Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth? Is this even possible? Many attractive young men out there are finding it difficult to tame their beards and make it grow in a particular direction. Is your beard far from glorious? After so many failed attempts of trying to make it look good?

You do not need to worry because we have got you covered. In this article, we will show you practical steps on how to make your beards grow in a particular direction.

Can you change the direction of your beard growth? The answer to this question is Yes. Many do think your beard grows in a particular direction based on how you shave, unfortunately, it is not true.

The direction in which you shave your beards has nothing to do with the direction in which it grows.

What then can you do to change the direction in which your hair grows? Before you think of taking practical steps to make your beards grow in a particular direction, you need to ask yourself if you are ready for the work and if you will be patient enough to see results.

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

The direction of beard growth is dependent on the shape and orientation of your beard follicle, and can you change that? No! The shape, size and orientation of the hair follicles determine what direction the beard will grow. This is not man-made.

There are a lot of factors that determine in what direction a beard will grow. Factors ranging from genes, ethnic background, diet, food, are all that come together to determine how nourished the hair follicles are and in what way your beard should grow.

So, you see? Changing the direction in which your beard grow is not just about you waking up and WANTING to change the direction.

Although you can train your beard to lay in the direction you want it to, that doesn’t substitute for changing the direction of your beard growth.

Training your beard to lay usually happens when you either have a newly grown beard or when your beard hair is long.

I usually advise those that really want to train their beards to lay in a certain direction to start in the early stages of beard growth, rather than allowing the beard to stay longer to the point where it grows very long.

This is due to the fact that long beard hairs are very difficult to train to lay down or change direction temporarily.

Note that the best tool to use in changing the direction of your beard growth temporarily is a boar bristle brush (like this one on Amazon).

Remember to also try as much as possible to soften your beard before trying to train it to lay down. This makes it easier for you to get your desired result.

Our Beard Cream in Nigeria helps with softening your beard though. So, remember to leverage that and a very good boar bristle brush.

How to change the direction in which your beards grow temporarily

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

Prepare your beard scalp

Do not expect to grow healthy beards on an unhealthy scalp. Before you even think of growing a healthy beard, you need a very healthy scalp. Massage your beards using some beard oils.

Get your scalp ready to grow the best kind of beard by cleaning the underlying skin and get rid of some dead cells.

Using beard oils that contain ingredients with great benefits is one good way to create a good condition for your beard growth.

Trim your beards

Once your beard has passed a certain growth stage, it is always advisable to trim out every strand of beard growing in an awkward manner, this will help your beard have a clean finish.

Trimming your beards is a good way to start when your beard has reached a certain growth stage. Even if you still want your beards to be lengthy and voluminous you still need to start by trimming it.

It is one good way to start this process.

Use your brush well

Boar Bristle Brush

We will not be wrong to say that using a brush to train your beards is one of the crucial steps to changing the direction in which your beards grow temporarily.

When you get your perfect brush, a very good bristle is usually advisable, start to train your beards to grow in a particular direction by brushing it in that same direction on a daily basis.

Continue to brush in the particular direction you want for a long as possible, using a quality brush with good bristle will help you make this possible.

Make use of products that will help you

You may not be able to completely control your beards, some beard products are a good way to tame your beards to grow in the direction that you want.

The products we advise you get are beard oil, a good boar bristle brush and a beard balm which will help you style your beards in the way you want.

Our beard cream will also help to soften the beard in preparation for what you intend to do.

Brush your beards downwards

Brushing your beards downwards is one of the best methods to grow your beards in a particular direction. Brushing or coming consistently will do the magic.

Like we said earlier, making use of beard balm or beard cream will do the magic for your beard.

My advice to you is that you begin to brush your beard from your neckline towards your chin. This will help you de-tangle the knot in the beard hair.

This may not usually work for everyone, so you should take note of our beard growth direction first before you try to brush bottom up to remove knots.

Do not struggle with your beard knots like I have had to, and I made the mistakes of pulling my beard hair out when I was struggling with detangling the knots. Don’t do that!

If your beard hair is stubborn and you are finding it difficult to detangle or brush. Remember that you’ve got to use beard oil,  or try out our beard cream.

This will help in the softening of the beard, and make it easy for the brush to glide through.

Be cautious

Make sure you avoid all alcohol-based products for your beards as this will make your hair harder to train and make it grow in an abstract way.

To make your beards tamable you need to keep your beards clean and dry. Take note also that you should not make us of beards products on wet or dirty beards.

Before using your beards products, ensure you have a clean and dry beard.

Be consistent

You should not start this process today and then continue in the next three days, these practical steps are supposed to be done every day for you to get maximum results.

Do not do it for five days and you stop, it shows you are not intentional about making your beards grow in a particular direction.

Be patient

If you really want your beards to grow in a particular direction you need the patience to be able to groom it from start to finish. You should not expect result in just five days of brushing or applying of hair products. You need to be patient.

Secret Hacks to level up your beards

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

You must have read and understood the steps we listed above in order to make your beards grow in a particular direction, now you may want to level up your beards.

Everyone has a different beard texture which cannot be controlled because it is based on genetics, it does not necessarily mean nothing can be done about it. Not to worry, we have some hacks you can try out to level up.

Remove the sideburns & rough edges

The messy parts of your beards are usually the rough edges which grow in an awkward manner, you will notice some growing longer than the other.

Different parts of your beards will grow in different rates which means you have to clean up regularly to keep your beard at an optimal level. Trim the edges of your beards and you will see your beards look more appealing.

Make sure your beards are soft

I said it earlier that different people have different beard texture based on genetic formation. However, not everyone loves a thick beard. The hard texture of your beards could make it difficult to tame.

To level up you should make your beards soft in texture. Consider washing and applying shampoo on your beards to make it softer.

Adopt new methods like washing, combing, applying shampoo and finally making use of beard oil to your clean and dry beard.

Use beard curls

Curling of beards works better with thick beards that have been growing for a particular period of time. After bathing and drying your beards, consider making use of beard curls to make your beards look good and curly.

Final Words – Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

You can successfully change the direction of your beards by making use of these tips we have provided above. Remember it takes consistency and patience to get maximum results. Do not expect everything to happen in a period of five days or one week. You have got to be patient.

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