimmer (like this Andis Beard Trimmer on Amazon) and cut the facial hair down to a minimum of 3mm and a maximum of 5mm while you leave the soul patch hair longer.

Use your precision trimmer to trim the hairs found on your chin, until you are left with tuft hair beneath your lips. Apply oil daily to make it grow faster and fuller.

Wash your soul patch area along with your beard; it shouldn’t be during bath only.

How to Pick the Best Soul Patch Style

Consider Your Hair Color

Dark hair is considered to bring out the beauty of a soul patch. If you are lucky to have dark hair, just wear your awesome soul patch and continue to win more souls.

Consider the Nature of Your Hair

A thick and dense hair will grow faster on your face to form a soul patch quicker, compared to soft hair that grows slowly, and needs more growing time on your face.

Best Soul Patches for the Year

Beard soul patch is still in reign up till this very era, guys rock it well, in fact, celebrities like Craig David still rock it fine. We shall look at the styles available for you to rock this year.

Soul Patch With Moustache

Is Soul Patch attractive

This soul patch is attractive, beautiful and cool for men. You can blend it with your well-carved moustache to give you an awesome look. Gently trim the soul patch to a very low level so that it can reflect your beard and moustache properly.

Soul Patch Goatee

Is Soul Patch attractive

Soul patch goatee is another fantastic facial hair you may want to wear this year. It is cool and gentle on your face.

Warning, your goatee style will not blend well if you leave it too long. You need to trim your beard to the level of your jaw, shave the sideburns fade, and then, join your moustache to the beard while the soul patch remains well cut in the middle.

Long Soul Patch

Is Soul Patch attractive

This is especially okay with somebody with blonde hair but looks more attractive with someone with dark and thick hair. Clean shave your moustache and beard both the neckline and chin hairs should be completely taken off your face, the long soul patch can now represent your jaw beard. It is actually attractive.

Moustache Soul Patch Combo

Is Soul Patch attractive

This is a soul patch style where you leave your chin hair unshaved but neatly trimmed. The chin hair should be faded so that it will blend well with the beard, moustache, and beard. Ensure your soul patch is attached to the jawline hairs forming a hour bulb shape. This style is simple enough for a gentle guy.

Soul + Full Chin Patch

This is one astonishing soul patch; I personally recommend for sport guys because It looks simple, a little faded, and a little thick. The soul patch is medium-sized but standing alone forming a beautiful symbol between a well-trimmed moustache and jawline beard.

You may want to go for this, it is quite attractive.

Small Soul Patch

If you really want to look simple and young, this style is the best for you. Clean shave your necklines, sideburns and jawline beard but leave a very tiny beard on your jaw. The soul patch too should be shaved to a very small level. You may like the shape of this soul patch above.

Soul Patch Beard + Moustache

Is Soul Patch attractive

A style that makes your soul patch stretches its strands towards your jawline beard. You don’t need to shave off your sideburns or moustache but you can remove the chin hairs. It is a bit looking rough but stunning.

Moustache + Soul + Chin Patch Beard

You just need to know how to carve out that hot moustache into a shape that captivates the eyes, leave the soul patch trimmed in the middle and your beard too should be shaved to a small size. This will give you a balanced beauty.

The soul patch is one of the old fashions that refused to go with time. Famous people wear it, guys on the street wear it. Some people unconsciously wear a soul patch and are attracted to beautiful ladies. You can now decide the type of soul patch you should wear so you can see how attractive it is.

Soul patch, in general, are attractive and shouldn’t be removed as some people claimed. The Soul patch is part of human beauty. For the fact that others don’t know how to maintain it to look attractive doesn’t mean it should be condemned.

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