Does Smoking Weed Make Your Beard Red?

This question if smoking weed actually makes your beard red has been asked by a lot of people. Before we dive deep into this topic let us take you through what weed actually is. Weed is also known as Marijuana; it is a greenish mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. People smoke weed in water pipes, in blunts or wraps.

Marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes and also to brew tea. It can be mixed in foods like cookies and candies etc. You now have an idea what weed is, now let us go back to the topic “does smoking weed make your beard red?”

You must have noticed that some men do have a different beard colour from their hair, most times, the colour is usually red. Do not be scared, you are not mutant, it is quite common in some men, there is a science behind that and that Is what we are about to explain.

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Does smoking weed make your beard red?

does weed make the beard red

Smoking weed does not make your beard red, weed only helps in beard growth by increasing the testosterone level which boosts facial hair growth. What actually makes your beard red is not affected by smoking weed, but by medical reasons.

Your hair colour is determined based on the level of pigmentation in your hair follicles. Men with red beards are also known as Ginger beards.

A hair follicle is made up of a mixture of eumelanin (black or brown shades) or pheomelanin (red and yellow shades) pigment. Men with high levels of yellow pheomelanin and low level of brown eumelanin end up having blonde hair.

We are safe to say that different combinations in each hair follicle will bring about different hair colours. This explains the red facial hair colour you see in men.

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Myths and facts about men with red beard

does weed make your beard red

People need to stop thinking that Red beards are a sign of abnormality, it is not. On the other hand, red-bearded men usually look unique and attractive.

Below are some myths and facts about men with red hair.

  1. Men with red beards get hardly turn grey: People often wonder if Red-beard men actually get grey hair when they grow older, the truth is they do not. Red beard men do not grow grey hair, as they grow older the red beard turns to some kind of copper tone.
  2. Gingerphobia: Gingerphobia is simply the fear of Red hair. This is not very common though, it is rare and this fear comes from other reasons, one reason might actually be trauma.
  3. Red beard men are associated with past sins: People believe that men with red beards were born due to the sins of their parents, take note that this belief is very wrong, a man being red-bearded has nothing to do with the sins of his parents. People have believed this lie for a very long time and it is difficult convincing people that it is a wrong belief.
  4. Red beard men are left-handed: To an extent, this is hundred per cent true because the red beard gene and the left-hand gene can happen at the same time because both genes are recessive and they could come as a pair. In conclusion, red beard men are usually left-handed.
  5. Red beards usually Rough: Men with red beards need to take extra care of their beards because they are often thick and could become rough. If you are a red-bearded man you need to take extra care for your beards.

Famous red-bearded men

Ed Sheeran
Image Source – Vulture

Ed Sheeran is the most popular Red bearded singer in the world now. His rise to fame was in 2012. Since then he has been releasing blockbuster hit music to the world. Ed Sheeran broke a record by becoming the most streamed artist within the first twenty-four hours of the release of his song on Spotify.

Prince Harry

does weed make your beard red

On our list, we have the man from a royal home, Prince Harry. He has won the hearts of millions of people. Prince Harry remains a humble Red-hair man from a Royal home.

Rupert Grint

does weed make your beard red

Known for his popular role in the Harry Potter, he is one of the popular names you can think of when it comes to red hair men in Hollywood. He was on the Harry Potter movie for more than ten years, this made him the most recognizable Red-hair men in Hollywood.

Are Ginger-beard men attractive?

Ginger-beard men are usually rare, they are not so rampant as those men with black hair. The uniqueness of the ginger-beard men is what makes them look attractive and of course, women do find them attractive.

Ginger-beard men put in more efforts to take care of their beards than the regular black or blonde facial hair.

This extra effort they put in makes them look groomed. Though their red-beards could easily get rough because of its thick nature. Take a look at the few famous people we have listed above; do they not look attractive? I personally think women will find them attractive and charming.

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We have explained to you if smoking weed affects your hair colour, you have seen in the answer we gave that smoking weed does not make your beard red, however, it is actually based on medical reasons.

Take note that other factors could cause one’s beard colour to change, reasons such as poor health, old age etc. If you are a Ginger-beard man you should take extra care of your facial hair to avoid looking unkempt.

We also listed some myths about Ginger-beard men, it is very important you stop believing the lies that are being told by people about Ginger-beard men.

The earlier the better. Stop seeing them as abnormal or cursed, they are humans just like you who just have a different genetic make-up.

The facts listed are also true about Ginger-beard men. It is important you start to see Ginger-beard men as normal and attractive people.

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