Can You Use Too Much Beard Oil?

Using too much beard oil is not ideal, it can cause more damage to your skin than good.  Remember, too much of everything is not good. The same thing applies to use too much beard oil.

Can You Use Too Much Beard Oil? Applying too much beard oil on your facial hair as it can cause the skin to be too oily and greasy, thereby clogging the skin pores which may possibly lead to various diseases such as blackhead, white head, rashes and so on.

If you do not take caution, you may eventually apply too much beard oil on your beard without knowing.

The best way to know that you’ve applied too much beard oil is when your facial hair becomes too greasy to an extent where it drips down your hair and neckline to your shirt.

When and how often should beard oil be used?

I will recommend that you use beard oil after a shower or after washing your beard. This is the best way as a result of some few factors.

But in reality, there is a stipulated time to use beard oil if such oil is very quality.

Washing your beard is the first step when you plan to apply a moderate amount of beard oil on your chin.

This is because warm water will open up your pores which will allow the easy penetration and absorption of oil into the skin to take effect.

Applying beard oil without a shower or beard washing may mean that the pores are probably clogged and any excess oil on those skin will lead to one beard disease or the other.

Disadvantages of using too much beard oil

A lot of people tend to think that whenever something goes wrong with the growth of their beard or their skin, it is the fault of whatever grooming product (like this one on Amazon) they are using.

Beard oil will only work rapidly and perfectly when you apply them rightly and moderately.

Now that I have shown you how to apply beard oil, it is time to uncover some hidden side effect of using beard oil too often and in excess.

Let me also state here that it largely depends on the beard oil or cream that you use.

Quality beard cream like Mybeardgang beard cream has been formulated to have no negative impact. Let’s take a look at these negative impacts.

1. Greasiness of beard

I mentioned earlier that excess application of beard oil on your beard can cause a greasiness that can actually be quite uncomfortable for a lot of guys.

There are some less quality beard oils that even without excess application will still make the beard greasy.

So I always advise that guys use oil that has a lighter blend. And unfortunately, the type of oil usually comes expensive.

It is even better to use a beard moisturizer (like this one on Amazon) than to use beard oil that will cause greasiness.

2. Lacks Hold

The main reason why beard oil will drop down your facial hair when applied in excess is that it lacks hold on your facial hair.

This may be a major setback of beard oil in general when compared with other grooming products.

Beard oil will definitely help in softening your beard and taming up. But if I have an unruly beard, just a beard oil will not be enough. Not to mention applying too much.

3. Those shiny beards though

Have you noticed that when you apply beard oil to your beard, especially when you apply excess, your beard will look artificial?

Yes. The shiness of a beard by using beard oil can be an advantage but when excess is applied and all becomes too glowy while it hits sunlight, you need to increase your expectation of quarries among your peers.

For a bearded guy, I’d prefer the look of matted type and textured beard that a beard wax can create, instead of applying too much beard oil to look better.

Apart from the above problem encountered when you over grease your beard with oil, your beard becomes a home for dirt or grime as they will get trapped causing red spots, irritation and infected follicles.

This effect of too much oil on the beard as listed above is very painful and the side effects are not even beneficial to your face and beard.

The good news is that it is a bit hard to actualize the level of overusing beard oil and if you have overused it already, it is not difficult to manage.

Let’s move on as we reveal more secrets on the usage of beard oil for health and beard growth benefits.

How often should I apply beard oil

Now that you understand that it is not ideal to apply too much beard oil and that it is difficult to use too much beard oil, we need to guide you on how to automatically not overuse it.

You can apply beard oil daily. Don’t be scared of overusing it because the reaction of your skin will let you know immediately you have overused it. Although, you still need to be a person of good hygiene.

Before you apply new beard oil, ensure that you moisturize your beard. Premium beard oils are the best if you must apply them regularly.

They help to enrich the nutrients of your beard, make it grow healthier and fuller.

Beard oil are essential as they help t9 stimulate the sebaceous glands in your dermis to promote the production of more natural oil to nourish your beard.

Best Ways to Apply Beard Oil

It is important you should know how to apply beard oil so that you can maintain using it at all levels.

  • Wash your beard with clean water and soap
  • Dry your beard with a clean towel and then fan it under a clean environment to dry up some little water still remaining in the beard.
  • A premium beard oil in the Amazon store will be a perfect one to apply
  • Apply 2 to 3 drops of oil on your beard and massage gently
  • Immerse your ten clean fingers in your beard until it touches your scalp and then massage it so that oil will reach down the skin.
  • After the massage and oiling, get a clean brush and brush your beard to style it into your desired shape.

Do Beard Oils Have Side Effects

The simple answer is yes. Beard oils are known to be natural mixtures of carrier and essential oils but it doesn’t mean they don’t have side effects on our skin.

Beard Oil Side Effects You Should Know

  • Beard Oils Can Cause Allergic Reactions: Your body may react to some beard oil despite them being a natural product, it doesn’t mean you are safe from reacting to the one that is not suitable to your skin.  This is why we recommend that you see a dermatologist to recommend the kind of oil that will be good for the kind of skin you possess.
  • Some Beard Oils May Suppress Growth: Some beard oils are not good at all. All they do is form dirt and block your skin pores and in the end, destroy your hair follicles due to their toxicity. If you must apply beard oil ensure that you go for a recommended one.
  • Bad Formulations Cause Dry Skin and Dandruff: If you are not lucky and your beard oil is fake, it will react to your skin in a negative way and thereby causing dry skin and Dandruff.
  • Your Sensitivity to Sunlight May Increase: Beard oils may increase your sensitivity to the sunray and this may result in skin cancer or burn. It is very important we manage how we apply beard oil for the conformity of the type of skin we have.
  • Toxic Effects on Small Children and Pets: if not stored properly, can cause toxic effects on children and pets.

Do you wash beard oil out

The primary purpose of applying beard oil is for it to be absorbed by the skin. Instead of washing it out with clean water, we suggest that you wipe the beard with a clean brush in order to balance the spread of the oil evenly. Another thing is that washing out the oil cannot remove the entire dirt. So, it is more ideal to wipe your beard.

What happens when you stop using beard oil

Stopping the application of beard oil doesn’t mean it will affect the growth of your beard in the long run.

Especially if the beard oil previously applied worked fine and absorbed by the skin, the past glory will last for a long time.

However, we advise you to apply beard oil regularly unless it is necessary to discontinue it for a while.

The Various Beard Oils

Now, it is time to review some beard oil you may want to try. We have gathered some features and details about each product for you to see.

Beard Kits for men

Can You Use Too Much Beard Oil?

It comprises of different beard tools and ingredients, and our focus is the beard oil contained in it. Apart from being a premium product, it has good customer reviews. Here are the features.

Features & details from the manufacturers

  • ALL-NATURAL SAFE INGREDIENTS FOR ALL BEARD HAIR TYPES: The manufacturers use all-natural ingredients that promote the health of all kind of skin and hair types.
  • The products all come in either a durable stainless steel tin or protective, it is safe to shop.
  • The products are full-sized, not tiny sample or trial sized so you get what you’re paying for.
  • BEAT THE ITCH: it is designed to moisturize hair and skin, routine use can reduce beard itching, dryness, and flaking.
  • IT’S OKAY TO LOOK LIKE YOU: Beard oil isn’t going to turn you into a new man but it might make you a little more confident. What could you do if you believe in yourself just a little bit more?
  • BUILDING BETTER BEARDS: Our mission since 2012 has been to provide high-quality, all-natural ingredient beard care products that help you build a better beard, one you can be proud of.
  • NO WORRIES GUARANTEE: We offer a full refund or replacement if a product or scent is not what you were expecting. Just contact us directly and we’ll get you taken care of.

Beard Grow Xl

Can You Use Too Much Beard Oil?

It is good at nourishing your beard. It keeps your beard fuller and healthy. This beard oil is special and has a lot of good reviews from consumers. You can get it

Features & details

  • No 1 Beard Grow Support Vitamin Formula In the World for faster and thicker facial hair growth
  • Formulated to be 100% Vegan and Vegetarian – No other formulas like it
  • Special One of a kind MEN only blend
  • Completely natural non-hormonal formula
  • Powerful Beard Support Formula that is Proudly Made in the USA

Initiative Citrus Lavender

Can You Use Too Much Beard Oil?

This product is a kit, it comes with a lot of tools such as brush and ingredients such as beard balm and oils. It has good reputation and it’s recommendable. Customers love it because it has been a very good product to go for.  The oil contained in it is completely natural, it brings beauty back to your beard as it helps it to grow fuller, thicker and healthier.

Benefits of using beard oil

Beard oil when applied to your beard has a lot of positive impact on it. Beard oils are made of natural oils when used to make our beard grow better.

Beard Oil Helps Get Rid of the Dreaded Beard Itch: Itchy beard is not a joke at all, in fact in a severe case, it could force a man to think twice before keeping a beard next time. The itchiness of a beard is painful but hope should not be lost. If you experience itchiness, don’t hesitate to use beard oil.

Beard oil allow your beard to grow Healthier: The work of the beard oils is to nourish your beard and make your follicles perform better. Through this effect, your beard grows thicker and fuller.

Beard Oil Helps to Remove Dandruff: Dandruff looks harmless or let’s say it is harmless but messy. You don’t want to see your hair or beards full of dandruff. It is embarrassing and should be get rid of. Beard oils are the solutions for a beard full of dandruff.

Beard Oil Moisturizes your Beard and Scalp: If your beard and scalp are moisturized, they will be free from acne, itches, eczema, heat, and bacteria. It is a good grooming strategy to ensure your beard is moisturized regularly to avoid general setbacks.

Use beard oil moderately, apply beard oil regularly for the benefits, and try to lay your hands on the best beard oils on amazon. Our comment box is always opened for your feedback.

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