Palmers Cocoa Butter Beard Oil Review

Palmers cocoa butter beard oil review: Growing and grooming your beard requires the use of hair care products like beard oil, beard balm, beard conditioner, and beard comb. Beard oil importance cannot be undermined in the grooming of facial hair. Beard oils are usually packed with all sorts of conditioning ingredients like jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and argan oil. The use of beard oil extends to moisturizing of your beard and the beard area; this helps repair split ends, nourish the hair follicles, improve hair growth, and prevent shaggy looking beard. Beards need extra moisture to keep them sharp, healthy flake free and fresh.

Beard oil is usually produced from one of these main ingredients which are cocoa butter or coconut oil with the blend of other essential elements which include almond oil, cedarwood essential oil, argan oil, sandalwood essential oil and jojoba oil. If you want to give your beard a fresh, beautiful and attractive look,  then palmer cocoa butter beard oil should be your choice. In this article, we will be reviewing everything you need to know about palmers cocoa butter beard oil.

Palmers cocoa butter beard oil review

Palmers cocoa butter beard oil is one of the best beard oil around; we can say it is mainly the best, but we can assure you that is among the best beard oil, and it will provide your beard with the essentials it deserves. This oil is formulated from canola oil amidst other ingredients; it makes your beard smooth, soft, subtle, and shiny. It contains natural cocoa butter which is known to promote hair growth, moisturize the hair and skin beneath, increase antioxidants, repair split ends, and halt premature graying of hair. The beard and surrounding skin quickly absorb beard oil, and its enticing fragrance cannot go unnoticed. This beard oil tames the toughest, roughest and driest beard and allows for curling to perfection.

Application of palmers cocoa butter beard oil

A simple application of beard hair is to apply a few drops of palmers cocoa butter beard oil on the palm, rub your palm together to spread the oil and then apply evenly to every part of the beard. It is advisable to use Palmers cocoa butter beard oil immediately after a shower when the hair is cleanest, and the beard should be dried softly with a towel to allow hair to absorb more oil as water decreases the amount of fat consumed. A beard comb should be introduced to spread the oil evenly around the beard, leaving no part untouched. To determine the amount of oil to use depends on how grown your beards are.

To apply beard oil on hair within three months than about 3 to 4 drops of lubricant should be used, for hair within six months than an average of 4 to 6 drops should do and for hair close to a year then about ten drops should be used. If your beard is older than a year, then oil should be applied to taste. Note beards grow faster than each other, so if you have a fast growing beard or a slow-growing beard, then it is really up to you to carefully determine how much you should use.


Palmers cocoa butter beard oil can be purchased in online stores like Amazon and eBay. Palmer’s products are also available in the online store across Africa. This product can even be gotten in local stores around you. Orders can be made from the company’s website at, and the company also advised customers to make purchases from Walmart, Walgreens, CVS pharmacy, and many more.

Cost of the item

Prices of palmers cocoa butter beard oil vary, depending on where your order was made. Walmart sells this product for as low as $6.97 while on eBay prices might rocket up to 12.99, your choice. Although some stores might offer exciting promotions. eBay provides the buyer with a 30-day return to satisfy consumer requirements.

You can also get the beard oil on a different local store around the US in case you don’t want to order, we can guarantee that you will surely get it in a local store, but you can ask the local stores around because it is available in some local stores.


There are jaw-dropping feedbacks about palmers. Customers who have claimed to use this product for decades have nothing but excellent feedback. They claim the palmers product has been nothing but outstanding.

About palmers

This company is one of the most extended standing proprietors in the production of skin and hair care products. E. T. Browne drug co inc dates back as far as the mid-nineteen century. This company is a family company currently owned by Robert dies after his father Arnold nies bought the company in 1971. E. T. Brown drug co headquarters have been in new jersey for over 50 years. Under Robert nies, the well-known palmers, cocoa butter formula was created and introduced to the world.

The revolutionary brand was successful. Since then palmers kept expanding and produced a wide range of skin and hair care products which include palmers cocoa butter beard oil, cocoa butter formula, palmer shea butter, palmers enzyme mask, Palmer’s coconut oil formula and many more. Palmers has also been successful in developing brands such as skin success, coconut oil formula, olive oil formula, shea formula, natural fusions, and hair success. These brands have given the company a strong presence in the market. Palmer’s products are available in over 80 countries worldwide and have a real global presence. They offer the best cocoa brand in the world, and without doubt, palmers have history and heritage, and it has earned the trust of customers for generations.


Choosing your beard oil is one of the four major decisions that must be made when grooming your beard. A wrong product may irritate your skin and deny your beard the “one of a kind” look. With all this information given in this article, anyone will believe palmers beard oil is the right choice for your facials. Palmers cocoa butter beard oil is truly the unique formula with the best and optimal essentials that will give you a look that you desire.

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