Chemicals That Destroy Hair Follicles

A lot of people wonder why their hairs kept looking like something terrible just happened not knowing that they have been using chemicals that destroy hair follicles.

There are several ways you can destroy the hair follicles and using chemicals is one of the most ways. Some people may not know about this until you destroy your hair follicles using chemical, we have gathered the most common chemicals that can destroy the hair follicles.

This way, you will be able to avoid this chemical if you have no plan for stopping your hair from growing.

The two major chemicals that destroy the hair policies add are called CALCIUM HYDROXIDE (LIME) and SODIUM HYDROXIDE (LYE). When these two chemicals are combined in one product they heighten the PH level of your hair and this will give the creak the ability to break down the hair.

Another chemical that can also do the work of damaging the hair follicles is the POTASSIUM THIOGLYCOLATE, although this is not as effective as the two chemicals started above, but this chemical will weak your hair follicles enough to simply wipe off your hair.

Before we going into the chemicals that damage the hair follicles we’ll like to explain what follicles means for those who came about this content by just typing “ how to stop the hair from growing”  on Google.

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What are follicles?

The hair follicles part of all human body, it is a sac-like tube that contains the roots. Connected to each follicle is the sebaceous gland. This gland contains (secretes) the oil substance “sebum”. Sebum is what lubricate every human skin and hair.

The follicle is surrounding root and it is this root follicle is surrounding that is responsible for creating hair growth through stimulating the production of keratin, which the main goal is to bring about the actual growth of the hair.

Once you damage your follicle the chance if you growing my hair will keep diminishing until it stops totally. Some people might choose to stop the hair for growing but it is very important for those who value their hair to protect their scalp and prevent damage to the follicles.

Now you understand what hair follicle means, we can now dig into the chemicals that damage the hair follicles.

Chemicals that damage the hair follicles

1. Sodium Hydroxide

This chemical is mostly used in drain and sanitary cleansing products. Sodium hydroxide encourages acute, dangerous alopecia( this is the process of losing the hair follicles when the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles). This can result in changes in hair structure.

Sodium Hydroxide is very dangerous to the body if injected, not only will it destroy the hair follicles it can also result in the death of the victim. If by any chance you wish to get rid of your hair follicles, ingesting this chemical is not the way.

Consult a doctor (Note, a professional doctor) who will put you through and guide you on which step to take. We would have loved to help people who wish to stop the growth of their hair but due to the fact that this has a risk attached to your life, we can’t share you the ways here but can only let you know the chemicals that can be used for this.

2. Calcium hydroxide

Lime milk or slaked lime.which is the counterpart Sodium hydroxide, is also known as  Calcium hydroxide. This compound is mostly seen in cement, solvents or cleansing agents.

If by any mistake you consume a product with this compound included in it, one if the first pain or problem you will feel is severe stomach aches. All these pains and aches come from your intestines because it will get damaged.

Calcium hydroxide can also result in burns in the intestinal tract when consumed. Anytime this compound either mistakenly or unknowingly you will always feel severe pain and stomach ache.

You will also get burns around the digestive tract and this will cause internal bleeding, which may result to the death of the origin that consumed this chemical if care is not taken, that is why the manufacture of a product that contains this chemical will always state  “keep away from children.”

3. Potassium hydroxide

The third deadly chemical if injected is POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE. This chemical also has a major role to play if you want to destroy your hair follicles. This chemical is also known as IYE.

The manufacturers of cleaning products make use of this chemical and it is also used in industrial and medical diagnostic. It can also result in the same problems of other chemicals listed above if ingested, sometimes it may even cause harsher effects than its thioglycolic acid counterpart.

4. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

This chemical is notoriously known for the damage it does to hair. This is a very harsh substance used in shampoos to strip hair of dirt, oil, and other impurities. Its chemical properties are used to make the costly latter that we see in shampoos.

SLS is commonly used as a paint remover, detergent, and a cleaning product. Imagine using a soap to wash your hair and think of the after-effects.

Proteins and oils are needed for hair growth and SLS with depleting the protein and fat on your scalp and your hair resulting in slow hair growth, hair breakage, hair dryness, and hair loss.

5. Sodium chloride (table salt)

Common salt is one of the ingredients added in shampoos and other hair care products. Well, table salt isn’t toxic, but it can cause dryness and itchy scalp, which can eventually result in hair loss.

Table salt is usually included in these shampoos to thicken the lather. It is not one of the most dangerous substances to fear but its still a cause in hair loss.

6. Diethanolamine (DEA)

This chemical substance can irritate your skin. It is a synthetic ingredient that can cause scalp inflammation and allergic reaction.  It kills your hair, by making it dry, brittle and lifeless.

Diethanolamine is used in the textile and agricultural industries. Since it is a lather producing substance, it is used in producing detergents, cleaners, fabric solvents, conditioners, and shampoos.

DEA damages your scalp; it’s a substance you should avoid.

7. Fragrance

Fragrances might be compelling to the nose but not to your hair. Scents act like endocrine disruptors and bringing an imbalance to hormonal levels.

Changes to hormonal levels can be costly as it can result in hair loss. So you might want to step away from some excellent smelling shampoos to keep their dangers at bay.

8. Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is used as a conditioner and humectant. As it helps retain moisture. Propylene glycol is also known as car antifreeze as it is used to stop hair products from freezing during shipping or storage and it is listed hazardous by the environmental working group as there are concerns that question its toxicity.

Our advice stays away from it.

What kills hair follicles naturally

Papaya and turmeric

Papaya has been known to inhibit hair growth. Papaya contains papain an enzyme that breaks down hair follicles and stops regrowth of hair. Turmeric powder makes papaya more productive, and the combination of these two on your face will control whiskers, moustache, and beards.


This is one of the oldest techniques in removing hair. It is also called sugar waxing or Persian waxing. Sugaring is a form of treatment that uses the combination of hot water, lemon juice, and sugar to get rid of hair without pulling the skin.

This method removes the hair from the root and decreases any chance of regrowth by damaging the follicle.

Homemade wax

Most people believe wax is mainly purchased, which isn’t true. Wax can be made from your ingredients found in your kitchen. To do this, sugar honey and water is needed. The mixture is damaged hair follicles and stops hair from growing.

Egg white mask

Eggs are naturally rich in proteins, and applying white egg will nourish your skin, making it look fresher and younger. But in the application process, the mask placed on the surface is sticky, and removal of the cover will strip the skin of hair.

These methods are used by people, knowingly, or unknowingly. So if you want to stop facial hair or get rid of any other unwanted hair, they are effective remedies. But if you’re going to regrow your hair, you should avoid them by all means as they can cause extreme damage regardless of their benefits to the skin.

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How are hair follicles damaged

When hair follicles are damaged, it can be challenging to repair. Since hair follicles support the thick, terminal hair that makes up the visible part of our hair, damages to them will make your hair lose colour, volume, thickness, texture, and health.  However, follicles are damaged in two primary ways:


This means different conditions that all have the same root, which is inflammation of hair follicles? This is very dangerous because it can cause hair follicles to close up and causing scarring. This eventually leads to permanent and irreversible hair loss.

Symptoms of folliculitis are irritated skin, swelling of the skin, blisters around the skin follies, bumps, and pimples on the skin surface. Fungal or bacterial infections cause folliculitis.

The body targets follicles if these infections invade because the pathogens will hide in hair follicles, causing the body to attack its cells.

It is the body’s very own mechanism for battling diseases. Folliculitis occurs due to improper waxing or shaving in individuals. If you are faced with folliculitis, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Traction alopecia

This is a result of over-styling of hair, the excessive twisting and pulling of hair can permanently damage hair follicles. This causes hair to stop growing and hairline to start retreating.

This form of hair loss can prove pretty severe and give you permanent dents on your hair and confidence.

Products used every day such as ponytails, helmets, braids, and wigs are also causes of traction alopecia if they are misused or they, if they are used in such a way, makes the head or hair uncomfortable. If this is caught early damage can be reversed and if not, you should contact your doctor.

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How to improve hair health

We have compiled a list of things that will help your hair health. For you to have strong, healthy, and shiny hair:

  • Increase of protein intake. You can check out foods to promote hair growth.
  • Consumption of green, fruits, and clean water
  • Wash and groom your hair properly
  • Air your hair regularly
  • Increase your antioxidants
  • Consume vitamins
  • Use the best hair products.

Effect of hydrogen peroxide on hair

Hydrogen peroxide is typically used to bleach hair. It bleaches by penetrating the hair shaft and removing the natural pigment of the hair. Although this substance is heavily diluted before use, it is still viewed as an active chemical that can cause longtime damage to the hair

Remedy for hair loss

After experiencing hair loss caused by chemicals or other factors. Remedies can be applied, especially homemade ones, as they are 100% natural. See resources for hair loss listed below

  1. Indian gooseberry and lemon juice
  2.  Coconut oil and lemon juice
  3. Black tea
  4. Sage water treatment
  5. Curry leaves

Frequently asked questions about hair follicles

How are hair follicles killed?

As shown in this article, there are several effective ways to kill hair follicles. Ranging from the use of laser, electrolysis, chemicals as well as natural products. Above all, electrolysis method of hair removal is the only FDA approved hair removal method that assures total removal of hairs on the skin by killing hair follicles from their roots. It is advised to consult a certified electrologist to get proper treatment.

Can lemon juice be used to kill hair follicles?

Lemon juice contains some chemical compounds that can hinder hair growth. Application of lemon juice on the skin will work best for areas like the chin. Lemon juice bleaches the hair in that area and kills the hair follicles.

Can baking soda be used to kill hair follicles?

Since a pH of 9 can be found in baking soda, it is likely to damage the hair when applied on it. This is because the capacity is higher than that of the scalp. Baking soda can kill hair follicles overtime by deterring the natural oil called sebum that is needed for this unwanted hair to grow.

How do I know if hair follicles are dead?

Normally, hairs will seize from growing once hair follicles are completely dead. This is the way to know when they are truly dead. When hair follicles are dead, you will not see any hair on you scalp, not even sparse, thin, short or fuzzy hair will show.

If otherwise, then they are not really dead. Perhaps, you didn’t carry out the hair follicle destroying process effectively.

Will bleach kill hair follicles?

Yes, bleach and dyes have the ability to destroy hair follicles such that the oxidation weakens the hair cuticle and results in the disruption of key proteins. When applied on treated hair, bleach can make the hair fall out and become damaged.

It is also known that the result is long-lasting.

Does plucking hair kill the follicle?

Plucking of hair individual, also known as tweezing can be a very painful process of removing unwanted hair and may not even remove hairs permanently. But it is also true that continuous plucking of hairs can eventually weaken the hair follicles.

Is it possible to regrow hair on bald spot?

I usually tell people not to be bothered about hair regrowth on bald spot. This is because they often regrow by themselves even without you having to apply any sort of treatment. So yes, it is possible to regrow hair on bald spot.

Especially when the hair loss is not a deep one, it is best to wait for several months for hair to start growing.

How does Vaseline remove unwanted hair?

Vaseline can be used to prevent and remove hairs from unwanted areas on the skin. By adding and mixing half spoon of Vaseline and adding it to the area of concerned, you can get a delightful result. Make sure the paste lasts for at least 10 minutes on the hair. Wash your skin with warm water afterwards.

How do you wake up dead hair follicles?

It is important to note that when hair follicles are dead, they can be revived through the application of a medication called minoxidil. Minoxidil, when applied on the scalp, is a very good medication to revive dormant hairs on dead follicles. But be aware that users must continue to use it after the first use..

Does Nair kill hair follicles?

Depilatory creams, also known as hair removal creams is a painless way to get rid of unwanted hairs on the body. Nair is an example of these creams and performs likely functions.

Nair cannot be used to permanently kill hair follicles. it simply involves the application of creams on the skin that will weaken the strength of hairs so that they will be removed painlessly and easily with just one wipe.

Hair regrowth is certain when using Nair but regrowth will be slower than normal.

How long does it take for a hair follicle to grow back?

Hair follicles will grow back within one or two months if they are not permanently killed. If there are no extra damages your scalp needs to recover from, it will likely take earlier time to recover.

When hair follicles are destroyed permanently, they will never bring out a single strand of hair. A good example is the electrolysis method of hair removal.

How do revive dead hair follicles?

Apart from the use of a medication called Minoxidil, massaging a warmed tablespoon of oils like jojoba oil and olive oil into the scalp of the skin can help revive the growth of hairs on dead hair follicles.

Make sure the application and massage lasts for 5 minutes. The use of peppermint oil and rosemary oil is known to help hair grow.

Who should not use turmeric?

Not everyone can use turmeric as it should be used. Those on iron deficiency should be careful the way they use turmeric. Secondly, since turmeric can reduce blood clotting process, it is not ideal to sue turmeric before a surgery.

This is to avoid excess bleeding.

Are there any side effects of using turmeric?

I cannot clearly say that there is a negative impact for using turmeric. But some of the dangers to be aware of when using turmeric are stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhoea.

As seen in a special case, one could also experience dangerous abnormal heart rhythm, if a high amount of turmeric is consumed.

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Conclusion on Chemicals that damage the hair follicles

Haircare products should be chosen wisely before making any purchase. Research should be better conducted on hair products for use. The information above will guide you into choosing your hair care product, and your skin is vital in making such decisions. The rest is up to you!

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