Keeping Beards Stops My Bumps – Femi Fragile

This is my beards story – I started growing while I was in the University. However, since the #beardgang movement wasn’t this acclaimed in those years, it was just well trimmed teddy beard. I official joined the beard keeping community shortly after service in 2012. I love to keep beards relatively, because of the kind of face I have – […]

My Mom Never Liked My Beards – Marcel Apakhade

My first strands appeared when I was 13 years old. I refused to barb then because I had hoped that more beards will come. Nothing showed until my Mom made it her mission to clean my sprouting beards and make me clean shaven. I carried clean shaved face till 16 After I completed my diploma and started my first degree. I fell […]

I Had Never Shaved My Beards Since I Grew It – Steven Aina

My Beards Story My beards complement my face and it helps maintain my matured look. What I have on is the goatee type of beards, and it started growing when I was around 18 years. I am in my 30s now and I had never had it cleaned since it started growing. I have not had even one skin issues since […]