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Woodsman Beard Oil Review: One of the most trusted and reliable beard oil out there is “ Woodsman Beard Oil”, although there are lots of trusted and reliable beard oil, we have chosen one among the best to review. We ain’t saying Woodsman Beard oil is the best, we all have different ideas, but for us, Woodsman beard oil is among our best beard oil. We can recommend it anytime anywhere.

Grab a seat and read through this review, Once you are done reading, we are sure you will also wish to give it a trial.


Woodsman beard oil is made from the type of best natural ingredients that are medically recommended for facial hair. Using natural ingredients for your beard is one of the best ways to grow and keep your beard healthy. For lovers of beard oil with woodsy fragrance, this beard oil is right for you, with the delightful woodsy scent both men and women will ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the brilliant luster of your mustache and beard. With this beard oil, you will be left looking for your ax, putting on the cute shirt, and that feeling of doing manly things will take over you(winks).

You don’t need to be surprised when they come for a hug instead of just and handshake and the hug might be a little longer than normal just to take that magnificent woody scent in the fine woodsy scent of your magnificent and full facial hair.

We ain’t going to declare this beard oil as the best but once you use, we bet you will come back here or recommend it to your homies as the best beard oil.


The Woodsman beard oil is produced by the “Bearded Bastard”. The Bearded Bastard was founded by Jeremiah in 2011. (We could not get a specific date it was founded). Jeremiah was a lover of beard and he needed natural beard oil to tame and his own wily whiskers, then he emerged in shopping research but was disappointed when he could not find a cool and natural beard oil. He tried to settle for petroleum base product but the awful smell is just to bad, that he had no choice than to opt-out from using that.

This experience and the need for natural beard oil gingered him to set to work experimenting with natural ingredients. The research and experiment took him some time but the final result gave birth to Woodsman beard oil and mustache wax. This two product is now used by countless of thousands around the world today.

The birth and world recognition  Woodsmen as given The Bearded Bastard strengthen the love to offer new natural product and scent that offer olfactive encounters compared to those found in commercial products. Woodsman beard oil can be said to be the birth of all-natural product produced by The Bearded Bastard, all their product is created with natural ingredients, it has been demonstrated to reduce itching and soften facial hair and flaking while calling the attention if passerby with their incredible aromas.

The Bearded Bastard product is made by hand in Austin, TX using wood labels and natural ingredients. All the workers are well paid off and are professional with acceptable years of experience.


1.Safflower Oil

2.Natural Fragrance Oils

3.Sweet Almond Oil

4.Grapeseed Oil

5.Jojoba Oil

6.Olive Oil

7.Castor Oil

8.Argan Oil

Natural oils are used in other to reduce itchiness which is common at the early stage when growing beard and also the natural oil helps to keep the facial hair soft.

Texas cedar is be been used to giving it the best woody scent and some other essential oils and extracts.

To make the dispensing easy and comfortable, a 1fl. oz. the glass bottle is inserted with a real wood label and shaker.


PURE –  When we say pure we mean all the ingredient used are pure and natural plant oil, with this ingredient you don’t have to be worried about itchiness because it has been taken to consideration when making the beard oil also it will give you that soft facial hair you wish for.

MANLY SMELL- What another aroma will you prefer than the manly aroma that will attract all passerby. In other to achieve this manly smell Texas cedar was used and some other essential oil from trees and cleared out in Texas and other essential oils & extracts.

BEARD CARE- For all guys with scruff or a full beard, this beard oil works perfectly for you because of the natural ingredient and it has been proven both medically and naturally that Natural Oils help promote beard growth.

BEARD CONDITIONER- The Bearded Bastard’s extraordinary mix of plant oils condition the skin under your facial hair without stopping up pores


Product Dimensions 2 x 2 x 4 inches
Item Weight 0.32 ounces
Shipping Weight 0.32 ounces
Department Men’s
Manufacturer The Bearded Bastard
ASIN on Amazon B00I8ZCR3C
Manufacturer reference W03
Customer Reviews on Amazon 4.3 out of 5 stars 267 Reviews
Best Sellers Rank on Amazon 33274
Date first listed on Amazon February 5, 2014

The opinion of Others on Woodsman Beard Oil

This product arrived very quickly & before all else, I was impressed by the look of the bottle. The wooden band that runs along the outside is a very cool touch to this item. After hopping out of the shower, I was eager to introduce my beard to this oil & let me tell you, I am not disappointed with my purchase. The smell is strange at first, but not strange in a bad way. Many others have described it as if you’re in the lumber section of a Home Depot or Lowe’s, which I heavily agree with. While the smell is very subtle, you will get hints of it throughout the day which are very pleasant & remind you of the man that you are. My girlfriend took a whiff of it & was happy with the smell. My beard was also noticeably softer after first application & the dreaded beard-itch subsided. If you’re someone looking to get a quality product for a great price, I point you in the direction of this Woodsman Beard Oil. Make sure to apply it after wrestling bears.


Having now dabbled in a few different companies I can easily say that The Bearded Bastard has IMO the best quality oil. Basing this on how long it lasts compared to others and how this oil didn’t negatively affect my beard brush in the slightest. When I switched to a different brand, I noticed the once perfect bristles started to dull and become less flex able. My favorite scent is Vanilla as it’s not overwhelming and pleasant 365 days of the year. As a 30 something metrosexual, I wouldn’t say I hate the smell of cedar, but it’s something I’m not used to. I plan on re-purchasing more Vanilla bearded bastard once this runs out but if you enjoy the smell of cedar you’d probably rate these 5 stars. All in all, happy but would prefer the vanilla scent.


This product smells like the wood aisle at Lowe’s; which is amazing. In fact, this product smells so heavenly that I feel like I’m being followed by a small family of squirrels (which is adorable). The only downside is, carpenter bees think I’m a fresh 2×4…
lol seriously tho, smells great, like cedarwood. But this review gets 3 stars as the oil is a tad bit (a lot actually, I’m just being nice) on the thin side and the cap on the bottle does not secure properly and if the bottle turns sideways, it leaks all over the passenger seat of your car. Ps, literally the entire bottle leaked out of the cap and is now saturating my passenger seat, to improvise, I just rub my beard on the passenger seat to apply a small portion to my beard, it’s not ideal and it looks super weird, but it works for now.


The Woodsman beard oil is one the best and perfect natural beard oil you need for your beard.  There are possibilities that you may come across a fake product claiming to be Woodsman beard oil, but all you need to do is to come back here and go through all this context if all the information in this context is also on the product, then you are good too but if not kindly report to the nearest government agency or contact the seller.

You can get the Woodsman beard oil on Amazon by checking it out HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are Woodsman Beard Oil Effective.

Putting into consideration reviews provided by others, woodsman beard oil is effective for those who follow the procedures. So. if you are looking for an effective beard oil you should go ahead to purchase woodsman beard oil from Amazon. It has a delightful taste woodsy scent that will have you looking for an ax, make females and males want to start growing beards. However, it may contain some allergen, it is recommended that you taste on a small area before use.

How Long Does A Bottle of Woodsman Beard Oil Last If Used every day? 

How long a bottle of woodsman beard oil will last depends on your beard hairs volume and thickness, which is sum up to how you used it. But if you used moderately, it can last for 1 or 2 months.

How Long Does The Scent Last? 

The scent can last for a whole day, a little drop goes a long way.

How Frequently Should I Use It? 

You can apply woodsman beard oil to your beard countless times, but it is recommended that you apply it before going to do. By doing this, you would be able to wash it off in the morning, to prevent dirt from getting attracted to your beard.

Is It Too Much To Use Woodsman Beard Oil?

 Woodsman beard oil is great but is it possible to overdo it. The answer is yes, applying this beard oil to your beard can make it look shiny, however, overdoing it can be bad. When you apply too much of beard oil, acne can break out. When you overdo it, it stays on top of your skin. And you will get that over grease build up beneath your beard hairs. You will find the oil dripping into your shirt and phone.

Can I Use On Dry Beard? 

Yes, beard oil can be applied on a dry beard. However, applying when the beard is still moist will help eliminate any itch or irritation and promote fuller and healthier beard growth.

How Many Drop Should I Use? 

If you are just growing a beard, applying 1 to 2 drops of woodsman beard oil is enough, while for medium-size beard hair 3 to 4 drops is enough. And then large beard hair, 5 to 6 drops is enough.

Can I Wash Off After off? 

All beard oil needs to be absorbed by the skin to work effectively, instead of washing you can wipe off with a tissue. Washing off won’t do you any good nor help remove dirt.

How Do I Wash Off The Woodsman Beard Oil?

To wash off making use of the following procedures, get warm water instead of cold one then rinse.

Can I Use Before Going To Bed? 

Yes, you can apply before going to bed but make sure the hair is moist and clean. It will help the oil penetrates the skin better.


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