Does Beard Oil Cause Acne

Does Beard Oil Cause Acne Really

There is a popular saying that Beard oil can cause acne. Do you believe this? Well, we are on the journey to find out, and this article is all you need to know whether certain beard oils cause skin infections or not.

Before we get into this, it is important that we know what acne is and how it affects the beard, the causes, the symptoms and then the treatment.

What is Acne in a Beard or in Skin?

Acne is said to be a skin condition that occurs when the follicles of the hair become plugged with oil and dead cells of the skin.

You can read and understand that oil is involved in the end result of the definition but does it mean that the oil is part of the causes of acne? We shall know soon.

Acne is a kind of skin disease that causes pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and normally appears on your face, forehead, chest, upper back, or sometimes shoulder. Tell me, after knowing that all parts of the body mentioned above develop acne, will you still agree with the myth that beard oil causes acne?

Yes, Beard Oil can cause acne, provided there is a mix of comedogenic ingredients in it. These ingredients lead to skin clogging or blocking.

What are comedogenic ingredients?

These are ingredients of oils for hair or skin that can cause blackheads when they are applied to the hair or skin. These ingredients attempt to block or clog the skin pores and as such gives room for acne to show up.

Examples of comedogenic ingredients

  • Almond Oil
  • Acetylated Lanolin
  • Benzaldehyde
  • Isopropyl Palmitate
  • Lauric Acid
  • Shea Butter
  • Lauroyl Lysine
  • Algae Extract
  • D & C Red
  • Ethylhexyl Palmitate

Acne has been a common problem in teenagers especially however, it affects other ages too.  There are available treatments for acne but pimples, and bump doesn’t easily heal. The healing condition of pimples and bumps is slow. In fact, the persistence is that, when one goes away, another is recruited.

What’ are the symptoms of Acne?

Acne in beards or other parts of the skin has symptoms, and upon detection should be dealt with immediately so that, it does not spread all over the skin parts mentioned above. To know how annoying acne can be, it can cause emotional distress and scar to the skin. This is why you need to be careful about how you treat your beard.

These are the conditions for acne to rear its head

1. Whiteheads begin to grow on your skin with closed plugged pores.

2. Blackheads also come out of your skin with open plugged pores.

3. Small red tender bumps tend to ci circulate a specific area of your skin.

4. Your skin is filled with pimples that are papules having pushed at their tips.

5. Some large, painful solid lumps begin to come out of your skin surface.

6. A cystic lesion that can be described as painful pus-filled lumps begins to erupt from the surface of your skin.

Can you see a Dermatologist?

Of course, every disease or illness, no matter how small it seems, needs the attention of an expert. In the case of any disease relating to the human skin, a doctor know as a dermatologist is involved.

When should I see one?

You can see skincare professionals when self-treatment can’t cure the acne. This is the first step everyone should carry when it comes to handling any kind of disease. Our body is a treasure to us,  therefore we need to take very good care of it. You should first see your primary care doctor so that a better and more effective medication can be prescribed. Just like I said above, a specialist for skin disease is called a dermatologist. Go to him or her for a reliable treatment.

Acne in many women can persist over ten years sometimes thirty years of their life, this is another proof that beard oil is not the chief causal of acne in the skin surface. However, during the women’s contraceptives, the acne may clear off without any treatment. This type of acne is called a flare.

Adults may develop sudden severe acne that may require medical attention.  This could be one of the reasons why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that some unofficial acne lotions, cleanser, and other unregistered and unwanted skin products should be avoided at all costs because the repercussions are always severe. There could be some kind of deadly reactions after applying some of these fake products on your face.

However, you must understand one thing, such reactions don’t quickly take place and therefore should not be directly associated with the treated and prescribed products you find in stores.

Is there any need that you to Seek Further Medication after a product has been prescribed?

Yes,  of course, you will need an emergency medical help, if, after a prescription, the acne still persists. The signs that you need to seek an emergency medical help are when you find out that all these listed below are your experiences:

1. Your throat tightens

2. You feel like to faint

3. Your eyes, lips, tongue or lips are swollen.

4. You find little that you can’t breathe well.

Parts of the body Acne Appears

There are some specific parts of the body acne appears, and this is another proof that beard oil well treats have no role to play here. If you can remember, earlier, I said the reaction of some products as described by the FDA is very rare or better put, insignificant. Therefore, beard oil, have no direct role to play here,  especially when treated, approved and prescribed by the able medical bodies.

1. Acne Can be found around these areas of our skin: forehead, chest, face, upper back, and the shoulder area. There is one thing common to these areas mentioned and they are the glands that produce oil in the body. Can you now see where reaction may take place if a wrong oil is used on the skin?

2. Sometimes, there is a possibility that the wall of the follicle may erupt and then produce blackheads, the blackheads is that whitish wax-like Sundance that comes out of your pimples when burst. The actual reason is that your skin pores have been accumulated with bacteria and oil.

3. Depending on the type of your skin, though the actual color of the spot pimples causes to your skin is red. This may occur when the hair follicle has been engulfed with bacteria. There could have been some blockages and inflammation that is present deep inside the hair follicle, that produce cyst-like lumps under the surface of your skin.

Factors that may Determine Acne

There have been organic traces to acne as well as the kind of treatment or medication you are exposed to. These factors are said to aggravate acne, therefore, you need to take note of these factors as will be mentioned below :

1. Hormonal factor

You might have acquired some hormones over the years as a boy or girl child, so when you reach your puberty age, these inherited hormones increase and then cause sebaceous glands to grow bigger to produce larger sebum. Sometimes, the changes that occur in hormones may be as a result of the use of oral contraceptives, which may affect the release of the sebum. Sometimes, pregnancy conditions may trigger acne in women. In women,  depending on the quantity of androgens circulation, it may worsen the case in some women

2. Your food intake

This has to do with the kind of diet you take on a daily bases. Studies have made it known that there are some certain kinds of diet we take that trigger the appearance of acne on our skin. For instance, skin milk, carbohydrates rich foodstuff, e.g bread, and other related food substances can cause acne. I personally confirmed this. In fact, I don’t go well with oily foods as they produce acne with immediate effects on my skin. I mean instant reaction. Things like processed foods should be avoided, in fact, chocolate as a whole has been long suspected to be a factor that triggers acne.

Some certain medical history

Certain medications you once went through may be a factor that triggers your acne. Don’t blame your beard oils again. For instance, if you have one been medicated with drugs that contain lithium, corticosteroids, testosterone will cause acne. This means it is advisable to understand the kind of medication you employ.

Stress may play a role. Stress is said to play a role in causing acne in humans. You should manage your stress to avoid acne, especially beneath your beard. At least, if you take good care of yourself, that beard of yours can make your wife proud of you. You will become manly.

However, there are factors that are not too significant such as these ones below :

Food that is a bit Greasy foods is not that effective in causing acne. However, if you expose your body to greasy things such as oil in the kitchen, it may stick to your skin, blocking the hair follicles and as a result causes acne.

How to treat Acne

There are some treatments you can adopt to apply on acne skin. I will be brief about them.

Apply Vinegar of Apple Cider

This has also proven effective over the years. Apple cider vinegar is produced by subjecting apple cider to fermentation or from the unfiltered juice from the crushing of apples. This apple cider vinegar is very effective in fighting viruses and bacteria.

It contains some organic acids that have the ability to eradicate acne. There is an acid called succinic acid which has displayed some ability to tackle inflammation that is caused by some acne.

Lactic acid is also effective at improving the appearance of acne scars and above all, apple cider vinegar helps in drying up the excess oil trapped on the skin surface that may cause acne.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water but water should be more for sensitive skin.

2. Clean your face and then after the cleansing, gently apply the diluted apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball or wool.

3. Allow it to stay for 5-25 seconds, and then rinse with clean water and dry with a clean towel. Repeat this method twice a day until a good result is achieved.

There are other methods through which acne can be treated or managed. For these reasons above, it should be understood that beard oils don’t cause acne, but when wrongly managed or not prescribed by a reliable body or person can trigger acne.

List of Best Beard Oil For Acne Prone Skin

If you are interested in DO It Yourself beard oil, check out Beard Oil For Acne Prone Skin.

You may find it difficult following the Do It Yourself method, which is why I have collated best ready-made beard oil you can use without worries. So, all you need to do is read until the end then make your own decision.

#1. Natural Beard Oil for Healthy Beard Growth and Facial Skin with Jojoba Vitamin E

This is a beard oil that contains therapeutic oils that contain the necessary compounds to clean condition and nourish coarse and damaged facial hair to promote ideal beard hair health. Aside from being perfect for use on acne-prone skin, it can be used to Replenish and restores dry coarse damaged tangled oily irritated and unmanageable beard hair to its ideal soft shiny and healthy state.

It comes with vitamin E and a 100% pure essential formula including Bulgarian Lavender Sicilian Lemon and Rosemary ct. Verbenone.

For the price, this is a great beginner beard oil if you are afraid of possible reactions. I recommend this product for anyone who was on the edge like me.


#2. Organic Beard Oil and Beard Conditioner – Royal Beard Club. Fresh Masculine Scent 100% All Natural Premium Essential Oils

This is another beard oil for acne-prone skin with an incredible scent. A little drop of this oil on your beard hairs in the morning will leave it moisturized and hydrated,  Eliminating Itchy, Wild, and Dandruff in facial hair. It is made with JOJOBA OIL and 100% ORGANIC MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL. Vitamin E rich and contains no fillers. All you need to do is apply two drops then leave it to perform wonders on your beard hairs.

I love Royal Beard Clubs products the beard oil has an amazing scent that lasts all day. I have tried many oils but I can definitely feel the difference after a few days. It’s light and crisp and my beard feels great.


#3. Organic Beard Oil – for Beard and Mustache Styling, Shaping, Grooming & Growth – Fragrance-Free – With Skin Conditioning Tocopheryl Acetate

This is the ideal beard oil for acne-prone skin, it can be used for beard hair repair. it is made with premium and natural ingredients that will help you repair and soften damaged beard hairs and it keeps it protected from harsh elements. Also, the chemicals it contains do not irritate the skin. It comes with tocopheryl acetate which serves as a beard softener for me, which is also a skin conditioning agent that helps tame your beard hair without getting it dried.

Love this beard oil. I have now been using it for over a week and the quality is really high for the price. It’s also lasting me a long time relative to other brands I have tried (you don’t need to use much in my experience).

The product is packaged nicely and contains instructions for use, which is great for a “new user”, too. Recommended.


#4. #1 Men’s Choice Beard Oil – Fragrance-Free, All Natural, 100% Pure Blend of Premium Ingredients

Another beard oil for acne on the list, it is the right beard oil for you as it comes is made with 100 perfect natural oils. It will make your beard hairs smell nice that your partner will want to move to snuggle next to you and play with your soft, silky man-beard. Also, the properties it contains will moisturize and make your beard look healthy and hydrated (hygral fatigue).  And it comes with no scent and can stay on the beard for the whole day.

This Beard Oil was purchased for a male friend who is growing a beard for the first time in his life at the age of 50+. He tells me that it is a great help with the itching problem and softens the prickles. The ladies in his life are happy about that. There is no fragrance to interfere with anything that he might wish to wear. This one is a winner!


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can Castor Oil Make Acne Worse

Castor oil is known to contain anti-bacterial properties, so it cannot in any way make acne worse. Instead, it can be used to get rid of acne from your face with little or no effort from your side.

Castor oil has antibacterial properties. Bacteria on your face can clog pores and lead to acne. One way to use castor oil for weight reduction is to take the castor oil orally. The recommended dose is up to 2-3 teaspoons before breakfast. This will act as a laxative, suppress your hunger and reduce water retention in the body

Does dirty skin cause acne?

This is the belief of some people. In the actual sense, dirty skin does not cause acne. One of the factors that cause acne is the disruption of the skin pores. So if you scrub your skin too harsh, or expose chemicals to it, it may worsen the acne.

Are there any risk factors that trigger acne?

I hope you will finally accept that beard oil doesn’t play a significant role in causing acne.  These are some risk factors listed below:

Family History

Family history could be a major risk factor of acne, this will have to do with the hormonal configuration of the victims. We all should know what is genetics even if you are not science students, at least this is included in general knowledge. Our genetic concentration may be a reason to develop acne. Therefore, if both parents suffer acne, you will likely do.

Age circumstance

This is another risk factor. Just like I mentioned above in boys and girls that develop acne during puberty age, this may continue to adulthood but commonly it appears most in teenagers.

Oily Substances

Oily substances may cause acne only when improperly used. This is the reason why you need to clean your beard or skin areas properly, whenever you make use of an oily substance, ensure it doesn’t stick to any part of your body. This may block your hair follicle and then results in acne.

When Should I Apply Beard Oil To Prevent Acne?

You can apply beard oil in the morning or before going to bed, as it won’t acne worst in any form. However, if by chance you get some reactions, it is not caused by the oil but by other ingredients used in its production.

Does Beard Oil Really Work?

Aside from the belief that beard oil can cause acne, it works perfectly for those who bought the right ones from Amazon and other physical stores. Below are some of the reviews that dropped.

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I’m impressed with it. It does what it promises to do; softening and taming beard hair.

My beard can normally bit a bit wild, but this has definitely helped to keep it under control. The overall presentation of the oil is excellent as it’s well packaged and so would make a good gift.

A little oil goes a long way, and it comes supplied with a dropper so you can dispense what you need. The scent of the oil isn’t too strong. It’s mainly and the scent of sandalwood, and you soon stop noticing it.


Love this beard oil. Have now been using it for over a week and the quality is really high for the price. It’s also lasting me a long time relative to other brands I have tried (you don’t need to use much in my experience).

The product is packaged nicely and contains instructions for use, which is great for a “new user”, too. Recommended.

Have you seen our Beard Oil for Acne-Prone skin article? You should check it out.

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