What Kills Hair Follicles Naturally

Imagine when you are given the option to shake a magic wand for the instant removal of hair follicles so that excess hair stops growing on your skin. Don’t you think that will be fascinating?

Excess hair growth has been the challenge in many women especially when it grows in an exposed area such as the face. This is often caused when the estrogen level is high in a woman.

A man will prefer to grow excess facial hair as it adds to his masculinity, how about a woman? This could cause serious damage to her emotional well-being.

What are hair follicles

Hair follicles are that part of your skin that allows the skin to grow hair by putting together old cells. A sebum-secreting gland known as the sebaceous gland is attached to the hair follicles and they are situated everywhere on your body except for the feet soles, lips, and palms.

If your body is a plant, the hair follicles are the roots. They are the tunnel-shaped structures in your skin that are packed with protein because they are made of protein cells that manage hair growth to your outer skin.

Remember, these protein cells mentioned are powered by blood flow and therefore make it easy for them to help the growth of hair on your various body parts.

Hair follicles do not only promote the growth of hair but play significant roles making your hair even and appear in varying colours.  The shape of your hair follicle can also determine how curly your hair will be.

One funny thing about follicles is that when one is plucked out from the root, another one begins to grow.

Just like stubborn weeds on your farmland, hair follicles tend to grow back naturally no matter the method of removal. For this reason, many have adopted a method of destruction to prevent hair follicles from growing back.

What Kills Hair Follicles Naturally

What Kills Hair Follicles Naturally

Killing hair follicles is dependent on the various methods you intend to use. We have the natural methods of killing hair follicles like the use of hair removal wax or papaya paste while we have the chemical hair removal method like the use of creams that contain substances like CALCIUM HYDROXIDE (LIME) and SODIUM HYDROXIDE (LYE). 

For the purpose of this article, we will look at the natural methods of destroying hair follicles.

Natural Methods of destroying hair follicles

What Kills Hair Follicles Naturally

You might have tried chemical and tools method for hair follicles destruction and yet couldn’t get an answer to your problem, you can still try the natural remedies for a clean job.

Here are the methods that will always work for you without causing damages since they are natural to your skin.

Sugar Waxing

Sugar is normally gotten from sugar cane and other carbohydrate foods that occur naturally. Sugar has now been a good agent when it comes to killing hair follicles naturally.

It is one effective natural product that can deal with excess hair on your body.

As the name suggests, you can wax your hair with the use of sugar. It could be a little painful but effective way to destroy hair follicles.

You can prepare sugar waxing through a mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice.

It works in a similar way as the chemical waxing does but is free of harmful chemicals, which makes it safe for your skin.

If you continue to use sugar waxing, it will weaken your hair follicles and in the end, destroys it.

How to make the sugar wax to destroy hair follicles.

Sugar wax can be made following these steps

  • Get a sugar
  • Get lemon
  • Get hot water
  • Get a fire source
  • Mix sugar and lemon juice together and boil
  • Allow to cool and then apply to the affected area like a mask
  • Do this continuously until a significant change is observed.

Papaya Paste for Follicles Removal

Papaya paste is another effective method of hair follicles destruction naturally. This method has proven itself positive since the usage of people.

If you can do the same, will not be a different story when done well.

There’s a special enzyme called papain that’s produced by the papaya fruit. It is the very agent that weakens your hair follicles when applied to your skin.

If you continue to rub your skin with papaya paste, it will end up removing your hair follicles to control unwanted hair growth.

How to make papaya paste to destroy hair follicles

  • You need papaya fruit
  • Your need a mortar and pestle or blender
  • Get a bowl to collect the paste
  • Blend or pound the papaya fruit to produce the paste
  • Rub the paste regularly on your skin to remove the hair follicles from the root.


Should in case you are not too satisfied with the first two methods, always remember that natural options cannot be exhausted.

Turmeric is effective in removing hair follicles from the root to stop unwanted hair growth. It is good at weakening the hair follicles in a similar way papaya does. It has been used as a natural beauty remedy since ancient times.

It is also used as facial hair control and to make the face smooth and tender to touch.

How to use turmeric for hair follicles destruction

  • Get a turmeric
  • Get a grinder
  • Get honey
  • Grind your turmeric fine using a grinder
  • Pour the powder in a small bowl
  • Mix your turmeric with original honey
  • Apply on the affected area to form a turmeric mask
  • Allow for some minutes
  • Gently remove the mask
  • Repeat the procedure regularly until you get a good result

Egg Mask Can Get it Done

Do you know that using an egg mask is also a natural way to save yourself from unwanted hair? When egg dries, it creates a transparent film on any surface.

That transparent film it creates is the real agent that kills hair follicles if you don’t want them.

How to make the egg mask

  • You need 2 raw eggs
  • Sugar
  • Cornflour
  • Mix the egg whites with sugar and cornflour to make the egg mask
  • Allow the mixture to set on your face etc 20 minutes maximum until it has formed a film
  • Lift the film gently to help remove excess facial hair and also destroy the hair follicles along.

How do I know if hair follicles are dead

Now, you have done all you are advised to do but not sure if truly your hair follicles have died. If you still care to know, keep reading.

It is when they are at the catagen stage that they are dead. At this stage, you will notice that there will be no hair growth in the selected area for a very long time.

However, a time will come, the hair will begin to grow back. This is a result of the transition that takes place through anagen (the birth of new follicles).

There are usually stages of transition namely; anagen (birth stage), catagen (death stage), and telogen (rest stage).

Your hair strand undergoes some structural changes during each transition stage but renews itself as soon as the hair follicles become healthy again.

You may try to stop your hair follicles from growing back but the reality is that tons of them will stay at the resting stage, so you need to work tirelessly to ensure the hair follicles enter the anagen stage.

Can dead hair follicles grow back

Your hair follicles can grow back if they are still healthy. This means hair will grow back where hair follicles were previously destroyed. However, this will happen only if there is proper care.

You can use some hair oils such as Beard kit for men grooming that will dramatically influence blood flow around your scalp or skin to produce more hair.

What you have done is called follicle cell rebirth. It is likely possible that you will be growing back your hair in no time.

Have I answered your question?

No! I have been taking you through natural methods of taking your hair follicles to rest so that you can have time to do other things while the excess hair stops growing for sometimes.

Here I am with the natural ways hair follicles die. They are life cycles that are normal with every other biological phenomenon. They die because it is part of their characteristics being parts of living cells.

Three stages of hair growth

  • Stage one: birth
  • Stage two: rest
  • Death

The stage of birth can be interchangeably used as rebirth because most of the time hair follicles experience temporary death which I personally view as the resting stage, and then when you groom your hair scalp properly with the right ingredients, revives the hair follicles.

But there are some conditions that indicate that your hair follicles are dead. That’s in the case of baldness. When your hair becomes bald, it means your hair follicles are completely dead.

There is no remedy for this. You just have to take heart and face reality. This is because there is no treatment that can stimulate hair growth on bald hair.

You may want to remember the case of Owen, a foot player whose bald hair suddenly became fuller, please make more research about that abracadabra there are lots of Brazilian hair in the market.

Analyzing the three stages of hair growth

Anagen: This is the first stage of hair follicle transition. It lasts for two or approximately six years while your hair grows 1 centimetre per four weeks.

Catagen stage: At the catagen stage, which is the phase at which your hair follicle experiences temporary death, it called the cyclical death.

Telogen stage: the telogen stage makes your hair sheds. This means, your hair follicles are resting trying to regain strength for a rebirth.

Analyzing the cyclical death of hair follicles

As you already know that during this stage, hair follicles and their cells are temporarily subjected to programmed cell death, however, the hair follicles give up temporarily at this stage as they regress, protein and pigment cell production is terminated.

In fact, your hair growing structure too will stop and die, and fade away while hair follicles begin to go deeply rooted within your skin.

The good news for those who still need their hair back is that some cells are still found on the base of the hair follicles. This is the reason why your hair will regrow after the follicles go back to the anagen phase and then grow back.

Analyzing permanent death of your hair follicles

You may be wondering that this article is still telling me that my hair follicles can’t be permanently damaged natural or artificial. Don’t worry, keep reading, you are about to find out the truth.

There are two major factors that cause permanent death to hair follicles: baldness and scarring.

The former is natural while the latter is artificial. I am more concerned with the former based on the scope of this article.

Hereditary baldness can cause you a huge loss in the hair follicles investment. The reason is that hair baldness causes hairs to shrink and then push the follicles deep down the root of your skin, so hair hairs hardly pass through your scalp pores.

When the condition gains stronger ground, it dominates your follicles, weakens them, and then closes up the entire growth process as though the entire chapter of a comic book is over.

What this means is that you should take heart, your hair cannot grow again. It is called permanent baldness.

Final Words on What Destroys Hair Follicles

What Kills Hair Follicles Naturally

Our hair follicles play a significant role when it comes to beauty, especially in men, hair follicles are not much problem to them, as a man will always love that his hair grows fuller and healthier especially around the facial areas.

However, in the case of women with excess hair growing around some area of their body, most of them cannot face this natural embarrassment but will decide to damage the same hair follicles that power their beauty when it comes to hair and its pigment.

It is not that the follicles are unwanted but the hair growing out of your skin due to their presence.

We also covered the fact that there are natural remedies for managing your hair follicles but there are natural characteristics through which hair follicles die temporarily and then revive after sometimes even after treatment of any kind.

However, baldness in its own special case is the major natural way through which hair follicles are permanently killed.

What is your take on this topic? The comment box is available for your awesome opinions.

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