Will Coating My Face With Semen Help Me Grow A Thicker Beard

Will coating my face with semen help me grow a thicker beard: I know you might want to say, yuck! Me semen? But heck yea, who says you can’t use semen for beard growth? You want to know how? Let’s get to it. In biology, as a science or non-science students, we all know what semen is. This is the […]

How Do I Take Away The Smell Of Onion From My Beard

How do I take away the smell of onion from my beard: Maybe you have been rubbing onion juice on your beard of a recent, and now it has reached a limit that you can no longer bear the smell; the next thing you will be thinking of is to get rid of the smell. How do you do this will […]

Is Onion Safe To Use For Beards?

Is onion safe to use for your beard? Let’s find out together. Sometimes, something you never believed will be possible will just be the very thing happening before you. It has always been in that trend from the time memorial. You see, onion is a natural thing that grows out of the soil, better put, onion is part of the […]

What Kills Hair Follicles Naturally

Imagine when you are given the option to shake a magic wand for the instant removal of hair follicles so that excess hair stops growing on your skin. Don’t you think that will be fascinating? Excess hair growth has been the challenge in many women especially when it grows in an exposed area such as the face. This is often […]

Causes of White Beard In 2021

Have you ever wondered why your beard is white or grey while that of your friends is black? We have taken out time to put it all together here for you to know specifically the causes of white beard. The colour white has always been cherished by many people since time memorial. Some people believe is that white colour is […]

What People Say About A Beard

We put together this review to let you in on what people are saying about a beard. The way people see beards is different. Sometimes, it depends on the background and environment a person is brought up. In some other cases, it is a function of lifestyle. What a beard means to a man is different from what it means […]

Various Hair White Dyes On Amazon Store

Looking for the various Hair White Dyes in Amazon Store? Let’s all find out here. I will be reviewing the best hair white dyes that you can buy on the store online. Do you know that you can make your hair white? There are lots of products that can be used when purchased on amazon will do this magic. I […]

How To Use Aboniki Balm For Stretch Marks As A Bearded Man

I know for every bearded man having stretch marks on their body, they will be seeking for how to use treat their stretch marks, and using Aboniki balm is just one of them. do you know want to know how? keep reading. Every day people discover new things. Initially, I used to know Aboniki balm for the treatment of Arthritis, […]

Will Weed Really Grow Your Hair

Quite a number of people are beginning to use weed as part of their hair growth regime, and you shouldn’t be left out too. So, will weed really grow your hair? Interesting question, let’s find out. Anything that has to do with altering the mindset is commonly avoided by humans at all costs. Weed or marijuana as it is contains […]

The Best Way To Grow A Beard With Weed

Our duty is to help you out with the best way to grow a beard with weed. In this post, we will give you everything you need on how to start using weed to grow your beard. Let’s get to it. The best ways to grow a beard with Weed The most important way to grow a beard is to […]