What People Say About A Beard

We put together this review to let you in on what people are saying about a beard. The way people see beards is different. Sometimes, it depends on the background and environment a person is brought up. In some other cases, it is a function of lifestyle.

What a beard means to a man is different from what it means to a man. You will get to know more about what people’s opinions are on a beard. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is A Beard in Itself

I will like to define a beard is a simple way as a pack of facial hairs normally found beneath the jaw of a man. Some women with excess hormones can have beards like their male counterparts but in very rare cases.

Beard signifies many symbols ranging from social, occult, religion, movies, music, maturity, and many more.

Is There Any Importance of Wearing Beards

Well, this question can be answered depending on the view of the person giving his or her opinion about it.

To many people, having a beard is very important to them and that could be related to their belief which I will not mention yet.

I want you to discover the reasons in the various interviews coming up in a minute.

Who Can Keep A Beard

What People Say About A Beard

Almost every adult can keep a beard as long as it can grow on your jaw or around your face.

A teenager with a beard can keep it if he so desires, as there is no law restricting the keeping of beard as far as I am concerned.

An older adult or man can keep beards, a husband or fiance can also keep a beard.

What Are People Saying About A Beard

We can now go into the street interviews to make justice to this topic. Listen well to my interview with people around the area.

I kitted up after bath and normal basic routines in the morning and quickly make some interviews about the beard, to know people’s view and these are the information I was able to gather.


Well, people keep beards for many reasons that could be related to their beliefs or sometimes as a trend around the world. For instance, I have friends who keep long and large beards for religious reasons.

They are my Muslim friends. I also have some of my guys that keep beards just to be a part of the trendy beard gang.


Hmm… This is a question makes me a bit shy about but still no problem, I will give you some reasons.

Personally, I like men that keep beards. Especially when the beard is full, looking healthy, shining, scented and groomed. I love men grooming their beards, and I love playing with it whenever we are having fun together.

For me, it is not really about what I say abou a beard, I think the question should be “What does a beard say about you?


Yeah, I love this question of yours because it reminds me of the reason why I started keeping beards back in the days.

I studied a lot of my senior colleagues in the days with beards, how attractive they are to the opposite sex, and how men without beard respect them because they have beards.

I used to wonder what was behind the beard keeping until I realized that naturally, well-kept beards attract the opposite sex and also make people respect you.

Okay, I think one of the reasons some men keep beards is because it builds confidence in them. Confidence in the sense that they look manly especially to me in particular.

I tend to befriend men with chubby bodies and a well-groomed full beard.

One other thing I love about beard is that it is a symbol of respect.

So, any man with beards will have upper hand being my friend than the ones without.


As you can see, I am keeping a beard and I don’t joke about keeping my beard because my religion emphasized the importance of keeping it.

For this reason, I will say my beard is a symbol of my religion. It differentiates me from others and also makes me look holier than others without it, especially when I am wearing this my overall and cap.

So, I think you should do something about this small one on your jaw( we both laughed)


Well, as usual, I will tell you what I think about men that keep beards. One thing about keeping beards as a man is that it transforms you into a symbol of beauty.

Especially, when you keep it well moisturized and shiny like this man’s own. I like it when a man also has moustache and sideburns making him look more manly and attractive.

So, in a beauty line, I think men with a well-groomed beard own the upper hands both in respect and attracting women.


People keep beards for many reasons but as a male artiste, you may want to keep beards as a symbol of your style on stage I call it an identity.

You know, when you have an identity people know about you, it boosts your uniqueness on the stage while you are performing.

For instance, Abraham Lincoln, the past president of the United States was known for the famous goaty beards he kept, and as a celebrity, it really boosted his appearance on any stage.

So, this is my opinion about the beard, it is an identity for a male celebrity or artiste.

After all these interviews, I realized that there are lots of positive reasons why people keep beards and as such, it will not be bad if can start growing your beards with Mybeardgang instructors and then change your life for the better.

Importance of Keeping Beards – Based on the Interviews above

I was able to derive lessons from the entire interviews and then channelled them into importance which you can read here :

  • Keeping beards makes you look attractive to the opposite sex and commands respect for you from the male contemporaries.
  • It is a unique symbol 9f beauty when groomed appropriately using beard oils and balms
  • It is a religious symbol that makes you look holier than the rest
  • Beards can act as an identity for a celebrity and also boost his present In the Music industry
  • Beard is a symbol of love and respect in some culture
  • In beauty line, bearded men are more attractive than the clean-shaved men

What People Say About A Beard – Final Words

What People Say About A Beard

People have said their opinions about the beard, you have read them. It is your choice to start thinking of how to keep beards or not.

Are you still reading this article and contemplating on growing your beard? The decision from you should be YES. Get on with it and start right away.

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