Will Weed Really Grow Your Hair

Quite a number of people are beginning to use weed as part of their hair growth regime, and you shouldn’t be left out too. So, will weed really grow your hair? Interesting question, let’s find out.

Anything that has to do with altering the mindset is commonly avoided by humans at all costs. Weed or marijuana as it is contains a mind-altering chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) having known the potential of this chemical and the damage it could cause, some people still consume it without minding the negative effect.

This alone will want to give you the wrong impression about cannabis.

Another reason why people have a wrong impression about weed is that it has been termed illegal plants by the government.

So for this reason, people don’t go deep into knowing other ways of using it and the importance it has when used the right way.

Will weed really grow your hair

Will Weed Really Grow Your Hair

I want you to know that weed will really grow your hair. However, this depends on the mixing of ground weed with creams and other essential oils rather than the smoking of weed.

Weed is called many names such as Marijuana, Ganja, Cannabis Sativa, or pot and so on. Suddenly, with all the negative things you hear about people that smoke it, someone told you that it can help your hair grow healthier; such claim will be difficult to believe until scientifically proven.

Scientific Proof for Weed Effectiveness for Hair Growth

It has been scientifically proven that people that smoke weed has low testosterone but high estrogen level. Men that smoke weed has seen not been safe from balding except few but still they easily become impotent due to the high level of estrogen they consume on a daily basis.

Weed is known for its ability to speed up metabolism. This means a higher level of metabolism in our body aids in the rapid growth of hair.

Biotin is one essential vitamin that works in a similar way—it is termed the best vitamin for hair growth. As for Marijuana, it will boost your metabolism when smoked but increase your ageing rate.

I have seen a lot of young men of my age who has aged more than their real age, and quite a lot of them are associated with smoking weed.

If you smoke weed on a daily basis, my advice is that you should understand than it can either cause hair growth or loss.

One more thing, the human bodies don’t react in the same way; there are some people that smoke weed on a daily basis and doesn’t cause impotency, or hair loss to them.

I know of one of my workers in a building, who consume weed almost every day and still have four children, the last being gave birth to.

I am not a doctor to do DNA tests for him and if I were to be a doctor, he must grant permission for a DNA test before it can be carried out. However, for sure, those kids belong to him.

Genetically, some people are immune to the effect of weed but slowly, it can damage things, because you can’t escape the ageing effect too smart.

By now, you should understand the advantage and disadvantages of smoking weed.

Good ways to use marijuana to grow your hair

Will Weed Really Grow Your Hair

In one of my previous articles, “The Best way to Grow a Beard with Weed” I explain different ways you can apply weed oil or its mixture with other oils or substances to grow your beard.

Through these ways, you can make weed useful without side effects. Today, I will be revealing another strange method you will want to accept without any hesitation but still, you must confirm from a dermatologist if your skin can stand the reaction of the combinations I am about to display.

Use Shea butter and Weed to grow your hair

Shea butter is known from a tree called Shea tree. It is the fat of the tree to be précised. It is known as a super anti-inflammatory substance, this means it helps your skin to react less to irritants and as a result will prevent your skin from dandruff, bacteria, and fungi.

What that means is that skin or scalp free from irritant is bound to grow hair regularly.

Shea butter is filled with a lot of vitamins A and E which causes it to act as an ideal moisturizer to your skin and as result, revive your hair follicles to rise for the job it is known for.

Shea butter is hair care. When applied to your hair makes it look shiny and healthy because it is shining and healthy truly.  It helps to prevent hair breakage and also reduces scalp irritation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Now, let us get back to the main reason why I have to give you some brief hints about Shea butter. Why do you need to mix it with weed?

This could be your question I understand. Yes, we can add weed to Shea in a similar way we can add it to other similarly functioning natural products like olive oil, jojoba, and the rest.  If you now comply with me, can we quickly see how to do so?

How to prepare Shea butter and weed mixture

These steps will teach you how to mix Shea butter and weed together for a positive benefit of your hair. Keep reading to get an overview of the whole thing.

Things you need for the preparation

  • A grinder to grind the weed
  • The weed itself
  • The Shea butter
  • Teaspoon
  • Small or medium bowl or sometimes big depending on how large the targeted area of your skin is
  • Towel to clean your hand
  • Olive Oil for liquefaction

How to do the Shea-Weed Mixture and application

These are the steps to follow when mixing your weed and Shea butter

  • Get a dried weed and grind it with a spice or weed grinder (like this one on Amazon)
  • Ensure that the grinding is fine and then pour the powder in the provided bowl
  • Get your Shea butter and cut some into the bowl containing the weed powder
  • Pour some amount of olive oil on the mixture and then stir together thoroughly until they are well mixed.
  • At night before going to bed, apply to the targeted area, and live it overnight.
  • Repeat the application process for a week or more until a significant result is seen.

Remember that you can also mix Weed or Hemp Seed Oil with Shea Butter for easier application on your hair.

Final Words – Will Weed Really Grow Your Hair

With this explanation above, I am sure that you have been convinced that Weed can really grow a beard due to its chemical properties and stimulant nature when used in the proper way.

I will appreciate your perspective on this article, what is your belief about my write up? Can I observe it in the comment box?

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