How to Make Beard White

What are the ways to make Beard white?

This has to do with dying your beard rather than making it white naturally, no, this is not possible except you are planning to extract the melanin contained in your body. Can you be that crazy enough?

This has to do with a lot of difficulties while you are trying to dye it, especially when using the regular box dyes.  Making your beard white requires bleach and multiple applications to aid the follicles lighten up otherwise, wait for your old age.

The bleaching of your beard to look white is not completely permanent; this means it may come back to being the normal colour, take note of this fact. The method I can recommend for you is the spray-on colour method.

This point above will force me to write about the difference between Beard Dye and Temporary Beard Color—this will be later in this article.

Just like spraying your trousers to appear in a different colour, after washing, returns to the normal colour. It is a safer and easier method. This method will give you the full coverage even on a hair as dark as the trench of the ocean.

This article will talk more on dyes that you can make to dye your beard white, however, I am going to briefly show you how to bleach your beard as such tradition can be classified under how to make your beard white.

Method of beard bleaching

Here are the methods of beard bleaching I can recommend for you

  1. You can apply petroleum jelly to the skin around your beard to prevent it from being affected by bleach.
  2. Wear hand gloves before opening the bleach container so as to avoid your palm from being bleached or stained.
  3. Kindly mix the bleach and the developer according to how the product’s usage instructions, until a smooth paste that coats the brush well is achieved.

How to safely apply a white beard spray on your hair

  1. You may want to cover your clothing with an unused T-shirt or any other rag you can sacrifice for stain.
  2. Take a quarter-sized amount of petroleum jelly and apply to the part you are not willing the dye should touch so the color will not reach there.
  3. You should hold a towel over your mouth so that the spray will not touch it or to prevent swallow, you can still tell someone else to apply the spray for you.
  4. If you happen to be the one doing the application on your own, kindly put the spray can 10 inches away from your beard, and then press down the nozzle while you move the spray over your beard for a proper coating. You should stop spraying after the first coat.
  5. Apply another coat after the first layer must have dried, that’s when the color is not thick enough as you desire.
  6. After the second spray as the case may be, dampen a cloth or towel with warm and massage your skin to remove the petroleum jelly content.

The Tip to Remove the white dye

If you are ready to remove the temporary white beard, you don’t need to shave off, you can follow the steps below:

1. You should wash out the colour using an anti-residue shampoo and warm water. The product is a bit sticky, so if your application is twice, you are advised to wash twice for a better clean.

2. You are advised to avoid spray getting to your eyes and nose. If there is any product you started using, and then irritation occurs, kindly stop using it.

Is There any Disadvantages of Dying the Beards

Yes, there are some disadvantages of dying our beards; some can be a direct effect on us while others could be indirect as you will soon understand.

  1. If you overdye your beard, it will cause skin irritation and such reaction is not good for your health.
  2. Dying the beard can cause hair damage due to the effect of the chemical reactions.
  3. Semi-Permanent dyes or otherwise known as beard colour can remove melanin from your hair and then rendering your beard or hair damaged rather than repairing it.

Difference between Beard Dye and Beard Color

Dying beard as I earlier mention can be temporary or permanent, but even when permanent will not be than long but will grow out of the head or beard. However, whether the permanent or temporary dye, we are going to see some differences between them.

Although, when both are applied to your hair, give similar result but we have to figure out the differences as we move on.


Beard dye product according to technological view, have recently gained advancement, and now compare to ever provide brush applications that are easier to apply and then save time during development.

There are some advantages to dye product, and it is the fact that some of the product is permanent or semi-permanent and can last on the hair up to two weeks. This makes life convenient for men who may not like to reapply beard dye on a daily basis or after contact with water since they are sweat, water, and smudge resistant.

If your beard is extra-long, the preferred colour you should use is dye rather than the beard color. If for instance, you are trying to apply dye to a beard with a large amount of grey hair, the dye is okay for that job. Other products may not be as effective as beard dyes.

Temporary Beard Colors

These ones, on the other hand, are different from a beard dye since they don’t stain the hair or skin, they only surround the beard with colour. These types of beard colours can add volume to the facial hair, and then make beard appear fuller.

There some beard color such as volt Instant Beard Color, when it has an encounter with water, dries instantly and sweat-resistant finish that may normally last only for two days or sometimes more. However, unlike beard dyes, instant beard colours provide easy application, unlike the beard dyes that take longer time to be applied.

Another advantage the Instant dyes have against the beard dyes is that they can be applied to the skin under the beards or hairs, this makes the beard looks fuller even it is patchy or thinning. One other good advantage is that instant dyes can be used along with normal dye to allow it last longer, gives it more hair roots and then grow better.

There is a big disadvantage when it comes to most temporary beard colors, and it is the fact that they can’t resist water. Sometimes, they feel sticky in the beard and easily rub off from the surface.

This is the reason it is good to read the review of any product you are willing to bye. You have to choose a product based on your taste; there are some products that are water and sweat resistance. Some customers may have made some reviews about the product; you can equally observe their comments to see if the product is worth buying.

These are some of the differences between a Beard dye and the Temporary beard colours. Whichever you chose to apply depends on your desire.

Various Hair White Dyes in Amazon Store

Let talk about the various beard white dyes in amazon, the effectiveness and why you should go for one or more of them and test for yourself.

Mehron Liquid Hair Color

How to Make Beard White

This is one outstanding hair white and hair silver dye used by a professional artist in giving that powerful colouring you can’t resist. If you want to look ageing while you are just eighteen or slightly above, this product is specially made for you.

Mehro Liquid Hair color is formulated to be safe for your hair and contains non-toxic color that can be used at any time the need arises. It does not damage your hair rather cleans up easily after washing off with soap and warm water. You can get this product in multiple sizes. It is sold at $14.38 and cannot be shipped to Nigeria at the time of this article.

Check out the price HERE.

Professional Temporary Hair Mascara Hair

How to Make Beard White

This is another able dye to make your beard look better than you expected, it is the formula you can’t resist once seen. Here are some of the descriptions you need to know about it:

It is non-toxic which does not cause any harm to your beard and skin.

It dyes your beard temporarily and can be removed easily by washing it out with shampoo and water, maybe warm water.

It comes with the size 12.2cm by 2cm by 1.5cm, 10ml

You can make it a gift to your boo, brother or husband.

It can be applied to all types of hair or beard to give it a more beautiful whitish look.

The product is cheap but effective, it is sold at $6.99 and can be shipped to Nigeria.

How to Use the Product

Wash and dry your beard or hair before the application of this dye so that the colour will be easier to get as desire.

Kindly pick up a lock of hair, comb and brush properly to arrange your beard well.

Check the price HERE.

HailiCare White Hair Wax

How to Make Beard White

Are you interested in making your beard white? You are in need of that unique look you find so difficult to have? Today ends the struggle. This pomade is going to perform the wonder you never think of.

About the Product

This product is astonishing as it gives the result exactly as you may want, here are some of the features it came with which I believe you will actually love.

It gives you that unique white hair you desire, and it is one of the best hair-care products I have ever encountered in the store.

It comes in different colours such as gold, green, grey, purple, red, and blue, so whichever way you wish your hair colour is ready.

If you want to look unique, acceptable and presentable to everyone in just a few minutes, this beard pomade is for you.

It does not only give a unique colour to your hair or beard but equally helps style your hair as you wish. This means you are in control.

It is easily applicable not until you go to the salon to get it done. You already know how you want your hair looks; just imagine it that way and this incredible beard dye will do the rest.

It is made from well purified herbal ingredients, which means it is harmless to your beard or hair. It is a product with high quality.

The smell is great and gives you that masculine scent you aspire to perceive.

It works best on dark beards or hairs such as the blonde, brownish and black.

The Allergic Test

Humans have a different response to various chemicals, so is every single part of their body. So, if you have been allergic to a similar product before, we are going to prevent that from repeating itself again. We are going to provide you with the skill to quickly detect that a product could be harmful to your type of skin.

Here is the Skill

Take a small portion of the hair dye wax to the back of your palm and wait for five minutes to confirm if you are actually allergic to it.


We have promised to bring every detail about how you can safely use this product because we have you as our topmost priority.

Here are the cautions:

It is for external use only

Don’t allow the content to touch your eyes

Kindly apply in a small amount because when the dye is too much on your hair will make it hard, so put a bit of water and brush out the extra ones.

It can be shipped to Nigeria and can be sold at $10.99.

Method of beard bleaching

Bleaching the beard by the owner has to do with his own personal view and decision about it. If you already have decided to bleach your beard, we have some packages for you; they will be useful to you as far as you are concerned.  Let us talk on those popular methods which you may not even be aware of. Here they are:

Apply petroleum jelly to the area of the skin near to your beard so that it can be protected from the bleach during the application.

Wear your gloves provided, before the opening of the bleach container to prevent stains and probably toxicity.

Combine the bleach and the developer following the instruction given until the mixture is smooth paste and can coat the brush well. Apply a single coat to your entire beard

You should leave the bleach to react to your beard until the minimum time instructed reach but keep monitoring your beard colour change from time to time while you wait.

Rinse your beard until the colour is clear. This means you will have to wash your beard vigorously until it is clear and well cleansed.  Apply the toner that was provided.

Consider applying a beard conditioner after the application as your beard will be rougher than it used to be before the bleaching.

Risk of bleaching your beard

There is a risk involved in bleaching your beard and they are as follows:

Hair breakage is involved. When you bleach your beard and leave the bleach too long on it; it may cause hair breakage. It is advisable to follow the instruction given in the product manual.

If you missed the point, it will result in your skin becoming red raw skin, or at worst, you will end up with blisters on your entire face.  It is also a very painful condition to boot, ugly appearance is its description.

There is a possibility that if you bleach your beard, some of the damages will become permanent. This implies that you have to be extra careful while bleaching your beard. In fact bleaching, the hair on your head scalp is quite different from that on your beard scalp. The facial skin is more sensitive and should be considered before the bleaching.

Will peroxide bleach my beard?

Yes, peroxide can be used to bleach your beard. You can lighten up your facial hair by applying the mixture of peroxide to your dark hair. Leave the mixture on your beard for 20 to 30 minutes before you rinse. Sometimes, bleaching your beard with peroxide may take time to give results, in such cases, you need to repeat the process daily for a good result.

Will baking soda and peroxide bleach hair?

Yes, the combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can help your beard lighter. This is normally done with a trick. If you get baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in the normal drugstore, you may not achieve your purpose since it will dry up too quickly before the reaction even takes place. The trick now is that you should mask the beard and leave it for 30 to 600 minutes. Don’t extend it beyond 60 minutes for a proper result.

Check the price HERE

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