The Best Way To Grow A Beard With Weed

Our duty is to help you out with the best way to grow a beard with weed. In this post, we will give you everything you need on how to start using weed to grow your beard.

Let’s get to it.

The best ways to grow a beard with Weed

The Best Way To Grow A Beard With Weed

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Other ways to grow your beard with weed.

Using Weed and Methylated Spirit

The first method of growing beard with weed I ever come across in my life is the use of methylated spirit and weed to grow a beard.

This method for many years has been working and people still apply it for scanty beards. A methylated spirit is an alcohol that has been converted to be unpleasant for human consumption due to the addition of 10 percent methanol, and some chemicals such as pyridine and a violet dye.

So, I hope you understand now that methylated spirit is for pure application for your beard based on the scope of this write-up.

How do we apply this method? We need to know, isn’t it? Yes!

The things you need to apply the first method

When intending to do something, at least you need other things to achieve it; only a super Being can get something out of nothing. Am I communicating? Now, here are the lists of things you need make available for this snappy beard treatment:

  • Methylated spirit
  • A small scissors
  • Cotton wool
  • Weed
  • A Vaseline cup
  • A coffee or spice grinder

Once all these are intact, you are halfway done with the application of an effective weed hack for the growth of your beard.

Way to grow a beard with Weed using weed and methylated spirit

Now, we are on the main point. Let us quickly look at the methods through which we can apply this hack in a short while:

First Step

The first step involves grinding the weed. You are required to grind the weed to a fine level before the mixture that will surely take place.

  • The first thing to do, get a clean coffee or spice grinder and grind your weed. Collect the ground in a clean Vaseline cup or any similar container and cover it tightly.
  • Fetch some volumes of methylated spirit from its initial container and pour it in the container containing the ground weed.
  • Shake a bit and then leave it to dissolve the weed for some hours. Some people normally leave it to dissolve for 24 hours.
  • When it is now dissolved, kindly open the container of the mixture and then use a small scissor to pick some cotton wool.
  • Dip the cotton wool into the mixture using the small scissor provided. Allow the mixture to soak the cotton wool and then apply it around your face where you want your beard to grow. It could be patchy areas or an area with little or no beard hairs.
  • Do this for one week or more depending on your body response. In a short time, you will begin to see the result. It works well with people that have used it before now.

The Second Step

The second step is similar to the first step; the only difference is that you don’t need to grind the weed provided. Follow the same procedure as given above to achieve your goal.

Coconut Oil and Weed

Normally, coconut oil is an essential oil that aids in the growth of the beard as it has the potential to moisturize our scalp.

As a lover of beard, this is an opportunity to boost the growth of your beard to appear shinier and fuller. We are going to discuss how to mix coconut oil and weed for the growth of a healthy beard.

Things you need

Here are the tools and ingredients you need to achieve this method

  • Weed
  • Coconut oil
  • A teaspoon
  • A small bowl or Vaseline cup
  • A grinder—optional
  • A gas cooker
  • Frying pan
  • Weed seeds
  • Filter
  • Glass cup to collect the hemp oil
  • Sieve

Way to grow a beard with Weed using Coconut Oil and Weed

Now, let us see how to apply this method for beard growth:

Steps to follow

  • Get your weed ready either normal or ground type will be okay for this method
  • You are going to use one cup of coconut oil
  • Set fire under your frying pan and then pour one cup of coconut oil in it
  • Pour the weed either the green type or the dried one
  • Add some of the weed seeds to the mixture on fire
  • And stir them together as they fry all together
  • Remember, you are making what is called hemp oil, so stir very well for the mixture to form appropriately
  • Allow frying very well until all the bubbles are over and the oil is now looking greenish dark.
  • Turn off your gas cooker and allow the hemp oil cools
  • After cooling, set your glass cup, sieve, and filter
  • Place the sieve on your glass cup, and then insert a filter paper in the sieve
  • Now, pour the hemp oil gently into the filter paper to filter out only the oil into the glass cup.
  • When you are done with the filtration and are now sure the oil is cool, you can start applying it on the affected areas of your scalp for healthy hair growth.
  • Do this for some weeks until you begin to see results.
  • Don’t forget to wash the oil out after the application. You can allow the oil to stay on your beard overnight and then wash it in the morning.

What is this weed itself

Back then in Lagos, I used to see some of my senior neighbours apply weed on their beard, and then later, I saw the beard-growing even when it was initially very scanty or not even existing.

It was then I began to reason what could have been the reason behind the growth. Could there be any chemical property weed possesses that interact with our hair follicles? This answer will be given shortly.

A weed is considered to be a plant unwanted in some particular places such as farms, gardens, lawns, and parks.

This has to be due to the human control settings so that it will not be easily reached by people that will definitely misuse it.

On the other hand, a weed is considered desirable when it is used where is it desirable to be used.

For instance, if you are using weed as a stimulant for beard growth, as long as you are not consuming it into your body system, and it is not causing any damage to it; it is considered a desirable plant.

Who is eligible to use weed on his beard

There is no specific law that says a person of a particular age cannot apply weed on its or her scalp as a stimulant for hair growth.

Since you are using it for a desirable and acceptable purpose, you can as well apply weed on your beard as long as you have it; weed will always be weed depending on how it is utilized.

What are the chemical properties of weed

Weed has about 400 chemical entities, as a complex plant with different effects on individuals when consumed into the body system.

Another name for weed is cannabis and the chemicals contained in it are called cannabinoids out of which the most effective one is called delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

However, based on the scope of this article, I will not go further than this but in a minute, you will realize the effect of weeds on your beard and that will serve as an indirect explanation to what weed can do on your body system.

Don’t forget that most of the chemicals contained in weed are already occurring naturally in your body system—this makes a weed an enhancer to our neuron system.

Benefits of Weed on your hair or beard

The Best Way To Grow A Beard With Weed

Going by experience, weed when used in a desirable way like this, has some great benefits to our body. The scalp, in particular, will enjoy the natural remedy hemp oil or weed mixtures can offer. Here are some of the good effects of weed on our hair:

  • It makes your hair thick and long
  • It aids rapid hair growth
  • It stimulates the hair follicles to release more hair to the patchy and bald areas of your skin
  • It helps to moisturize your scalp, killing some bacteria that can hinder the growth of hairs on it.

Reasons why you should apply weed on your skin for hair growth

The Best Way To Grow A Beard With Weed

You are not just advised to apply weed on your beard. There are lots of benefits that come with it that are beyond just making your hair grow. I will outline those benefits right away so that you can analyze them by yourself:

It stimulates hair growth

Despite if you smoke cannabis can cause damage to your hair by making it fall; applying weed on your beard will do an opposing action by stimulating the hair to grow fuller and healthier.

This is possible because weed or cannabis contains Sativa—anti-inflammatory properties as well as fatty acids that are essential for the stimulations of hair growth—they add more light to your hair or beard by making it shine, nice appearance and healthier.

It nourishes the scalp

If you have ever experienced dry scalp, you should understand how irritating it is; the itching alone will make you want to cut off your heard and place it in a jar full of ants to eat it up.

However, the good news is that with weed, say goodbye to dry scalp. Weed (hemp seed oil) contains gamma-linoleic acid that can deal mercilessly with dry scalp by killing the entire bacteria it can reach on it and also as a result, moisturize it for better growth.

It strengthens your hair strand

Since weeds like cannabis contain a lot of proteins, when applied to your beard, the hairs that are already constructed with protein will be triggered to grow fuller and healthier.

It helps to ease inflammation

Don’t worry about your skin condition; weed can help in easing inflammation. No matter the type of inflammation, whether eczema, rashes, prickly heat, and so on, by applying weed oil, you will get your skin to normal in a short period of time; this is possible because it is filled with antioxidants.

It can indirectly treat acne

While applying weed oil or its mixture with other liquids to your beard, it will also go a long way to treat acne for you, if present on your skin beneath the beard or your sideburn.

Weed contains a lot of cannabinoids that are known to improve acne Dr. Alexis Granite, a dermatologist at Gadogan cosmetics.

With all these benefits packed in cannabis, applying it on your beard will be ideal to boost the strength of your beard and as a result will make it grow better, shinier, nicer, and healthier.

Final Words on Best Way to Grow Beard With Weed

The Best Way To Grow A Beard With Weed

For many years back, people have been making use of weed as a stimulant to enhance the growth of their beards. Parts of the hacks are the ones I explained above. The steps are not hard to carry out in as much as you have the ingredients and tools available.

Looking at the benefits of weed on our skin, hair, and beard, we will realize that when used in a desirable way, will affect us positively, especially in the beauty line.

One more thing about weed is its flexibility. It can be mixed with other oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and other essential oil you can think of in other to boost your beard growth.

Like I mentioned in the various method of application, weed can be added to methylated spirit – restricted alcohol you can’t drink as a hair growth enhancer.

You should also know the entire tools and ingredients needed to prepare weed before the application. Things like scissors, cotton wool, methylated spirit, essential oil, and grinder as the case may be should be available when planning the mixture.

Weed has played a lot of essential roles over the years when it comes to the improvement of hair growth whether on your scalp on your beard.

It contains a lot of cannabinoids that interact with the neurons in the brain which help to stimulate hair growth. So, it is time to start applying weed on your beard if you need a very healthy beard within a short time.

What is your opinion about this article? Is there anything you will like to chip in? The comment box is always available to you.

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