How High Should I Trim My Sideburns?

How High Should I Trim My Sideburns?

Sideburns are parts of the facial hair that are grown on the sides of the face. They come in different volumes based on the hormonal system of the person carrying it. Sideburns extend from the hairline to run parallel to or beyond the ears.

Before giving an answer to certain questions, you need to answer other questions first.

Can you trim your sideburns?


How high should you then trim your sideburns?

There is a general rule to follow that will show you how high you should trim your sideburn. Whenever you are trimming your sideburn, it should not extend beyond the midpoint of your ear.

How high your sideburns should be trimmed depends on the type or style of sideburn you intend to carve out. We have Long Sideburns, Short Sideburns, Skinny Sideburns and Tapered Sideburns.

Shorter sideburns that are close to the ear look good if your chin is weak or your face is oval. The bottom line of your sideburns should parallel with your jawline.

Trim your sideburns within cuts to keep your haircut nice in appearance.

For a man who wants to mint that gentleman’s look, then an outstanding option will be Shorter sideburns.

Trimmed sideburns with long hair can also arouse the spirit of beauty, those with moderate hair lengths can wear tapered sideburns, and they look great.

However high you want to trim your sideburn, it should be consistent with the rest of your hair. If your hair is short, keep your sideburn short.

Trim your sideburn to be a bit fuller if your hair is longer. This will ensure that there is a balance on the other lines on your face.

At what age do sideburns grow? 

There is no actual answer to this as men grow quite differently. It is expected to start developing facial hairs in the later years of puberty, that is, between the ages of seventeen and twenty.
Also, most are likely not to see a single strand until they become a full adult, that is twenties years of age or above.

How Do You Trim Your Sideburns

For men, in particular, trimming your sideburns makes it look more attractive. Trimming your sideburns makes them look fresh and your face looks younger rather than being rough and ageing.

Before you start trimming your sideburns, you must first of all, know when to treat them. For this reason, you can choose to trim your sideburns when it is necessary. You look into the mirror and see that it is time to trim or shave it off.

Tips to Trimming Your Sideburns

Never trim your sideburns beyond the level where the top of your ear touches your head, otherwise, it will look rough and weird.

Trim your sideburns to be even to each other not with your ears because using your ear as a guide to trimming your sideburns will make them look lopsided—the reason being that some people’s ear is off balance.

It is essential to use a beard trimmer such as Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Iron or Philips Norelco One Blade Face, to shape the bottom of your sideburns smoothly and clearly. These two trimmers are good and have been trending due to their good reputations.

How Attractive Are Long Sideburns

Yes, they are attractive too unlike the short sideburns, they help to offset a long face or chin and also hide a round face.

Will Sideburns Grow Thicker When Removed

The answer is uncertain. If you have thin sideburns definitely when they grow back, remain the same, likewise if you have thick ones. Hair removal creams cannot help you grow thicker sideburns, as for this reason; don’t even think of them as options.

Although your sideburns may appear thinner or thicker when they return, they are actually the same.

How Long Does It Take Sideburns to Grow Back

It takes sideburns 4 to 6 weeks to grow back when removed. Hair whisker and normal hair have been observed to grow closely related rates. However, if you want your sideburns to fully grow back to the real length, you have to patiently wait for 2 months.

Should a Girl Cut Her Sideburns

Yes, she should cut it if she will be fine with it. Some ladies have sideburns in a similar way they have beards like men. If you are such a lady with sideburns, you can cut them if you like.

Will Sideburns Make My Face Look Thinner

Depending on a person’s desire, he or she may want a thinner face, and probably these set of people train sideburns, this kind of question can arise on their mind. Your face may look thinner if there is a way to make the length of your sideburns increase.

Types of Sideburns Cuts

You may be wondering if there is any style for sideburns in a similar way with a soul patch. You are not far away from the truth. These sideburns are an important part of your facial hairstyle.

If at all you want to change your look at a certain time, changing your sideburns is the answer. They alter your facial structure. We are going to showcase the images of men with different sideburn styles for you to see.

James Dean Sideburns

How High Should I Trim My Sideburns

The sideburn reigned in the 1950s with celebrities like James Dean rocking it around to popularize it. James Dean was popularly known for short and medium sideburns which looked very attractive to him.

The popular hairstyle for the rebellious crowd as at that time was to brush the top towards the back and then allowed the sides to flare out a little bit.

They usually kept the front part of the hair messy or tamed into a long curl that flopped over the face. James Dean also trimmed his sideburn as seen in this image.

Elvis Presley Sideburns

How High Should I Trim My Sideburns

He made this style popular by grooming it sharply and gave it a wedge shape. He had it shaped in such a way that it comes down flush, with the earlobe and extended straight to his nose. He shaved the sideburn tightly on the face side, which created a pointed corner.

The hairstyle can add a good look to your beauty even though it is not that popular this modern day.

Ice Pick Sideburn

How High Should I Trim My Sideburns

Ice pick sideburns are those sideburns that go well with a fade or hair cut that is given a sharp edge. You should buzz short the sideburn and make the edge extremely clean like the one on this picture. Make the sideburn extremely narrow, and you may also extend it past your ear lobe.

People with long hair shouldn’t bother keeping this style because they will not see the real communication if their hair is longer than 1/8 inch. If you still want to keep this sideburn, ensure you have great shaving skill or hire a professional to maintain that for you.

Bradley Wiggins Sideburns

How High Should I Trim My Sideburns

The Olympic Cyclist was famous for his athletics skills and also was unique with his sideburn. The sideburn made him easily recognizable.

His fans celebrated him by wearing fake sideburns to display how much they are loyal to him compared to other athletes. Wiggins cuts his sideburn short and leaves lots of texture.

Dustin McGowan Mutton Chops

How High Should I Trim My Sideburns

The sideburns look like a short beard until you look again. Mutton didn’t connect the beard at the chin if you can notice. This is what is called Mutton Chops, it was popular on professional baseball. This facial hairstyle makes him look more attractive in action.

Shaved Head With Sideburns

How High Should I Trim My Sideburns

This is a clean-cut style for men who desire to look groomed with their facial hair. The sideburn is cut from the head to the face, and the edge of the beard is shaved so that the facial hair has the same thickness as the sideburn.

A moustache and goatee are connected with your beard while the edge of your moustache is cleaned so that the line extends from the edge of your nostril to the corner of your mouth.

Shaped Chin Strap

The chin strap-shaped sideburn gets an accurate definition when you edge it properly.  A straight sideburn is seen clearly when you shave the area between the ear and the hair. If you add a shaving at the chin, you will taper the sideburn better into a chin strap beard and then rock your style with moustache if you so desire.

Chiselled Ice Pick

This sideburn goes well with short or buzz cut. You can choose to extend the sideburn along the edge of your jawline. Just give your beard a short cut say about ¼ inches wide. If you can blend a short goatee and moustache to the sideburn, you are not bad at all. Especially men with wide faces.

This sideburn style is really hot. If you don’t have a wide face, don’t worry yet, you can wear an artificial look by the use of a chiselled ice pick beard.

Swooping Tapered Sideburns

This is another sideburn men should wear on their faces. It is a fade short, thick hair that extends into curved ice pick sideburns end around the middle of your ear.

If you looked closer, you will see a second shape that mimics the shape of the sideburn itself, as it extends to the jawline. It helps to direct the gaze towards accurately groomed goatee.

Shaved Head With Sideburns

There are people that leave sideburn without hair on their heads. This is another fantastic sideburn style that shows how manly you are.

The sideburn runs into your beard and then become part of it. If you want to achieve a stark contrast, keep your head closely shaved. You can begin the sideburn about ½ inches away from your ear’s top as seen in the picture.

Ensure you keep the groomed edge at the cheek and neckline to make the style look smart and professional.

Reasons why you should keep sideburn

1. They give a frame to your face

Those who have a well-trimmed sideburn have a spectacular face frame. It’s just like having a good frame to an excellent picture on a shelf. Put a proper frame ‘sideburn’ around your face and bring out the best look of yourself.

Every attractive photograph or painting in the theatre usually has a good framing. So does every bearded man with a nice sideburn are never caught unfresh.

2. They make any hairstyle look great

Whenever hairstyle you choose, whatever style you are carrying, a sideburn will always go with it. It makes you look mature, simple, and cool. Depending on the type you choose to match with the volume of your hair, a sideburn will go for just any hairstyle.

3. Consider the length of the sideburn

Growing a perfect looking sideburn will require you to picture the length that you want. The length of your sideburn matters. And I’m sure that is why you want to know how high you should trim your sideburn.

To actualize the perfect length of my sideburn, here are some few things I will do.

Once you are faced at the mirror, take a look at the inside of your ear. The little circular notch at the bottom of your ear is exactly where your sideburn should end.

So when you are shaving, that is the exact point where you bring the edge of your razor.

This little technique should give you the perfect length of trimming a sideburn. While there are many ways to trim a perfect length of a sideburn, the worst case will be when they go above halfway of the ear. Really bad.

Get used to the sideburn styles that I’ve shown you, wear the one that suits you the most. Take good care of your look with awesome sideburns styles.

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