I Had Never Shaved My Beards Since I Grew It – Steven Aina

My Beards Story

My beards complement my face and it helps maintain my matured look. What I have on is the goatee type of beards, and it started growing when I was around 18 years. I am in my 30s now and I had never had it cleaned since it started growing.

I have not had even one skin issues since I started growing my goatee. My face skin is tender and allows a clean shave without rash.

On ladies loving beards

Well, I think a lot of ladies love guys that have beards on and it’s about the fashion inclined ladies who would tag better with the wild fire hairy face. Some even want to come closer just to fondle on it.

I am also aware that a number of ladies dislike beards and I see them as the official type. A number of ladies consider keeping beards as an act of uncleanliness, so it’s fine. Not everyone can love beards anyway.

In terms of beard discrimination

The discrimination can be linked with parents and primitive thinkers who doesn’t consider the trend as fashion rather as a wayward lifestyle.

I haven’t had any beard discriminatory experience directly, but I have been with a friend who had to go and clean up his hard earned full fashion beard just to attend an interview for the position of a bank official.

I do not consider it as a societal problem which needs to be resolved. Otherwise an industry to which a man earns his living should rather be a determining factor to whether beard fashion will be a welcome innovation or not.

My beards story

On the future of beards as fashion in Nigeria

Just like every other fashion in vogue that has come and gone, the trend of beards will soon be forgotten especially if creativity in men’s facial looks takes a new turn.

Remember when a tiny cut from the hair down across the jaw was the in thing? Like the handsome facial looks of Banky Wellington in the music scene. You will agree with me beards has taken that over.

The likes of VJ Adams has tried so hard to sell so many types trend in the beard fashion industry. But I’m sorry to say, maybe he wasn’t strong and vibrant enough for the task.  Now he has succumbed to the beard gang Nation.

Health Advantages of Beard Keeping?

I don’t think there is any health advantage to beard keeping. I must tell you it’s just to elevate your facial looks to the trend of fashion. Perhaps we should consider health disadvantages provided you do not make out enough time to treat and take care of the growing hair.

When my beards grow longer, I would love to be a part of #mybeardgang community.




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