Foods To Prevent White Hair

Some of the best foods to prevent white hair are:

  • Coconut oil and lemon juice
  • Indian gooseberries (amla)
  • Curry leaves
  • Black tea
  • Henna leaves
  • Blueberries
  • Onions

Waking up in the morning and discovering that you have strands of white hair is a terrible way to start a day. With a few strands, there are always assurances that there will be more. Premature grey hair is caused by a lack of or inadequate melanin pigmentation. Melanin is used in the coloration of hair strands.

Hair strands initially grow as white, the presence of melanin pigments it before it is visible to us. This pigmentation gradually decreases as we age. It is a nightmare to discover white hair, especially when you are in your early twenties or thirties. Your white or grey hair may be caused due to genetics,

Stress, smoking, health complications, hormones, deficiency of melanin, weight, allergic reactions of hair care products, and finally age. But having grey hair isn’t the end of your golden years because this effect can be reversed except if it is in your genes, then much can be done about it. So grey hair effect can be changed by restoring or promoting pigmentation, which can be done with the help of vitamin b12 or with the use of natural ingredients, i.e., food. Yes, your diet can reset your hair to default. In this article, we have compiled a list of ingredients that can spark up your hair again.

Foods that will help prevent white hair explanation

Coconut oil and lemon juice

Coconut oil is the best home remedy available; It helps maintain hair moisture, fight infections, aid hair growth. It also contains antioxidants for countering grey hair. Coconut oil is the essential ingredient for hair care; it is packed with nutrients which makes hair healthy and beautiful. It is widely used in hair care products worldwide.

Application of coconut oil and lemon juice

  • Rinse your hair
  • Add three teaspoon of lemon juice into 50 ml of coconut oil
  • Mix until uniformity is achieved
  • Apply this mixture on every part of your hair and scalp and leave it on for an hour
  • Wash the mixture off, and then apply shampoo to rinse off any excesses.

Do this once or twice a week

Indian gooseberries (amla)

The Indian gooseberry is a natural coolant, and it is beneficial for strengthening and facilitating hair growth, It increases hair and scalp health, thus producing long dark hair. It is highly recommended for premature graying, hair loss, hair damage, and other hair complications. This ingredient is vitamin c rich and also contains antioxidants that help stop aging of the hair.

Application of Indian gooseberries

  • Mix a teaspoon of amla oil with some lime juice.
  • Mix both fluids and apply on scalp and hair before bedtime and leave on for the night.
  • Rinse it off the following day with a herbal shampoo and wash off excess oil.

It can also be taken as a beverage as it halts the growing of grey hair, this will also improve overall health.

Curry leaves

This ingredient darkens the hair by restoring melanin pigment in hair follicles. It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin b, zinc, iodine, selenium, and iron for the pigmentation of hair. It is excellent for the promotion of hair growth.

Applications of curry leaves

  • It should be consumed daily.


  • Boil the curry leaves together with a little coconut oil until the leaves turn brown.
  • Extract the oil and apply on the scalp.
  • Leave the mixture on for about thirty minutes before rinsing off.

Do this once a week

Black tea

This ingredient is a tannic acid that gives the hair a dark color; It also has dying agents that will temporarily stain your hair to make it darker. This wonder tea will soften and shine the hair. As expected, it is an effective home remedy for premature grey hair. It is a melanin and keratin boost and promotes pigmentation in hair follicles; this makes it cover gray hair and restore natural hair color.

Application of black tea

  • Make a very dark tea using three teabags in a small bowl.
  • Pour the tea over your head, leaving no part untouched.
  • Wait for thirty minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Apply this solution to clean wetted hair.

Henna leaves

This is a natural hair colorant. And it improves the health of the scalp, it strengthens and improves hair condition. It is also a natural conditioner that maintains the ph balance of the scalp. Henna leaves will also provide your hair with nourishment. This ingredient shows fantastic results almost instantly.

Application of henna leaves or paste

  • (For paste) apply the paste on the scalp and hair.
  • Leave on for three hours.
  • Then wash off with water before using shampoo to rewash


  • (For leaves) boil some henna leaves with coconut oil.
  • When the leaves turn brown collect the oil.
  • Apply on hair and scalp and wash off after an hour.


We all know blueberries as a tasty fruit, but this item is pleases more than the tongue. Blueberries are filled with antioxidants which neutralize radicals; it also contains vitamin c, which allows blood vessels to nourish the scalp. The presence of vitamin c also helps prevent hair damage. Also, blueberries also promote hair growth due to the presence of proanthocyanidin.

Application of blueberries

  • Crush the blueberries in a cup.
  • Mix the crushed blueberries with hot water.
  • Apply evenly on hair and scalp.
  • Leave this on for thirty minutes to an hour.

For best results apply to dry hair


Grey hair is caused by the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle. Onions nourish hair follicles and naturalize hair condition. It reverses grey hair, treats thin hair, and aids hair growth. It is a scalp cleanser due to the presence of its antibacterial properties. Studies have proven that it is one of the most effective remedies for grey hair.

Application of onions

  • Blend the onion and extract the juice.
  • Apply the sauce on the hair and scalp.
  • Wash off after 30 minutes.

Onion juice is particularly healthy so you might want to watch out for allergic reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can White hair turn Black Again?

The answer is Yes and No, if you are a teenager or someone at 50 – 60 then you still chances even without making use of chemicals that may harm not only your hair but skin. In our previous post, we looked into how to turn white hair to black by exercising, drinking good water, sleeping well, and proper care for the skin. The reason why the answer is Yes and No is that white hair due to old age cannot turn to black naturally, you can only dye it which is temporary. But if it is due to physical influence, deficiency of Vitamin in the body system, pollution, stress, and food if properly taken care of can turn black again.

What Vitamin is good for White Hair?

Deficiency in vitamin can lead to hair turning white, the solution to that is to take supplements or consume products or foods that contain any of the vitamins that the body system is lacking. Which one is good for white hair? which one can be used to reverse my hair back to normal? We have Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and  Vitamin C.

What can we eat to avoid white hair?

Know that no matter what you do white hair can’t be avoided totally, but we have foods that when consume will help prevents premature white hair: Beef liver, Mushrooms, Oysters, Green leafy vegetables, Blueberries, Salmon fish, Sunflower seeds, Nuts, and  Tuna fish.

Why do I have white hair at 35?

Greying hair is a normal aging process that starts at the age of 30 but looking at your family history; there is no one premature growing of white hairs. If it is not genetics then it may be due to deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals.

How to prevent white hair from spreading?

Preventing white is possible only when you know the cause listed above, to prevent your hair from turning at an unexpected age do the following: eat more antioxidants, address vitamins deficiency, and stop smoking.

Which oil is best to stop white hair?

Oil is not for the beard growth alone we have oils that can be used to stop white hair from growing. Egg oil has proven to an effective hair oil for white hair and it is natural. Amla oil is another one that is good for keeping the growth of white hair under control.


All the remedies mentioned above are very useful in battling premature grey hair. They will provide your hair with a long-lasting effect, and all of them may be continued until satisfaction is met.

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