Can Sperm Make Your Beard Grow?

I know what you are thinking right now. Yes, I thought about it too. Until I decided to write this article.

People think out of the box every single day, scientists never relent in discovering mind-blowing things and in fact, this is just one of them.

Yes! Sperm is good for facial hair. They help the beards to grow as a result of the spermidine present in them which stimulates hair follicles, prolong the growing phase of the hairs and inhibits the end-of-the-growth phase. Sperm can help promote beard growth.

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Now, this may not really sound clear to you and that is why we will not stop here. It is true that sperm can help in beard growth but what other important details are we to know about this beard growth process before going ahead?

Now, let’s get into details.

Please note that identifying how sperm helps in beard growth may contain a lot of scientific stuff but I’ll try to break it down to the simplest to aid quick understanding.

What you should know about Sperm and Beard growth

low sperm count facial hair,  does sperm make woman happy,  is sperm good for the skin and hair,  does sperm contain collagen,  can sperm on skin cause bumps, 

Of course, there are better ways to grow a beard rather than using sperm. Examples of these ways include Rogaine, minoxidil, or other natural herbal substances which have been proven to grow a beard even on men who can not grow a beard as a result of hormonal formation.

But if you have seen this way of growing beard as one that is easy and cool to you, then you should read further. However weird it may sound, people use sperm to grow a beard and It works. I’ll show you all the science behind it but first, let’s start with a proper introduction of what connects semen with beards.

One of the fluids from a man’s body that contains a high quantity of nutrition is the Semen. This is unarguable because the fusion of this sperm with a female ovary brings about a new life. Since sperm will need to swim to the ovary to fertilize it, then it needs a large amount of nutrition.

I mentioned that the sperm contains spermine that helps in beard growth yeah? Well, that’s just one of them. (our main concentration, anyway). Spermidine and other components like putrescine and spermine are part of a major component of the sperm which is called polyamines.

Since these Polyamines are the major components of sperm, they represent the key drivers of cell proliferation, rapidly growing tissues and tumours.

Polyamines are what relates sperm and beard growth as they serve a very significant role when it comes to the survival of cells.

This may be sounding too much of science but that’s the simplest it can be.

How does sperm stimulate beard growth?

I am pretty sure that by now, you have a glimpse of the science behind this chemical/natural phenomenon.

As a result of the various compounds semen contains, it is good for hair growth. Here is a direct explanation of how sperm stimulates beard growth.

What you don’t know is that many of the things in semen are also present in many commercially produced beard care products.

Are you shocked?

Semen actually contains well over 50 different nutritional components, including hormones, zinc, calcium, fructose and amino acids.

There was a study and research carried out by certain scientists on this subject matter. They wanted to test how effective and safe sperm is for hair on a mammalian body. But first, they topically applied spermidine (which is present in man’s sperm) on mice, this led to the growth of its hair unit the hair follicles’ resting stage (telogen).

This became proof that scientists have suspected given the key role played by polyamines in cell proliferation as an important stimulant of hair growth.

As a result of this experiment, hair follicles are some of the most proliferating organs in the biology of the mammalian body.

When also tested on a sheep, the same result showed that polyamines (the major component of the sperm) stimulate the growth and diameter of the hair follicles of the sheep.

By the time these researchers decided to alter with the metabolism process I’d the polyamines they’ve applied, they observed hair loss of the mammal. This was because of the premature proliferation of keratin in the hair follicles.

And to a firm conclusion, the presence of polyamines on facial hair will increase the beard growth process. And you find polyamines as a component of a man’s sperm. This is why sperm is said to help in beard growth.

However, don’t be in doubt. These processes have been tried by men like you and it works. It led to the growth of the beard. Giving you these experimental results is to show you how it was proven and why it became an adopted technique by some grooming professionals.

From my research, I have also found out that when a man abstains for less than a day, the motility of the sperm is increased as compared to abstaining longer.

In other words, you increase sperm quality by abstaining. In this connection, semen retention should improve beard growth since it will have improved the quality and levels of testosterone.

How to apply sperm for beard growth

I know that right from the beginning of this article, one of the big questions you have is “how am I going to apply it on my beard?” and I can guess how you’ve thought of going about it already. LOL.

But don’t worry. Here is a simple guide on how to go about it. It’s really no big deal when you start to get desired results.

  • Take a sample of semen of about 2.5 grams per use in a Petri dish.
  • The sample should be mixed with 20 ml of water. ( Chill down to about 5–10 Degrees for excellent results)
  • The rich nutrients present in the sperm could attract fungi formation. To Avoid this, Squeeze a full lemon in the prepared solution
  • Use butter paper or tissue paper to apply at the respective location by dipping in the solution.
  • For an excellent result, Use a much concentrated fresh version of pure semen
  • Use it twice a day
  • This is a home remedy that can be used on the beard, moustache, or head.

For the ladies who are aiming hair growth, Ingesting the semen solution works as well as applying it on the regions where you want hair growth.

So, if you as a lady swallow Semen. Well, good for you. Expect to see some improvement in the growth of your hair.

Benefits of Sperm on Facial hairs

Based on the research we looked into earlier on, and reviews from these researchers, applying sperm on beards offer the following benefits to the beard.


  • Prolong the anagen phase
  • Strengthen hair due to promoting the production of keratin
  • Stimulate hair growth

FAQs on sperm for stimulating beard growth

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Here are some popular questions that men ask about using sperm for beard growth. Factual answers that you can rely on have been respectively provided as well. I’m pretty sure that some questions will correlate with the ones you have in mind. Thankfully, you get the answers here.

If you still have further questions and you’d like them to be answered like this, you can leave a comment at the comment section.

How do you apply sperm for hair or beard growth?

You apply sperm topically on areas that you want beards to grow on your chin. If you understand the guidelines on how to apply sperm on a beard for growth that I have shared earlier on in this article, then this question should be considered answered already.

If you want a beard to grow on your cheeks, simply apply the semen on your cheeks. You can also apply it on your scalp to treat telogen effluvium.

Does sperm make your beard soft?

While some women claim that sperm makes their hair soft, I have not personally come across any research that claims that sperm makes facial hair soft. So I can not guarantee this 100%.

If I can’t grow a beard does it mean I have low sperm count? 

Never think through this path. It’s a NO. Because you can not grow a beard does not mean you have a low sperm count. I have been creating contents and making research on beard growth for men and I can assure you that there are myriad reasons why a man can not grow beards ranging from genes, sensitivity to DHT hormone and beyond.

Does putting sperm on your face make facial hair grow faster?

If the answer was YES, I would have included that in my last article where we looked into how you can grow a beard faster. But putting sperm on your face will make your beard grow but not faster. All the sperm can do is stimulate beard growth.

For faster beard growth than the usual half an inch per month, get a good beard cream.

P.S : Sperm cannot even grow hair where there are no hair follicles.

Can applying sperm on your face increase beard volume?

Applying sperm on the face can help you fill in a patchy beard by stimulating dormant facial hair follicles and enhancing elongation of the hair shaft. So yes, it can increase beard density on the chin.

How can I grow a thick beard at a faster rate?

From a professional angle, I will not advise you to depend solely on the use of sperm to grow a thick beard. There are some basic grooming products you should have in your Arsenal if you want to grow a magnificent beard. Check out this article HERE where I have given details on how you can grow a thick beard at a faster raid.

But you should note that you cannot increase the rate at which the beard grows, the growth rate remains at one half an inch per month.

All in all, the researchers still claim that sperm can help you grow a thicker beard when applied topically. True.

Why do some boys get facial hair first before others?

Okay, this can have a long of guys, especially in their late teens, who are very disturbed.

Most guys are considered as early bloomers such that their genes are more sensitive to testosterone from an early age. Meanwhile, the case may be different from the other guy.

But as a teenager, you should not be too worked up because you haven’t seen any strand on your chin yet.

All you need to do is exercise patience and in no time, you’ll begin to grow that beard that you have always wanted.

Are there any legitimate ways to stimulate beard growth?

Of course, the list may be endless. I’ve written about various natural ways to stimulate beard growth without semen. These processes have been scientifically proven and tested to work effectively without side effects.

Another active way to stimulate the growth of your facial hair is by using a quality derma roller can. Also, the growth of facial hair can be stimulated by Increasing the sensitivity of your androgen receptors

Will coating my face in semen help me grow a thicker beard? 

In reference to the research made on semen in relation to beard growth, we saw that spermidine activate your dormant hair follicles and boost the growth of your facial hair. Yeah? So the answer is yes. BUT, they will not work in an area without hair follicles. So if you have used electrolysis on your chin in the past, forget it.

It may be hard to convince some men on how sperm works for beard growth, let alone being committed to the process.

A little guys talk now, You will agree that most guys in their early twenties or late twins blow into a towel most times in a week. Right? So it won’t be a bad idea to use what they produce.

If you have ever used sperm to stimulate beard growth and you want to share your experience and the result you got, kindly hit the comment box or send us a private message on Whatsapp. It will be important to me in order to further my research and come up with insightful contents like this.

Finally, putting sperm in your beard can be the most disgusting thing ever, trust me. But it works. So there isn’t any shame in using your semen to promote the growth of your beard.

Have you tried it already? Let me know how it goes.

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  1. Yes Yes and yes… It is absolutely correct. As my own experience I grow my Beard the thickest and without patches within all of my friend circle at the age of 18 – 20 only. As that was the age of excess sexual desire I as any other guy of my age masturbate regularly. I read somewhere about this type of article and so I used to apply my semen three four times daily. It showed the positive result on my face. Where my other friends have a very little or some what thin and patchy beards I got it fully covered and strong beard on my face at the age of 18-20. I suggest some of my friends to do it like me and few of them started it and got the positive result.
    So I am 100% sure that Your Semen or any other’s semen when applied on the face brings the beard growth a boost.


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