Greybeard Treatment and Medicine

Greybeard treatment and medicine: Greybeard has become rampant in today’s world. Research shows that 80% of bearded men before 30 years dislike greybeard and confirms it is embarrassing to when they have. There are lots of factors that determine the growth of grey beard but one of the most rampant factors is lifestyle changes and activities.

To prevent grey beard, there are certain lifestyle modifications and medicine that you can do or use. If you are on a low budget on how to prevent or get rid of the grey beard, this context covers both the low budget and high budget.

You need to first highlight the main reason or possible reason why you have a grey beard, if you don’t know the factors that led to the growth of the grey beard, you may not be able to get a long-lasting solution.

Find out why you have a grey beard by reading the points below:

Every man out there has a pigment called melanin in their skin. The main functions of melanin are to impart color to your hair, and in a situation whereby the pigment can’t be found in your skin then this will trigger the growth of grey beard, So the question is, why does the pigment melanin get depleted?

1. Your diet is not healthy or nutritious enough.

2. Not enough or deficiency of vitamins, copper, iodine, minerals and Vitamin B12 in the body.

3. Excessively take in alcohol. Taking of alcohol is not bad but when you take it excessively it will lead to damage of melanin production.

4. Hereditary factors. When you notice that you have tried all possible ways to get rid of the grey beard but still not seeing any change then you need to embark on family research and see if it is hereditary.

5. Deficiency in vitamin B12. This could be a major reason for your grey hair.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine: Greybeard natural  treatment

For those who are on a low budget, you can easily get make use of this treatment and you will get rid or prevent greybeards.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine 1 – Coconut Oil & Amla Oil

How to use:

Take a blend of Amla and coconut oil. A teaspoon of every single one of them blended and boiled for 2-3 minutes.
Apply this blend on your beard after it chills off.
This will positively affect your grey beard issues. After around 15 minutes, wash your face with water.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine 2 – Curry Leaves Drink

Curry leaves are one of the most common treatment people considered to bring permanent and effective in reversing grey beard problems.

How to use:

Get 100 ml of water and add a fee of curry leaves. Place this mixture on fire and boil it until it halves down.
Drink the mixture every day at your comfortable time.
In other to prevent further greying or get rid of the grey beard permanently,  curry leaves drink is probably your best bet and make sure you take the mixture to the best.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine 3 – The combo of both Coconut Oil & Curry Leaves

This mixture is also good to go for treatment and you can easily prepare this mixture at home.

How to use:

Get a coconut oil then get 8-10 crushed curry leaves.
Boil the curry leaves with little coconut oil, on a low flame.
Lets the mixture cook then apply it on your beard, leave it for about 5-10 minute.

Make sure you do this regularly, you will surely get excellent results.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine 4 -Aloe Vera Gel

Mix the Aloe vera gel with a little bit of cow’s butter then apply it to your beard. It will nourish and provide melanin. This way you will get color yet again, some other or vera you can take also are;

Aloe vera juice has a plethora of health benefits and works perfectly well even when you drink it.
Aloe vera colon, this also can help prevent or get rid of the grey beard.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine 5 – Curry Leaves and Buttermilk

You don’t need to drink this mixture all you need to do is to apply it to your beard.

How to use:

Get a tablespoon of crushed curry leaves, and mix with buttermilk then hit it on a flame.
Make sure the mixture is cool, then apply it on your beard, you can leave it for about 5-10 minutes.
Wash off the mixture from your beard with lukewarm water.

This mixture is very effective when the grey bread is still at the tender stage.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine 6 – Take food rich in MineralsHealth, iron, copper zinc, and Vitamin B12. In a situation where you ain’t getting enough Vitamin B12, you can consider taking Vitamin B Complex Supplements

Some other foods you should also consider eating are Eat fish, dairy products and fruits.

Greybeard Treatment and Medicine 7 – Onion Juice

Don’t be surprised, you are seeing onion juice in this list. With the presence of high quantities of sulfur, allicin, and other compounds in onion juice it is also a perfect treatment for you grey beard. To have a fast and effective result you can use a combo of

Henna and onion juice but make sure you choose the right shade.

How to use:

Extract the onion juice. You can use any method you feel comfortable with.
Mix the Henna with the onion juice. Follow the direction on the package.
Apply the mixture to your beard. You can leave it for 1-2 hours before washing it off.

Do this every week and you will see a dramatic change. This method does not work for everyone so after a few weeks of no change, you can stop and try other treatment.

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