Beard Oil for Acne Prone Skin

All you need to know about Beard Oil for Acne-Prone Skin is right here – Beard oil is a very necessary and important kit in your beard grooming journey.

Beard oils are like the food of your beard, the main ingredient of its survival. Its importance is like how important water is to the body.

Using a good beard oil for your beard hair is one of the best decisions you can ever take. There are different types of beard oils ranging from the purely natural to the industry manufactured ones.

Beard oils also usually have fantastic scents and help in getting rid of itchiness in the beard hair.

What do beard oils do?

Beard hairs take up all of the natural sebum or oil that your skin produces leaving your skin dry. This means that if you are not using beard oil, your skin will get too dry and unhealthy.

It will also leave it susceptible to germs. So, what beard oil does is to replenish the oil lost through its application and oiling the beard and the skin underneath.

But some people seem to think that using beard oil increases their susceptibility to having pimples or acne.

I will say that maybe, and also maybe not.

Not all beard oils will cause pimples when you use them. But some will. The objective of this article is to enlighten you on the best beard oil to use for your sensitive and acne-prone skin to prevent the insurgence of pimples in your face.

I will give you a full list of the different beard oils and even how to make some of them! So that you don’t have to buy the industry made ones which might cause you pimples since your body might not like some of the ingredients.

1. Jojoba beard oil recipe as Beard Oil for Acne-Prone Skin

This oil is very popular among natural products consumers. Jojoba oil is now commonly used in making hair creams, body creams and even up to beard oils! Extracted from the jojoba plant, this oil is famous for its mind-blowing and fast effects on the hair, body, and skin.

Perhaps because it is the closest of all the extracted natural oils to the oil the Human body produces naturally called sebum. It is very similar in composition to body sebum and also very rich in essential nutrients and vitamins to help your hair ( beard) grow.

It also is a very gentle type of oil that will protect rather than hurt your sensitive skin which may be prone to pimples or acne. Jojoba oil is your best bet of all the natural oils that you will be recommended in this article. It is better to state this fact beforehand.

The fun part is you can make your own jojoba beard oil specially for your beards. It will get readily absorbed by the beard hair and improve the beard hair’s sheen. It is advised to make your own jojoba beard oil by yourself ( I can make for you if you want me to) because the cold-pressed manufactured ones have lost all of the essential nutrients that it should have due to the harsh manufacturing process.

Do you know that jojoba is a wax ester and not oil?

I bet you didn’t know. Now there’s a fact. You can use this beard oil recipe that has jojoba oil as its carrier oil to make your own beard oil now.

What you will need?

– Half ounce of jojoba oil – Half ounce of sweet almond oil – 1 tablespoon of fractional coconut oil – Three to four drops of cedarwood oil – Three to four drops of sandal wood oil

How to make this beard oil

– In the bottle, you want to use, put your jojoba oil. After that, add the almond oil and coconut oil.
– After that, you can put the cedarwood and sandalwood oils.
– Then close the bottle and shake thoroughly.
– After that, put a few drops of the mixture in your beard and massage thoroughly into your beard and cheeks. Now brush your beard to give it a finishing touch.

This is one recipe that has jojoba oil as the carrier oil. If you wish to use pure jojoba oil, well the ball is in your court.

Jojoba oil has so many benefits for your beard hair including that it moisturizes your beards. When you use harsh soaps to wash your beard hair, it strips your beard hair of its natural oils which causes it to be dry and frizzy and mere susceptible to breathing, loss of hair and split ends. But jojoba oil helps to replenish the lost oil and also moisturizes the skin underneath your beard thus preventing it from your dryness. This helps to prevent pimples on your skin rather than promote.

2. Coconut Oil as Beard Oil for Acne-Prone Skin

This is another natural oil that is incredibly helpful and useful as a beard oil. And it is definitely good for acne-prone skins as well.


Because it locks moisture in your hair and skin thereby protecting them from dryness which could aggravate the occurrence of acne.

Coconut oil is another oil that you can try for your beard that is just perfect for skin types that are prone to acne. Coconut oil also prevents your skin from flaking due to dryness. Coconut oil also helps to improve your beard hair’s flexibility by reducing the rate at which the beard hair falls out.

Coconut oil amazingly is also a component of some shampoos as they want the effects of coconut oil in their shampoos as well.

Coconut oil also helps to reduce skin irritation that could result from shaving or trimming your beard. This is why if you have sensitive skin, coconut oil is your surest bet any day, anytime for beard oil. It is not compulsory that you use coconut oil alone.

Coconut oil makes a fantastic carrier oil for other oils to sit in it. You can make your own beard oil recipe by making coconut oil your carrier oil. Just get a little bit of jojoba oil, peanut oil, and sweet almond oil and mix together very well. Then apply to your beard.

This is different from the jojoba beard oil recipe because, in the jojoba recipe, jojoba wax is the main carrier and ingredient. It makes up a large portion of the beard oil like 98% of it. This should go the same for coconut oil. You should make the coconut oil like 98% of the beard oil while adding the other ingredients in small quantities.

Coconut oil makes a perfect beard oil for your beard hair and skin and is also very affordable.

Just in case you ever have a tear or cut while shaving, coconut oil promotes healing of the cut part and reduces the discomfort. Coconut oil encourages beard hair growth. So if you are looking at achieving a full look beard, coconut oil is the oil you should really go for.

3. Almond sweet oil as Beard Oil for Acne-Prone Skin

This is another natural essential oil that is incredibly good for your beard. It has so many numerous benefits when being used as a beard oil like reducing inflammation and perfect for sensitive skin.

This is one of the reasons why almond oil is to be used a beard oil if you have acne-prone skin or sensitive skin. Almond oil has high fatty acid content which is perfect for reducing inflammation.

Almond oil helps to improve blood circulation to the inflamed area by making it soft and moisturized. Almond oil also helps in treating dandruff by removing dead skin cells underneath.

Dandruff could happen as a result of dryness, but since almond oil moisturizes deeply, it eradicates the possibility of any dandruff or hair infection. Because almond oil is rich in vitamin A, it can help to prevent acne. Almond oil is also good as nourishment for your beard growth since it is rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

It also helps to prevent hair loss and breakage which comes in handy for beards which are known for easy breakage.

To the already packaged beard oils that you can get that are good for acne-prone skin, you have the following:

1. Honest Amish Beard oil

This beard oil is an all-natural beard oil that is purely handcrafted and takes care of itchiness, dandruff, and sensitive skin. Meaning that it will definitely take good care of your acne-prone skin too!

It is made up of the following ingredients like sweet almond oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, kukui oil all blended together to give it its fragrance and unique touch. You can shop for this beard oil on Amazon if you are in the U.S. This beard oil is also known for its unique scent and helps in taming stray hair which means it will be particularly good for curly beards.

2. Beardoholic Natural Beard Oil

If you are a regular follower of beard blogs then you should be aware of the famous beard blog, Beardoholic. Well, they are also into making natural beard oils.

This beard oil is a unique blend of Argan oil, pine fragrance oil, castor oil, and many other essential oils. It is 100% completely natural, hence, will be very suitable for your acne-prone skin.

Since the essential oils combined only to act to protect your beard and skin from acne by locking in moisture. This beard oil is very superb in fighting beard itch and has a very unique scent that will appeal to the masculine’s sense of smell. It also has a large number of beneficial and essential oils combined together more so than any other beard oil product. Beardoholic’s natural beard oil is one beard oil you can get.

It contains oils such as almond oil, argan oil, wheat germ oil, essential oil, pine scent, grape seed oil, castor oil, and Jojoba oil.

3. Lanthome Beard Growth oil

This is another purely blended natural bears oil you can try to take care of your beard and acne-prone skin. This beard oil is available in Nigeria just like the previous two that have been mentioned.

Some of the key features of this beard oil are that it effectively hydrates and softens out your beards. This beard oil also acts as a good moisturizer and is fortified with black seed oil and black currant. This beard oil is another option you should go for when picking beard oils that are just perfect for your acne-prone skin.

4. Bell’s Castor Oil for Beard Growth

As the name implies, the main ingredient for this beard oil is Castor oil. And the benefits of Castor oil are numerous!

You seriously and definitely would want to tap into the amazing benefits of castor oil for your beard and skin. Your acne-prone skin is sure to receive all the protection it could ever ask for in terms of moisturizing, protecting the scalp and root of the hair, preventing hair loss, promoting faster growth of hair and so on. This beard oil is just perfect for your acne-prone skin. It is also very available in Nigeria, just look into well-stocked series and malls around you and grab one!

What ingredients should you look out for in a beard oil that is protective of acne-prone skin?

Well, you should look out for a unique blend of some or all of the essential oils like Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus, Argan oil, Sandalwood oil, coconut oil, Almond sweet oil, Jojoba oil, and so on.

Go for all-natural beard oils because your acne-prone skin will readily absorb them faster and without beards than beard oils with unnecessary chemicals.

Also when shopping for your beard oil, go for the ones with deep amber or brown bottles. These bottles are designed and coloured to protect the oil from harmful UV rays from the sun. This is important to look out for when shopping for your beard oil. Any beard oil with transparent bottle is not worth the salt.

Also, remember you want to protect your sensitive skin from such. Be careful!

When should you apply beard oil?

You should apply beard oil just after showering. After you’ve washed your beards in the shower and they’re still a bit damp, you should apply your beard oil. Don’t apply it when your beard is dripping wet though. Apply it when it is still a bit damp. Remember that oil and water are not friends. So dry a bit of the water and then apply the beard oil.

Where to shop for the above-recommended beard oils?

You should be able to get these beard oils at any shopping mall in Nigeria and some fully stocked local stores. You can also shop for your beard oils online through online shopping sites like Konga and Jumia. If you are outside Nigeria, you should get the beard oils recommended in a standard store or mall.

The coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond sweet oil mentioned can be gotten really easily here in Nigeria but the packaged beard oils might be a bit scarce to get. Use the right and all-natural beard oil and protect your sensitive and acne-prone skin from developing pimples.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is beard oil bad for acne?

Is it possible for a beard oil to cause acne? Yes, some beard oil can cause acne as they contain ingredients that are comedogenic. They can make the skin gets clogged.  Some of the common ingredients in beard oils that are comedogenic are almond oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, and coconut butter.

Some of the ingredients listed above can only cause acne when they are exposed to the sun. That’s if you choose to use any stay indoor for the whole day.

What ingredients are the best for sensitive skin?

  • Argan oil
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Tea tree oil

Does beard oil have side effects?

Asides from beard oil that contains oil such as comedogenic are almond oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, and coconut butter that can cause acne for sensitive skin and propylene glycol in Minoxidil that can cause dryness,  or slight burning sensation, there are no other side effects of beard oil.

What is the best time to apply beard oil?

The best time to apply oil to your beard is not when you are eating, it is right after you are out of the shower. At that time your beard will be at its cleanest form and your pores would have open nicely. Before applying, dry your beard before but make sure to leave it damp.

Does beard oil close clog pores?

Beard oil doesn’t clog pores since it has nothing to do with sebum production.

What to do if I can’t grow beard?

You might still find it difficult to grow a strand of beard even after using all the oil listed above. The next thing to do is:

  • Incorporate hair-healthy vitamins and minerals into your diet
  • Massage your hair follicles can help
  • Exercise
  • Increase the testosterone levels in the body system.

How can I know a beard cream that my skin is prone to?

Once you know what ingredients that your body system or skin reacts to, recognizing a beard cream that can cause harm to the skin won’t be hard. Let’s take for example once you use a beard cream with “Coconut oil” acne would sprew up. The drill to recognizing this type of product is to check out for the “ingredient section” if you are buying online or physical store, look out for Coconut oil if found then don’t buy.

Also, check out for oils such as comedogenic are almond oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, and coconut butter.

Conclusion on Beard Oil for Acne-Prone Skin

On MybeardGang, you have learned different beard oil for someone who is prone to acne, and what is the best time to apply beard oil. If you have anything you want to contribute let us know via the comment box.

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