Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer: Our 2020 Ultimate Guide

Every woman seeks to pamper her hair with a soft bonnet hairdryer. Are you looking for one to buy? Then we have got you covered in this article. Jump right in. Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers to Buy Have you ever mistakenly touched your hair during work hours or some few hours after bathing and still feel that annoying wetness from allowing your hair to naturally dry? Many times, I have found myself in this situation and trust me, it wasn’t funny at all!

It was a very tough moment for me as I had to always, watch my hair and then wait for it to naturally dry before I go on with my normal activities for the day.

Do you know what that means for me? Oh Yes! I was always late to work and engagements because I was always spending more hours waiting for my hair to dry. It wasn’t long before I realized I was wasting my time because I didn’t have a good hairdryer to dry my hair with and oh the deep conditioning I loved so much was almost impossible for me.

After all, it means I will spend eternity hoping that the conditioner will dry on my hair naturally.

I had a hard time all those while, but it wasn’t long and I came across this soft bonnet hair dryer on amazon and took extra caution going through the product descriptions as well as their pros and con.

So, definitely you will trust that I will give you a perfect review of the products and this will enable to make the best choice on your next purchase. As you already know, buying a product is one thing but buying a good product to get maximum value for your money is the best thing to consider on all your purchases.

So, let this guide be your bet on getting to know the most important features, descriptions, and advantages of the soft bonnet hairdryer.

This guide together with our honest reviews on the best soft bonnet hair dryers will help you in making the best choices among the numerous products in the market such that at the end of the day you get value for your money.

Uses of Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers?

Soft bonnet hair dryers are used to the foldable version of the already existing hard dryers used at the salons. They are made to provide the same effect as the existing hard dryers in the comfort of your home, that is when you do not want to spend much of your time in the salon waiting for your stylist to dry your hair.

My review of this product will fail to appeal to you if I don’t take out time to look at the several uses of soft bonnet dryers and the occasions for their use; read further below to understand the uses of soft hair bonnet dryers. Soft bonnet hair dryers are used for:

  •   Drying your hair
  •   Deep conditioning
  •   Hair treatments that need heat application
  •   Roller styles drying

So, when you use bonnet hair dryers you can get to use it for doing all I listed above just like you will do naturally or in the salon. The question now is, will you rather dry your hair relaxing on the cushion right there in your living room with a newspaper or your phone in your hands or will you rather seat at some noisy salon where you have to probably wait for your turn before drying your hairs?

If we both are thinking alike as women who desire comfort not minding the cost, then I can stake my bet on it that I know your answer already. Relaxing in your living room and having that hair dry up steadily and fast is another feeling on its own and this is what every buyer wants.

Paying for a product and getting value for your money, and maximum satisfaction! So if you are looking to buy the best soft bonnet hair dryers, then you are not in the wrong place at all because we have got the details of all the best soft bonnet hair dryers and we are determined to roll them out for you in the shortest possible as long as you keep your eyes on this space!

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Advantages of Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers

See as long as you need dryers to dry your hair, do deep conditioning, do amazing roller styles on your hair, then you can never go wrong having a soft bonnet hair dryer in your hair equipment closet. No! Never!

The advantages are overwhelming and the decision to have it is one you can never regret and that is why I am more interested in listing out the advantages for you so you can get to make more informed choices on the best soft bonnet hair dryer to buy this year.

Reading this review will go along way to helping you choose the best products with the best description, features, and quality manufactured by a good company that will provide a good support system for you even if you have bought their product.

Hence let us briefly look at the advantages of soft bonnet hair dryers below

  •   A soft bonnet hair dryer is more ideal for styling the whole hair at once while the normal hair dryers are only excellent for doing a piece by piece hair styling.
  •   It also makes a uniform drying of the hair possible as you will not have to dry the hair portion by portion
  •   It uses a method of hair drying that is ideal for hair treatments, large rollers as well as wigs.
  •   The foldable bonnet part makes it possible to just fold and put in a bag for traveling, so in essence, you can travel the world and not bother about how or where to dry your hair.
  •   In case you ever go to your stylist to have your hair done and then it happens that there are more customers on the queue to be attended to, if you have your soft bonnet dryer at home, then it will be easier for you to go home and make use of yours at home that way it’s even more comfortable as you can relax properly while drying your hair.

Yeah! if you ever used hard dryers over time you can agree with me that they are quite very noisy and the decibels aren’t really good for your ear!

So, it’s time to handle that and get yourself the best soft bonnet hair dryers for your comfort! Right because we are concerned about your buying choices, we have taken extreme care and time in compiling this list of best soft bonnet hair dryers to buy and we are reeling them out right here below.

If you have been bothered and kept wondering how to make the best choices, I am convinced that this review will be your educator and guide until you can get buy your best choice of soft bonnet hair dryers.

Now! Let’s see the soft bonnets dryers making waves in the market. Right! If you follow me steadily, I will be listing their key features, description, pros and cons and my thoughts and opinions as well as opinions of other buyers across various platforms. I believe this will help you in a highly informed choice of products in the long run.

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Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers to Buy: Our Ultimate Guide

Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers to Buy

I have succeeded in explaining to you what soft bonnet hair dryer means, its uses and advantages in the face of numerous hair dryers in the market and why you should have them in your closet.

Well, I hope the reason why you are still reading is that you understand to this point and curious to find out our best guide to buying soft bonnet hair dryers? If I am correct then it will be bad to keep you waiting for a long time.

I do not plan to do much but I must make sure to give you all the information you before we go right into listing the hairdryers in our ultimate guide Are you ready? Now let’s go to the main reason why we are here.

List of the best soft bonnet hair dryers to buy that is very compatible with your budget.

1. Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer to Buy In 2020

Yes, our number one on the list of best soft bonnet hair dryers to choose from is the elegant and portable Conair soft bonnet hairdryer. If you are reading this write then I will love to advise that you make sure to pay close attention to the description and key features of the product because that is where the main features of the product that made it stand out among other products will be discussed.

Of course, you can have your dream bonnet dryer without breaking the bank to achieve that.

Well, I will allow you to make the choice when you are done with this ultimate guide. So, if you are ready to understand all you need to know about soft bonnet hair dryers let’s move it onto the next level of the guide.

Product Description

  •   The Conair uses cut edge technology to blow dry your hair gently.
  •   The airflow is constant hence it makes the drying process even
  •   There are adjustable controls and this allows you to set your drying level the way and level you want. The speed/heat controls are 4 in number with an attached cool setting.
  •   Conair soft bonnet hair dryer contains a compact storage that has handles, this means you can easily pack it and travel with it because of its portability.
  •   There is also a free hot airbrush included in the package and it is meant for styling your hair for people who have large volumes of air.

It is very important to note that this bonnet hair dryer is manufactured for household use only

Key features

The key features of the Conair soft bonnet hair dryer are;

  •    A storage kit with a perfect handle to match makes it a brilliant option for traveling.
  •   There is a bonus hot air vent brush that makes sure you achieve a smooth styling for your hair volume
  •   The ability to be used in easy styling or deep conditioning is a major strength of this product

What I liked about the product The Conair soft bonnet hair dryer is elegantly designed and it is very portable due to the compact storage and handles, perhaps this is the major reason I fell in love with the product because I can travel with it. It got to make my worries about where and how to dry my hair when I travel fizzle away with the wind.

I also liked that the product has 4 heat/speed settings as this enabled me to be in control of the drying process.

These were the things I like about the dryer; I am also hopeful you will like a lot of things too if you buy. Things I didn’t like the initial set up of the product because it seemed a little bit stressful to me but the guide provided by the manufacturer helped set it up the dryer. For this reason, I want to show you the steps involved in setting up the dryer for use.

  •   First of all, click on the release button, this will help loosen the lock.
  •    The second step involves attaching the hose and placing over the rollers
  •   Then after usage just gently pull the drawstring and them lock it.
  •   Then package in the suitcase shaped compact case this will help you to save up space in the house.

Step By Step Guide to Set up the Conair soft bonnet hairdryer

Step By Step Guide to Set up the Conair soft bonnet hairdryer


  •   The weight of the product is light and that is an advantage
  •   It is perfect for traveling
  •   Price is pocket-friendly


  •   The drying power seems to be a little low
  •   Because the hose that attaches to the bonnet comes unset it makes a little bit stressful to set it up.

I love the mobility that this type of hairdryer offers!! I can very easily multitask while drying my hair The bonnet is truly large enough to get over those large rollers and it dries very well – I use the highest heat and it’s not uncomfortable Love it!

Check out the Conair soft bonnet hairdryer review video here


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2. Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer to Buy In 2020 Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer to Buy In 2020 About the product

Revlon ionic soft bonnet hair dryer comes off as a new technological advancement in the hairdryer industry as they introduced the ionic hair dryer that makes use of negative ions to prevent frizzing of hair.

If you are looking for a product that will give you the exact value for your money then this soft bonnet hair dryer right here is your go-to product because it comes off with all the features to make your hair drying process successful and give you amazing results.


This product is perfect for deep conditioning as well as the processing and drying roller sets. The perfect blend of hands-free drying experience and a good flow of air enables you to dry quickly and evenly.

The ionic technology employed by this dryer helps to maintain a very neutral ionic charge which leaves the hair shiny, smooth and without the frizz. It further utilizes the 3 heats/speed system and this is important in providing the user with the ability to control the heat and the speed for maximum results.

Key Features

  •   The Revlon soft bonnet dryer uses negatively charged ions to minimize hair frizz.
  •   It has 3 heat/speed controls which make the drying process flexible
  •    It has a cool setting which is necessary for releasing cool air to enable the hair set.
  •   The storage case holds the entire dryer, the power cord inclusive

What I Liked About the Product

  •   The hose makes using the product very flexible
  •   The storage case helps in keeping all parts of the hairdryer safe and secure
  •   The ionic charge was very effective in preventing hair frizz
  •   Setting up the dryer for use was not difficult at all

What I Didn’t Like About the Product

  •   The noise from the dryer was a bit loud so it felt uncomfortable using it
  •   The dryer easily got very hot while in use


  •   The price of the product is pocket-friendly
  •   The ionic charge makes it valuable for people who experience hair freeze
  •   The packaging is portable


  •   The dryer is a little noisy
  •   It gets hot easily while in use

I have been searching for a nice hairdryer and found this one. It is wonderful. my large curlers fit easily in the bonnet. bonnet stays in please and is not uncomfortable. I keep it on medium heat. the high position is just too hot! very happy with this hairdryer and it is compact so I can take it with me on vacation. the hose retracts as well as the cord. the cord is 6 feet long. very nice.


3. Soft Bonnet Hooded Hair Dryer Attachment for Natural Hair- Beaut’e Seoul

Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer to Buy In 2020 This product is out to help all hair dryer users enjoy value for their money, it is ideal for taking care of natural curly. This hairdryer is also used for styling, curling, deep conditioning and drying hair.

Product Description

This hairdryer is probably out to steal the show from other soft bonnet hair dryers in the market.

  •   It is made with water-proof material this will make sure that the product will stand the test of time.
  •   It has an adjustable hair bonnet, this allows you to adjust the bonnet to your head size.
  •   The hose is wide which allows air to flow to your hair when you set, style and condition.
  •   It gives you steady airflow all through the drying process.

Key Features

  •   The larger hood makes it possible to hold every part of the hair including the rollers in place
  •   It comes with a gift! A premium hair care product for naturally curly hair plus one Beaute’ Seoul facial spa headband used for washing make up. What a special offer all packed in one product?
  •   It also has a hose that can stretch to almost 4.5 inches wide.


  •   The drawstring is located by the sides and is easily adjustable.
  •   The drying power is high so it cuts drying time down.
  •   The dryer is fit for all hands because the hose is stretchable
  •   It is very easy to use.


  •   The bonnets are a little bit small so it makes the hair seem fluffy on removal
  •   Setting the hairdryer above cool can cause mild burning sensation to your scalp.

See the video review here


4. Andis 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer, Black

Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer to Buy In 2020 Product  Description

This product also uses ionic technology to make drying your hair easier and faster and helps you to reduce hair frizz and also reduces the drying time because of its high drying power.

Key Features

  •   The Andis 500-Watt professional soft bonnet hair dryer utilizes ionic technology which makes of negative ions during the drying process and this helps to reduce hair frizzing
  •   It has a 2 speed/heating setting
  •   It has a flexible hose
  •   The storage case is convenient and portable


  •   The ionic technology helps in drying hair faster
  •   It protects hair from damage.
  •   The heating and set speed are 2/2.
  •   It uses a frequency of 60Hz and a voltage of 125V.


  •   The hose is connected with glue so when the dryer becomes hot, it detaches from the cap of the dryer.
  •   The bonnet is quite small so it is suitable for drying hair without curlers or setters.

I purchased this for drying my hair bundles. When I remove them, I wash/condition and put them in rollers. Then I put them in the bonnet and turn on high. 1hr later they are all dry and have a nice bouncy curl. It’s a little loud but worth every penny.

Check out the Andis 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer video below


5. MBM Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment-W10 Silicone Curlers

Product Description

Drying your hair has never felt good if you don’t have this soft bonnet hair dryer with adjustable bonnet hood that allows you to make adjustments around your head, rollers or hairstyles. The product is very flexible and lightweight, this makes it the right choice of soft hairdryer because nobody wants to be moving around with an extremely heavy dryer.

Key Features

  •   The MBM soft bonnet hair dryer is made to provide comfort for its users.
  •   It also provides flexibility and is functional for any head size.
  •   The horse is extra long which allows you to do some other things while your hair dries.


  •   The dryer is easy to clean because it is made PU coated nylon that makes the bonnet easily washable.
  •   It comes along with 10 silicone hair curlers that help you to achieve a perfect curl after dying.
  •   It has lightweight and very portable.
  •   It is also ideal for traveling
  •   The drying power is perfect.


  • The safety straps around the dryer easily break off so you need to be gentle while handling it.
  • Do not set the heating too high because it will burn your scalp.

Check out the MBM Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer review video here


6. BR Beauty Melissa Professional Hair Steamer and Color Processor

BR Beauty Melissa Professional Hair Bonnet is a great economical solution for light salon use, it can also be used for domestic purposes. It saves space and easily be moved around with fully adjustable height. Also, it has a neck extension for a universal set. The set treatment features automatic shut off on the timer. Reasons To Buy

  • It has a fully adjustable height.
  • It can easily be moved around.
  • You can use it for domestic purposes.
  • It has a neck extension for a universal set.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Many of the buyer’s complaints about it stopped working.

No written instructions on how to put together. Not difficult but written instructions would have made it easier. Still not sure I put the wire piece on correctly. Works great though and nice and sturdy. I paid 25.00 per treatment at the hair salon. It pays for itself quickly



Infiniti Pro is one of the best soft Soft Bonnet of 2020. It has all the features of the classic salon hood dryer. It is the kind of bonnet you need for your everyday hair drying activities. Perfect for gentle drying or deep conditioning treatment.

It makes use of Ionic technology for less frizz and more shine. Also, has 4 heat and speed settings for total control.

I bought this hairdryer to replace my Daisy hood dryer that I’ve had for years. I manhandled it one too many times and destroyed it.

That being said I like that this machine does not have the prongs inside the hood that you have to squeeze closed to close the unit. It closes easily with a latch on the back of the hood. It’s also extremely lightweight.

It has a strong, even wind flow and small compartments to hold hair accessories (pins, rods, etc.). The only real con to this machine is that it’s extremely loud. You probably won’t hear the phone ringing or the baby crying so that might be a deterrent for some.


8. BR Beauty Professional Salon Maxx Hot High-Performance Dryer

BR Beauty Professional Salon Maxx Hot High-Performance Dryer is a USA high-performance dryer that includes multiple settings for comfortable drying and settings. It has a large vent located on the back of the dry, and it includes a timer temperature with 4 settings. It is fully adjustable that its drying hood is large enough to fit all of the client’s head.

Performs superbly, quiet and durable. Hair dries completely in under 30 minutes on high setting. Great when in a rush.


9. Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer, Black

Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer is another soft bonnet dryer that can be used for professional and domestic use. It is perfect for deep conditioning and roller set. Furthermore, it has variable airflow settings for maximum styling comfort.

The soft bonnet has adjustable height; 2 heat/speed settings. Also, it comes with a 6-foot long cord store in base with a built-in carry handle.

I love this dryer! I have searched for a new dryer for months when I dropped and broke my old dryer. I had that dryer for over 10 years and couldn’t find one like it.

I bought one from the beauty supply store, but once getting it home it didn’t meet my requirements. I took a chance on this one and am I glad that I did! It gets super hot, hood adjusts up/down, easy to store, user friendly and I love how the hood flips.

This has met my basic needs and then some!


Factors To Consider When Buying A Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Before you buy any soft bonnet hair dryer on Amazon, here are the factors you should consider to pick the right one.

Size of The Bonnet

Yes! Bonnets are of different sizes and you need to buy one that can accommodate your head without falling off. Also, make sure the interior of the bonnet has been coated with anti coating for protection against chemicals.

Heat Settings

A good soft bonnet hair dryer should have multiple heats settings, this will give you total control of the machine. Some brands will offer two or three heat settings range. For someone with fine/damaged hair keeping the heats low is recommended and high for people with thick, coarse hair.


Aside from flexibility and heat settings, a soft bonnet hair dryer with extra features will help in a lot of circumstances. Some cool features you can go for Ionic technology, sets of rollers, variable speeds, height adjustment level, and timer.

However, the features you need should be your priority while you neglect the least needed. For example, a soft bonnet with Ionic technology makes the hair smooth and shiny.


The cost of a soft bonnet dryer has a role to play; it determines the features and in most cases the quality. However, that does not mean you should spend unnecessarily on a bonnet with features you don’t need.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Is a Bonnet Dryer Bad for Hair?

Bonnet Dryer can be bad in some circumstances but not in all cases.  Many professionals believe sitting under any hood dryer can cause damage to the hair. However, this effect can be counter by using Shampoo less frequently. That does not stop you from washing and conditioning your hairs, but it is recommended to use the ones made with natural ingredients.

How Long Can My Soft Bonnet Dryer Last?

There is no limitation to the number of years a soft bonnet dryer can last. In short, it depends on the level of maintenance and frequency of use. If maintained properly a soft bonnet dryer can last for two years or more. Furthermore, the status of the dryer from the manufacturer can affect this.

How Long Should You Stay Under Hooded Dryer?

To be on a safer side you should stay under the hooded dryer for 15 to 16 minutes, this will prevent your hairs from getting damaged.

What Does A Bonnet Dryer Do?

A bonnet dryer has a cap to be put over the hair and a unit on the wall. Once switched on, it blows hot air that dries out hair. Apart from hair drying, it can be used for deep conditioning, roller styling, and hair treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Hair With A Bonnet Dryer?

The number of minutes or hours you spent using the soft bonnet dryer depends on your hair thickness and density, but you shouldn’t stay till your hairs are dried. Spending 10 to 15 minutes is enough.

Are Soft Bonnets Effective?

Yes, but there are cases where the buyers’ complaint of their supposed purchased bonnet not working. However, you should be a guaranty that the products reviewed on this page are as promised by the manufacturer. Although, you may find some negative reviews from a few buyers that shouldn’t stop you from buying.

I wanted to dry my hair in rollers quickly………the bonnet fits over my larger rollers and dries my hair in 30 – 40 minutes.
Because it has the hose attachment, I can work on my computer while my hair is drying… much more flexible than the
dome hoods. It is lightweight and it does a good job…that’s what I wanted.. so I’m very pleased.


Final words

I have succeeded in guiding through the best soft bonnet hair dryers to buy this year. We have looked at the product descriptions, key features, pros and cons as well as the overall advantage of using a soft bonnet hairdryer.

To wrap it up, if you have been looking to get your soft bonnet hair dryer for personal use, and if you are reading this review; I hope I have provided product among the ones listed above.

Remember that the reason for buying a product is to get value for your money, so just calmly go through the products available to check out your order.

A good product is not only determined by the number of reviews so even it is the one that has the lowest reviews that meet up with your specifications and the value you wish to get then please go ahead and make your purchase.

I am sure our ultimate guide to choosing the best soft bonnet hair dryers in the market was helpful to you? Have any more questions that need more clarification? Don’t forget to make use of the comment box and I will swiftly attend to you!

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