How to Use Beard Trimmer Attachments

Do you know about beard trimmer attachments and don’t know how to use them? if yes..this is a tutorial on How to use beard trimmer attachments.

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This is a tutorial that Beard Enthusiasts and potential beard enthusiasts go around their beard grooming kit, this article will be focusing on beard attachments.

This Article will be needless if you don’t get to know what a beard trimmer is. Do you know? If yes keep it to yourself as we’ll just do a quick definition of beard trimmers.

Well, for non-beard lovers who want smooth, hairless skin, a beard trimmer may seem unnecessary. But for those(Oh be blessed) who wish to design the style of their facial hair for a more attractive demeanour, a beard trimmer is essential.

Not only can you trim edges with straight lines that can shape your face much better, but they can also cut facial hair at varying lengths.

You can trim sideburns, or present rugged stubble alongside a bushy goatee or moustache at the same time.

Over the Years, Beard Trimmers have done excessively well. so much so that seven out of ten men have beard trimmers in their home. You don’t get to see it because they treat it with pride and care.

With all that has been said, It is safe to say that you can now sport your beards, without the risk of shaving everything.

Imagine the pain men of the nineties had to go through shaving their beards without any good beard trimmer, they even used razor blade most of the times.

However, this can be very creepy. Most newbies don’t know the importance of these beard attachments, We understand and that’s why this article is here.

What are Beard Trimmers?

How to use beard trimmer attachments
Top Beard Trimmers; Phillips Norelco Beard and Hair trimmers, Remington Beard Boss Trimmer, Wahl Elite Pro Beard Trimmer, Ultraedge BGRC beard trimmer. Photo Credits:

Beard trimmers are an extremely useful electronic tool in a man’s beard grooming kit.

A beard trimmer has the power to help you clean up that scruffy beard you’ve been working on, making it look intentional and respectable.

It can also help you get a nearer neat trim that looks nice if you prefer to not be clean-shaven. Using and maintaining your beard trimmer is easy.

From swapping guards to keeping the blades oiled, you can get a great trim and clean your trimmer in minutes.

These Beard trimmers come with beard trimmer attachments to facilitate beard grooming.

How to Use Beard Trimmers

You’ve known what beard trimmers are, now it will only be to fulfill all righteousness if you know the functions of beard trimmer.

  1. Lubricate your Facial hair Trimmer: If your facial hair trimmer is the kind that needs to be lubricated with oil before it can function properly, make sure you oil it before using it. oiling enhances its durability. Oh yes. Make sure you use the oil recommended for the Oil. Make sure you clean off strands of leftover hair.
  2. After you must have successfully oiled your beard trimmer, commence shaving. Have it in your mind that. you can style and shave your beards anyhow you want it. To get the best results, place the flat part of the beard trimmer comb against your face.
  3.  Once you’ve gone over your face and neck and have a good beard length, trim your neck. With a lower guard, tease the hair from your Adam’s apple to just under your jawline.

What are Beard Trimmer Attachments?

Beard Trimmer Attachments are facial hair grooming accessories manufactured to facilitate beard trimming. They come in different sizes and they aid freestyling of the beard.

These facial hair trimming accessories gives you absolute liberty to styling your beards anyhow you want, that’s if you know how to use it.

However, many facial hair trimmers come with beard attachments that not many men know exactly how to use properly, you inclusive.

You are Inclusive because you won’t be here if you knew how to beard trimmer attachments. I’m sincerely sorry If the wrong chord were struck. Let’s continue!

It is important for you to know that as long as you use a beard trimmer with a fast motor, properly oiling (Even though recent technology advanced trimmers don’t need oiling) and maintaining it, it can give you a great amount of versatility over the kind of beard design you can achieve with it.

With this in mind, here is a handy guide on how to use beard attachments that often accompany a standard beard trimmer.

Types of Beard Trimmer attachments

There are different types of Beard trimmer attachments;

  • Edgers: These are beard trimmer attachments that comprise of a single cutting surface with sliding edges that clip very close to the skin as possible. These are best for shaping outlines of moustaches or achieving the desired length of your sideburns. If you want clean lines and edges, using the edger helps give you control over where an outline begins and ends.
  • Variable Guard Lengths: VGL is the most common types of beard trimmer attachments. These Guard lengths are the types of attachments that come in different lengths. VGL’s actually range from cutting facial hairs close-to-skin levels (this can be achieved using attachments 1 or 2). They allow the beards to be long enough to curl up on their own after being clipped (attachment 4 or in some cases 5 if your trimmer comes with more than four guards). The level of trimmer attachments you use depends on the area you’re clipping or the part of your face you want to trim and how long you want the beard to be. For moustaches and goatees, you may want to use a lower guard that presents a cleaner and neater look. If you want to trim your facial hairs yet still want it to have a bushier and fuller demeanour, the higher the guard attachments the better to thin out your beard while allowing it to retain its fluffy and full style.
  • Nose hair trimmer attachments: This is a tiny attachment with a single edge. that is small enough to go into the openings of your nostrils. Kindly Make sure you do not insert nose clippers too far into your nostrils.

You should mainly be trimming the strand of hairs around the edges of the nostril.

You can do that by opening slightly above or level with the skin inside the nostril opening.

Importance Of Beard Trimmer Attachments

Beard Trimmers won’t function properly without the benevolent presence of beard attachments. so much has already been said about beard trimmer attachments, what they are and now let us discuss about the importance of beard trimmer attachments.

Before we go further, it’s important you know that Beard Attachments also known as Guards come in different sizes(mm) and each has a purpose to achieve. what attachment A (1mm) can do, attachment B cant. so you don’t expect their purpose to be intertwined. Use A if you want to achieve the purpose A has to offer and so on.

By now you should know the importance/functions of Facial hair attachments from your imaginations its functions is obviously glaring. But in order to fulfil gracefully, all righteousness let us examine the importance of these beard trimmer attachments.

  • The Help to Trim Beard Lengths: We recently published a Beard Length Trimmer tutorial. You should check that article out for more insights on beard lengths. so back to base! One of the core importance of beard trimmers attachment is because it helps you to achieve any Beard Length of your choice. If you want your beard to be 1mm long you go for the beard attachment that can help you do that.

Hope you know that these Beard trimmers come along with various beard trimmers attachments. One of the cons of the attachments is when you don’t find the ones that can suit your need.

  • Neat Styling of Facial Hairs: These beard trimmer attachments aid neat styling of beards. The act of freely customizing your beards to anyhow you want it can be achieved by using Beard trimmer attachments.

There are more functions of beard trimmers but let’s just move on with the two above.

How to Use Beard Trimmer Attachments

Beard Trimmer Attachments come in different lengths, They are effectively made to ensure the neat trimming of beards.  The following are methods on how to use beard attachments.

  1. Firstly, You take a comb with small teeth and comb your hair in different directions, comb properly. this will ensure smooth and even trimming of your facial hairs.
  2. Beard trimmer attachments enable you to trim your beards according to the length that you want. for this reason, you should select the beard guard/attachment that suits the length of beard you want to achieve. Attachment 1 and attachment 2 are suitable for achieving extremely short beards in the beard trimming exercise.
  3. You can start shaving.

In Conclusion. 

There are no special methods to using beard attachments just follow the usual manual giving to you and be careful enough with the guards so they don’t break. Yes! Close your eyes while using the attachment as it could send stray hairs partying inside your eyes. You sure won’t like that feeling.

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