How To Dye Your Beard Completely White

how to dye your beard completely white

Do you want to know how to dye your beard completely white? Sometimes, the process doesn’t go through as expected. So what do you do? In this article, we will be looking at a solution that should give you a better-looking bread.

I get that you are aging, but hey! Nothing stops you from being in style and spotting a charming look. It’s not so much of a secret that hair or beard dye is one best solution to even out your hair.

In this article, we’ll simplify the process of how to dye your beard completely white, into 5 simple steps. Steps, so easy that you could actually do them right now.

Are you ready to go yourself that awesome looking beard? It’s about time. Let’s jump right in and get the all process started. Maybe you have grown weary of your beard’s natural color and you’re looking to make a change. However, it requires your willingness to take out time to actually Carry it out. The good news is one application of a permanent beard dye will last you several weeks.

So should you use a temporary or permanent dye? Let’s take a look at both options. Permanent hair dyes help retain a particular color long after it’s initial application. They aren’t actually “permanent”. It is important to make sure the color you choose to apply is exactly what you want. In this case, it’s white, you wouldn’t want to end up using a color you didn’t plan for.

On the other hand, temporary dyes fade rather quickly, with shampooing and exposure to some elements. A temporary dye is ideal if you don’t want to make a permanent commitment to a certain color.

Find out How to dye your beard completely white in 5 easy steps:

Let’s go into details on the step by step process of dying your hair white. Trust me, it isn’t a complicated process. Are you ready to change that hair color? Well, let’s get to it.

1. Organize your kit

To begin the whole process, you need to get your kit organized. Getting organized which, in this case, means gathering all of the materials, you’ll need to get the following:

Tint remover: You can utilize homemade tint remover made from 50% bleach and 50% water. You should also make sure that your skin isn’t sensitive to your choice of tint remover.
Beard dye: If required, you can include an oxidant to increase its effectiveness.
Applicator: It may come with the dye or a good substitute would be a toothbrush, small comb, or mascara-type brush. The key is using applicator that is flexible to use and easily handled.
Rubber gloves: It will help protect your hands from dye coloring.
Vaseline: Which is used to protect your skin from the dye. Mineral oil also works.

Like I earlier mentioned, performing a sensitivity will help you know if any of your chosen product could cause your skin harm. To carry out a sensitivity test, all you have to do is apply the dye to a part of your skin. After a while, you can wash off the area and check for redness or inflammation.

2. Prepare your skin

Before you apply the dye, it will be best for you to get your beard in shape and in the right condition. Washing your beard beforehand is a good idea. Why? It helps to remove dead skin cells while keeping your hair follicles well nourished. Pertaining to keeping your beard in shape, one awesome thing to do could is to trim it and groom it into the style you want.

As part of the preparation process, applying a thin layer of Vaseline around the beard will help prevent dye from leaking onto your skin. Protecting your hands against staining and irritation is also very important. Rubber gloves should do a good job of protecting you and still giving you control of the whole process.

3. Prepare and apply your dye

Your beard dye applications should contain a tube of base color and a tube of color developer. It is meant to thicken the solution and act as a filler. All you need to do is mix the two ingredients in another dish-like container.

After mixing the dye solution, the next step is to use the tip of your brush to apply it on your beard. It is advisable however to apply it in an up-and-down motion. Round up the process by working the dye deeply into your beard. This will help ensure that you cover all visible patches.

4. Rinse out your beard

Now that you have dyed your hair, you should rinse your beard. The dye product instruction should also specify this as the next step. At this point, you should have been satisfied with the color you have gotten. It is advisable to rinse your beard with lukewarm or cold water until you have successfully washed out all the excess dye. Pat dry it with towels once the water runs clear.

5. Wash your beard

The fifth and final step is to complete the cleansing of your bread by washing it. So far, you have done well by following step 1-4. To get the best final result, you need to complete the process by washing your beard with the aid of a shampoo. Using a shampoo that’s safe for color-treated hair is recommended.

Bonus tip on how to dye your beard completely white

It doesn’t just stop at the point where you dye your beard white, you need to keep your beard in shape to maintain that awesome glow. Need I remind you that your beard is a major part of your identity? Why not represent the best way possible? Let’s take a look at so of these amazing tips.

1. Use beard oil: Beard oil serves many functions, including that it helps soften your beard, ease irritation, smoothen your beard, e.t.c.

2. Use quality beard shampoo:  Shampoo made for color-treated hair is best suited for your beard.

3. Retouch your beard regularly: You can reapply the dye on your beard every few week or months, especially when you start noticing a few grey hairs.

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