What Can I Put On My Beard To Make It Lay Down

The first two months of growing a beard is usually a comfortable time for most bearded men. During these times, all your facial hair is quite organized in a reasonable sense.

While everything appears neat and organized in the first two months, you may still encounter little problems like itchy and patchy beards.

But that can be easily solved as there is not that much there to actually look after.

I have narrated how your first two months of growing a beard may likely be, yeah? Now after this time, you may start noticing that your beard is getting out of control.

What do I mean?

What can I put on my beard to make it lay down?

The question at the title of this article will not come to your mind when you first start growing a beard. The major problem you will start having in grooming your beard is that they gradually become unruly and rough.

Is this your story? Are you looking for a one-stop solution? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

I have written this article for you to guide you step by step and understand what to apply on your beard so that they can lay down, become soft and easy to groom without pain or too much effort.

This is a very serious problem in grooming that we need to address as fellow manly gentlemen. In this post, I will share with you some tips to make your beard soft, thereby enjoying the experience of growing a beard!

As part of the valuable information you will get in this post, I’ll show you the actual reasons why your beard gets rough in the first place and how to prevent them.

Afterwards, we will examine the best grooming product that is important to use when treating our beards to ensure smooth and soft facial hair

I will then share a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use these products which will be provided at the later end of this article.

At the end of the day, I’m positive that the information here will make your life easier and to make you want to grow a beard FOREVER.

If you are ready, let’s begin!

Reasons why your beard gets rough

What can I put on my beard to make it lay down?

Now that you have finally decided to stop getting rid of your facial hair, you want to be like the manly bearded men you see around yeah? But most of them have probably faced a beard grooming problem or the other and have overcome them. If you have been Battling with rough unsettled beards lately, I’m about to show you the causes of it. Factors you may even be ignorant of.

Is your beard lagging behind in its quality? Is it a bit wiry and difficult to manage? Well, there are a couple of reasons. And this answers all your “BUT WHY” questions.

1.  Low temperatures

Are you in doubt that cold temperatures have something to do with the health of your beards? Well, let me clear the air now.

I want you to understand that your beard gets dry at one point or the other just like the skin. Aren’t we dealing with living things here?

Low temperatures can make your beard really bad as it can damage the quality in no time. The main striker behind every rough beard is low temperature.

Now a good example is when you live in a country or state where there is constant winter or you just happen to experience the cold season, your face and your beard, implicitly, are probably the only parts of your body which are left uncovered.

2.  You don’t clean it properly

You should know by now that your beard is now part of your body and you should keep it cleaned properly.

Do you know that a beard does not have an immune system? In other words, It cannot avoid debris, food or dust. So if you do not clean it properly, you will have an unhealthy beard.

An unhealthy beard leads to a rough beard. A rough beard leads to an ugly beard. When you have an ugly beard, no sweet talk, you are ugly as well. I’m sure you don’t want that.

3. You wash with hard water

Speaking of cleaning your beard properly, it is also important to note that not all water can be used to wash your beard.

A lot of men neglect this and that is what landed them in the club of people who are searching for solutions to rough, itchy beards.

You attract detriments to the quality of your beard when you use hard water to wash it. You may ask what hard water is.

Well, this is simply water with high amounts of minerals in its structure. Using it will definitely make your beard rough and tangled.

In that way, washing off whatever product you’ve applied to the beard will be a difficult task, and when it becomes difficult, you will want to leave too much product in your beard. This can make it even rougher.

4. Dehydration

If you take a closer look at the definition, you will notice that dry beards are not far from non-hydrated beards. That is not entirely true anyway.

Generally, dehydration occurs in the body when you lose more water than you take in, yeah?

So we can conclude that dehydration of beards has to do with the internal while dry beards, on the other hand, have to do with the external.

Needless to say, when you do not drink enough water for a longer period of time, there are ugly consequences that follow.

Dehydration has an ugly effect on the skin and everything that concerns it. Including your beard.

What can I put on my Beard to make it lay down and you too

In a nutshell, Wash your beard with shampoo, dry it with a towel, apply bear oil when it is dry and distribute the oil to all areas of the beard using a beard brush. This will soften the beard and make it lay down. 

Let’s now get down into details on what you can apply on beard to make them lay down.

Use your Essential Beard Grooming Products frequently

What can I put on my beard to make it lay down?

Now that you know the consequences of having a rough beard, it is time to guard against them but equipping our arsenal with the right beard grooming product for bearded men which will aid a softer and smoother beard when applied or used.

These products listed here have been formulated and made particularly to help in keeping your beards in the best situation.

Just as the creams you use to have a silk skin, these beard products do not only add to giving your beard a nice smell but also keep it healthy and strong.

Beard Balm

Similar to beard oil, this product aids conditioning. It comprises a mixture of some carrier oils, butter, and waxes.

This is an ideal product to apply on your beard for it to lay down as it works in the foundation which is your skin. At the same time, allowing styling to be easier for you.

Anyway, this beard balm could instantly work for some people. It can be used alone to make your beard lay down flat. But note that it may only work for men who have got quite a tame beard and is only slightly unruly. Here, little help is required.

Beard Oil

Yes. Beard oil. A very cogent grooming product for any bearded man. The regular application of Beard oil in beards can not be overemphasized if you need a smooth and soft beard.

It is a combo of coconut oil and argan oil as well as essential oils (that provide the nice smell). No matter how bad it is, beard oil should be your day-in-day-out essential regardless of the state of your beard, or how long you’ve been into it.

Apart from granting your beard that charming scent, they keep the skin fresh and healthy. You need the best beard oil to buy, I recommend this post HERE.

Then use your Beard Styling Products to style your beard

The main point for having these products is that they often have a high wax content along with a range of butter, this is exactly the feature you should look for as they will help in making your beard lay down flat.

Taking a broader look at your beard, you need to have products that are tailored towards achieving a great look.  And you shouldn’t think any further than having beard styling products.

Beard Wax

You will be smart to conclude that this product contains wax and has a very high level of hold. Yes!

It is only when you’ve got a really stubborn beard that it is too difficult to lay down that you should use beard wax. This is because they can be unfriendly to the beard and can feel somewhat greasy, so usually, I won’t recommend this all the time.

Beard Styling Balms

Lastly, on beard grooming products, you can apply on beards to make them lay down is beard styling balms. Like I have mentioned earlier, anything with beard balm usually has a much higher content of wax and butter content and can be used somewhat as a paste.

So while it is good for your beard, it equally makes styling an easy job.

I’m pretty sure that most beard category will fall under this, that is why I recommend using beard styling balms for particularly unruly beards

While I conclude this article on what to apply on beards to make it lay down, you might have heard someone talking about Natural ways to grow a beard by rubbing your face. What’s your take on this. Well, this article HERE has all the information you need.

You can also go the natural way to make your beard lay down

If you want to be among the men that flaunt a perfectly groomed beard, you must make sure that you do everything possible to allow it lay down. In recent times, men no longer want to shave their facial hair. But this, for some, can turn out to become stubborn and flyaways.

If you are in that journey of keeping your beards and making them grow magnificently, it is possible that they will begin to go against the pattern in which they are growing from the start. It is at that time that you will begin to seek ways to make them soften and lay down. Beards will only lay down or when they are not dry.

You need to give the best environment for them to grow healthier. Below are some natural ways to make your beard lay down.

Good shampoo for beard 

While shampoo is the best way to make beards lay down, a lot of men take this as a wastage of time. It isn’t actually.

Most people believe that the use of shampoo is limited to the hair and scalp. But your beards need shampoo as well. Simply mix the shampoo with water and apply gently on your beard. And it should be done at least twice a week. After massaging it, wash it off using cold water.

Conditioner with little oil

After you shampoo your beard. It is good as a conditioner and little oil. It is a very important procedure when shampooing your beard as it contributes to the end result of making your beards lay down.

The work of a good conditioner on beards is to moisturize and soften the beard. This makes the beard shiny and fixed in a pattern without looking messy.

It is OK to add oil to your conditioner. After mixing, apply it on your beard and leave for about ten minutes. Use warm water to wash off afterwards.

olive oil

Olive oil is largely used by most men to soften and improve beard growth. It is used to soften beards which will, in turn, cause them to lay down and look fresh.

Regular application of olive oil on your beard will allow your facial hair to stay soft and black. This oil, just like some other essential oil for beard grooming, contains effective moisturizing properties that not only soften but allows beards to grow faster.

To use olive oil properly on beards, all you have to do is measure two teaspoons of olive oil and massage it into your beards. Make sure that the olive oil is warm and leave it overnight.

Yes, overnight. Unlike other beard oils, olive oil has no side effects if it remains on your beard. Wash it off with warm water and your beard will soften.

Aloe vera

Another natural effective way to make beards lay down is the use of aloe Vera. It is generally known that aloe Vera helps in killing dandruff and other potential threats to hair growth in the body.

We all know the enemy to beard growth as dandruff. Aloe vera will have this fixed. The method of application of aloe Vera is similar to all that I have mentioned above. After you get the thick liquid, massage it on your beard and wash off after some time. Repeat this process twice every week to have the best results.

Honey and lemon juice

In a recent post, I explained how lemon can have an effect on your beard. Both in the positive and in the negative path. When lemon juice is mixed with honey it can promote facial hair growth and help in softening beards.

Honey is a natural liquid that helps in stimulating beard growth. When you mix with lemon juice, it works faster. After applying a beard, do not forget to wash off with cold water this time.

While some home remedies to make beards lay down can seem daunting and waste of time, they will actually work better than some other chemicals for beards.

If you want a perfect beard on your face, these tips should be gold to you. I have just shared some natural ways to make beards lay down without much effort.

Will beard straightener work on making your beard lay down?

Beard straightener is recommended for those who battle with a coarse and curly beard. Beards that are frizzy-looking and stubborn will need a beard straightener to keep them in shape.

While the natural ways to make beards lay down will work for coarse hairs, there are some cases that require the use of a beard straightener.

It is preferred to use a beard straightener in beards than a Hair Dryer because the latter will be more gentle on your skin.

Apart from facial hair, some very good beard straighteners can be used for hairs on the head. They can work as perfect as when used in facial hair. It is a very good option to help avoid your beard looking rough and all over the places.

In my opinion, it is an effective tool to use if you want to keep your facial hair looking neat and fresh.

To buy a very good beard straightener that will work perfectly in both beards and hairs on the head, you need to look out for special features and qualities. A good beard straightener should be made with heat resistant material, 360° Swivel Cord as well as a Heated Beard Brush.

Have you checked out Arkam Premium Beard Straightener for Men? It is one of the best beard straighteners I have seen so far and its features are outstanding.

The Double-Sided MCH Ceramic Heating and beard brush has been perfectly engineered with the latest technology to have you looking your best in a fraction of the time.

It is handy and compact which means that you can go around and still keep your beard in shape.  In addition, it has a 360 swivel cord that gives you the opportunity to brush every which way in simple strokes.

You can check it out right here.

Final words – What Can I Put on my Beard to Make it Lay Down Now

Getting your beards to lay down is as difficult as it is easy. All you need to do is to ensure you follow through with the advice shared above. Try it out and let us know it goes.


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