8 Epic Moments Only Bearded Guys Will Understand

Being bearded is actually a little thing that makes a very big difference. Let’s be honest, bearded guys have been stealing some of the extra shreds of respects the world has for men. The feeling of confidence just gets a very huge boost and that is something you can’t deny. However, there are different kinds of bearded guys:

  1. The ones whose beards don’t connect
  2. The ones whose beards connect but are too rough
  3. The ones who have perfect beards because they use MBG’s beard care products.

If you fall in any of these categories, then you must have experienced 1 or more of these epic moments.

How all the girls look at you whenever you pass by

You know, because your full beards have made you look like Naija Captain America. You now get the “Let’s flirt” eye instead of the “Who are you and what do you want” face. In fact, we can safely say shooting shots are more easier when you have a beard. Like for real, even the whole football world took Messi more serious when he grew his beard.

The kind of respect people give you is top-notch

Do we really need to emphasise on this? Check every bearded guy, they get a different kind of respect. The best part is when you are with your beard gang. There is no denying that even the elders will start to give you the kind of respect they don’t give beardless guys. But if your Nigerian mum start’s begging on her kneels, just know something else is attached ooo.

How you walk into your office knowing that you are bearded and nobody gats anything on you








Even your boss at work starts to think of you differently the moment you start growing your beards (except when you are in a workplace with a strict “no beards allowed” policy them they can sack your ass). However, your workmates seem to be more pleased to be with you and give you a different form of honour than your other colleagues. The beard effect!

You counting how many weddings you will shut down with your beard gang before the next month

Like seriously, a Saturday wedding is not complete without bearded Yoruba guys in agbada. Even Ebuka will take lessons from you the moment he sees you are a bearded guy rocking agbada – but try not to take the bride home *winks*.

When your beards fail to connect

This can be the most frustrating issue with having beards. Sometimes the beards don’t connect. Most times it’s your fault because you failed to follow simple instructions asking you to use Mybeardgang’s beard cream and brush. If your beards are in patches, it’s actually better for you not to have at all. Having beards in patches make one look untidy. Even if you are CR7, you cannot shoot your shot and it will enter. Get an MBG beard cream if you really want to compete with real-bearded men.

When you ask her out and she doesn’t think about it before giving you a “Yes”

If you are bearded and you can’t relate to this, it’s because of one of these reasons;

  • Your approach was weak
  • Your beards are unkempt

Like seriously guys, no girl will give her “YES” to a low-budget African Sirius Black on low cut. Personal hygiene is very important and it doesn’t exclude beard hygiene. Try as much as possible to use the right beard products. A good beard cream and brush will help you groom your beards just how you want it. Fortunately for you, MBG is giving you all these at a very affordable price.

How you use well-connected beards to catch babes on the street

Rough beards can’t catch babes, beards that don’t connect can’t keep the babe for long. Groomed beards will catch the babe and keep her without any effort. Like for real!

How kids want to be around you so they can play with your beards

LOL! You suddenly become the father of many nations as kids want to always touch your beards. Nobody knows what attracts kids in beards though but it just attracts them.  Even guys turn other guys to their role models because of beards.

However, if you are the type that your beards have disappointed you so many times. You have added methylated spirit, aloe vera even honey but they yielded no result, you need to get the Mybeardgang beard care product.

Our beard cream gives you beards the perfect texture for grooming and growth. It helps texture grow your beards fast and gIves you the desired result you want in no time.


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