Does Smoking Weed Cause Grey Hair

I am sure you have been wondering if smoking weed actually causes grey hair. That is the reason for this article, we will give an in-depth answer to that question and also state some reasons.

People think because marijuana is used for medical purposes, that it is ok to consume it by smoking it regularly.

Smoking marijuana has some side effects that smokers may not even be aware of, however, these side effects may linger for long, while some linger for just a short time.

Smoking weed actually causes grey hair, otherwise known as premature grey hair. Studies have shown that smoking weed may cause premature greying.

When you compare weed smokers to non-smokers, smokers were four times more prone to experience premature greying.

Premature greying explained: Greying is said to have a genetic basis that starts to happen independently when one is getting old.

Hair turns grey when the melanin pigment ceases to be produced in the root of the hair, then new hair will grow in grey or white. Old age is a period when you start to experience some sort of changes in your body.

For some, greying starts in their late teens but others do not experience greying until old age or middle age.

Other side effects are:

  • Hallucinations
  • Loss of sense of personal identity
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Short-term memory issues
  • High risk of stroke
  • Sexual problems in males
  • High risk of heart attack
  • Lack of coordination
  • Decline in IQ
  • Poor academic performance
  • Violence
  • Addiction
  • Unemployment

Having stated some of these effects of smoking weed you can now judge for yourself if it is a good idea or if you want to indulge yourself in it.

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How to prevent premature greying

Does Smoking Weed Cause Grey Hair

It is very possible to prevent premature greying. If you do not like to see a grey hair on your head at an early age then you should try some of these tips,

Don’t pluck your grey hairs

Avoid plucking your grey hairs because it could cause root damage and rob ably cause infections. If you do not like how grey hair looks on you maybe you should consider dyeing your hair to black.

Take good care of your hair

You may want to take extra care of your hair by taking some time to massage your scalp while bathing.

Stop smoking

Like we have said earlier, smoking weed causes premature greying, try your best possible to quit smoking. If you are already addicted do not be ashamed to meet an addiction therapist for help. Smoking weed has lots of side effects which is enough to convince you to quit smoking. The earlier the better.

Eat foods rich in nutrient

A natural dose of B-Vitamin is needed in your system to prevent premature greying. Deficiency in B-Vitamin could lead to premature greying.

You can get foods rich in B-Vitamin such as milk, eggs, peanuts etc.

Even to stay healthy you need healthy food and not just any kind of food. Take note of this and start to make some changes in the kind of food you eat.

Greying of hair is normal and it is a biological process that we should all expect. If you are intentional about preventing premature greying then you should take these tips very seriously.

Six shocking signs your hair will go grey

Does Smoking Weed Cause Grey Hair

Not many people out there want to get grey hair at an early age, but as you grow old it is usually inevitable. If you are constantly stressed, not eating foods rich in nutrient, or addicted to smoking, then expect to see some grey hair at an early age.

However, these signs we will list out here will show that you may get grey hair at a young age if care is not taken.

  1. If you are Caucasian: Research has shown that if you are Caucasian you are likely to get grey hair earlier in life than others. Ethnicity is one of the many factors that that contributes to the greying process of your hair. Doctors are yet to figure out why this pattern happens this way.
  2. You are naturally Red-headed: Just like people with blonde hair, red-headed people are prone to getting grey hair early in life. Redheaded people already lack the pigments, so they will get grey hair earlier in life. Read-head people usually find it hard disguising their grey hair because the pigmentation of their hair already makes it difficult for the dyes to stay.
  3. You smoke weed: If you smoke weed you are more likely to get grey hair earlier in life. Research has shown that Smokers are four-time more prone to get grey hair early in life. Smoking can cause wrinkles in your skin and scalp, this could affect your hair follicles. Try quitting smoking if you want to prevent premature greying.
  4. You stress yourself too much: Excess stress is one of the factors that cause premature greying. When you consistently stress yourself or undergo anxiety you are more likely to experience premature greying.
  5. You lack key nutrients in your food: If you consistently have a poor diet or you don’t take the key Vitamin – B12. If you are vegan you may be missing out in this nutrient because it is found mostly in milk. If you are vegan you can take Vitamin B-12 supplement.
  6. You don’t take care of your hair: You should try to keep your hair hydrated on a daily basis, you should add some shampoo and massage the scalp as this will help provide some nutrient to the scalp as well as blood supply to keep your hair and scalp in a good shape.

In general, smoking weed causes grey hair as we have stated earlier. Smoking weed does not only cause premature greying, but it is also bad for one’s health.

Now that you know what the effects of smoking weed is, as related to the greying of hair. What are you going to do?

Have you smoked weed for a prolonged period of time and it had no effect on your hair or beard? Share with us in the comments. Let’s take our research further.

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