Can Nigerians Grow Beard in 2020?

Fellow Nigerian men, it is time to find out if really Nigerians can grow a beard.

With the way we all emphasize on the use of grooming products and tools, people think we can not grow a beard naturally. But should we be asking that can A Nigerian grow a beard?

You want to know the answer and you want to know all that affects Nigerian men from growing magnificent beards. Let’s find out.

After my last post where I explained how celebrities grow beards so quickly, I thought of addressing this question because, in Nigeria, we have a lot of men who are desperate to grow a beard. And since they haven’t noticed any sign of facial hair they begin to ask if a Nigerian can grow a beard.

Now, this is not about having facial hair on your chin. It goes beyond that. Of course, there are many Nigerian men with beards today. But what this question may also mean is, can a Nigerian Man grow beards.

From Enduring the process to grooming and maintenance, environmental and temperature factors, individual hormones and beyond.

These are part of the things we shall look at in this article.

I also understand that some Nigerian men have some beliefs about certain ethnic groups in Nigeria that can not or should not grow a beard. We will also address this in this post.

And even most men that have tried to grow a beard, they still struggle with patchy beards since they are not genetically predisposed to grow a lot of facial hair.

The point is that most Nigerian men tend to put little efforts in grooming and preservation of their beards. But when an occasion/social event comes and requires them to partake in while rocking beards, they will start looking for ways to grow a beard faster. 

So can a Nigerian grow a beard?

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Of course! A Nigerian can grow a beard. Patience and commitment to the process are the basic ingredients to grow a beard. As long as you have the right grooming tools and essential products to nurture your facial hair until it becomes magnificent, you can grow a beard as a Nigerian.

We have notable people in Nigeria that grow beards and I’ll leave you to make a list of them as they can be easily identified without thinking deep.

At the same time, beard growth is not easily noticeable among Nigerians because many Nigerians will prefer goatees or moustache to beards.

Regardless of whatever season that you find yourself- winter (Harmattan), spring (rainy), summer (hot), or fall, as a typical Nigerian man, there are some important beard care and maintenance tricks you should know when growing a beard. And we shall look into these hacks in this post.

The difficulty and commitment-demanding task that involves grooming a beard as well as environmental factors affecting beard growth may allow one to think that Nigerian can not grow a beard easily. But that is not true.

Since you now know that a Nigerian can grow a beard, it is time to identify the factors that influence beard growth as a Nigerian man. Afterwards, we will look into the common mistakes Nigerians make when growing beards. Are you ready?

What are the factors that influence a Nigerian’s beard growth?

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1.  Testosterone levels

The first and maybe, the most important thing that I’ll like us to look at when it comes to factors that influence beard growth in a Nigerian is the regulation of testosterone levels.

Your facial hair growth depends on the sensitivity of your body system. In other related articles, I have explained the whole details on how testosterone affects beard growth in man generally.

But it is basically an androgen group steroid hormone. This hormone is generated from the Leydig cells in the body system.

2.  Genetics

There is a unique way in which genetics influence beard growth in a Nigerian Man. For example, if one’s father has a good genetic line, there is a high possibility that such a person will start developing facial hair immediately after puberty hits.

In contrast, beard hair may take longer to come out if the genetic line isn’t that firm, but with the time your beard hairs will come out then you can groom it.

As a son of the soil, that is a typical Nigerian man, if your father has a healthy gene that allows him to grow abundant facial hair, it is likely that you will have no problem growing yours too without having to buy the whole beard cream in the world.

In other words, one of the things that increase your chance of growing facial hair is having parents with good hair growth.

3. Environment

Yes. This may sound somehow funny but the environment has a way of influencing how rapid a beard will grow. In this case, Nigeria is in a better advantage.

In countries where the weather is warm like Nigeria, the chances of growing beards are high and it is better than those in the cold nations.

Living in places like Germany, Uk, and the US, The climate in countries affects the chances of beard growth.

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4. Age

Do you remember we looked into genetics? How do you have a chance to grow a beard as a Nigerian if your father has a gene that allows abundant beard growth?

But even if your father grew a beard immediately after he attained the teen age does not mean yours will be the same.

Your age is very important when considering beard growth and not every Nigerian guy will start growing a beard after 17 years of age. Sometimes, you begin to feel a few strands when you hit your thirties! God is wonderful.

5. Balanced diet

It is no news that a good, nutritive food adds to the improvement of internal organs in the body. There are certain nutritional diets that need to be taken into the body to increase testosterone levels which will in turn stimulate healthy beard growth.

And as a Nigerian, there are myriads of local and international delicacies that one can eat or add to one’s diet to aid a healthy eating habit.  The foods you eat should be rich in Vitamins such as A, C and E, Omega S fatty acids, carotene, and protein.

Do you want to grow a healthy beard? Good food should be number #1.

To get these nutrients, some food you can eat are eggs, oranges, fish, gelatin, beef, raisins, and potatoes.

Common mistake Nigerian men make when growing beards

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Not making use of Moisturizer

Almost all Nigerian men that grow a beard make this big mistake. They are always stiff so it is not necessary to use moisturizer. Wrong!

Just like the way you will water a plant for it to grow and blossom, you need to water your facial hair to be spotted in any crowd. But speaking of water, nourishing your beard will involve a moisturizer.

You are growing a beard to look outstandingly attractive, not looking like 5 years older than your age with a wrinkled beard.

So I encourage you to embark on a nourishing routine every night, it doesn’t take you a minute or less from the full 24 hours you have daily to avoid this common mistake.

Get the best moisturizer for black-bearded men HERE

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The Bushy Neckline

Personally, I have noticed that most Nigerian men do not pay attention to their neckline.

When most Nigerian men are in the salon, they feel careless and expect the barber to fix it the way they like. After all, they are professionals.

But over time, their neckline becomes very bushy and not pleasant to look at. I don’t give kudos to a man with a good looking beard and a very bushy neckline.

If you find it hard doing it yourself with a mirror in front of you, you can simply ask a household member or your partner to assist you.

The Same Beard Cut

Most of the time, when we get complaints from bearded men here in Nigeria, one of our recommendations is for them to change their beard cut.

Most Nigerian men make the mistake of Sticking to a beard pattern. Not only does it get boring but also less attractive because most people will already know you in one style.

But you can look attractive when you rock a different beard cut once in a while.

Using Excessive Beard Product

It is not until you buy all the beard oil in Nigeria that you will be assured full beard growth.

Having a perfect beard look is not about how many beard products you use and how you balance between a product, luxury and style.

The password of growing a beard successfully as a Nigerian Man is using the best product. For example, if you will use a beard cream, you don’t need to buy 20 of them.

Just a single beard cream that can do the job like mybeardgang beard cream is ideal.

With just a minimal beard product to rock the look, you are good to go. And avoid these mistakes that most Nigerian men make while growing a beard.

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