Common Beard Myths and How To Demystify Them

Beard Myths and How To Demystify Them: The ways to grow and/or maintain beards is one of the highly coveted things of a man. About two years ago, I was held up in a conversation with a friend, and it led us to talk about beards, too.

Here’s what we discussed…

He asked, “Hey, Bro! You’ve grown up to this age, why haven’t you grown beards yet, what’s the problem?

I answered, “that’s something I don’t really understand myself…

…what could be the trick behind growing beards? Is it that complicated? Well, I’ll follow this up to that.”

He replied saying, “while someone is looking for the tricks for fast beard growth, that person can come across false and incorrect myths.”

*Clicks the pause button*

To proceed, let’s disclose to you those myths you would always hear of in your quest to grow beards.

Note that, to demystify these myths, you have to opt-in for the right information about growing beards; that’s how you can demystify those myths.

Common Myths Around Beards And How To Demistify Them

I’m sure a lot of you out there have heard about the popular advice which says, “don’t believe everything you hear.” Most times, what we accept as the truth is nothing close to it. There are things you hear about beards which might sound like relevant information to you but isn’t actually correct.

Let’s look into some of these myths. Ready? Let’s delve in.

1. Your Beards Will Itch Always

If you hear these words from anyone, refuse to believe it because it’s false information. Yes, the beard may itch, but the itching does go beyond the early growth stages. Usually, the itching doesn’t last for more than a month. After a month, you may still experience itchy beards, but this time caused by beards hair that’s too coarse or dry skin.

With proper grooming, you can get rid of such itching. That’s the reason why purchasing products such as beard oil or the beard cream is highly essential. Beard oil plays the role of supporting the skin’s production of natural oil called sebum. It ensures that the skin and your whiskers are properly hydrated all the time.

A moisturized beard doesn’t know what itching is all about. So, while you may observe itching in your beard, note that it doesn’t always itch and will not itch if you properly care for it.

2. Shaving Your Beards Makes It Come Back Thicker

It’s a complete NO for this one. Have you been curious about growing beards? Then, you must have come across this particular myth that demands that you shave the whole of your beards for a thicker one to grow. In other words, start all over, and you’ll see thicker beards grow. But, the appropriate thing to say about is nothing but these three words, “forget about it.”

Dermatologists, doctors and beard gurus all have openly debunked this myth in many ways, and here is the real bottom line: shaving only ensures that your beard hair looks thicker. Why?

You should know that your beard follicles are naturally tampered right at the end. When you shave them, you are cutting the thin shaft and exposing the hair’s thick part near the skin. All parts of your beards grow at the same rate.

3. You Won’t Be Able To Get A Job

Having a beard doesn’t disqualify you from getting a job. In the work environment, there are quite a lot of bearded men, so that makes this one a myth, too. True, some jobs are more friendly for those with beards than for those without beards. Some corporate jobs may have strict guidelines as regards to facial hair.

But, above all, many companies look out for skills and not physical appearance. What speaks louder is your resume. Keep this in mind: before going for a job interview, ensure that your beards are professionally trimmed and shaped.

Make sure that you’re looking sharp – from your clothes down to your shoes, and also your haircut.

4. You’ll Have A Full Beards In A Week (Or Two)

Back to the growth-phase and that notion which depicts that the beard of every man grows at a completely different rate. Yes, you may think that’s a myth, too — but it isn’t really one of the myths. We all know of a person who grows beards in a short time — maybe, immediately after shaving. For most men, growing a complete beard takes about two to three months, at least one which is fully developed.

In growing beards, one of the things you should adopt — if you don’t have it — is patience. And make sure you stay on course. Doing these will give you your desired result in a short time.

5. A Beard Makes You Look Unattractive

Saying beards look unattractive show that you’ve ignored the fact that many people actually do find beards a lot more attractive.

According to a study, women find security in guys with beards. They believe that guys with beards will be able to protect their children. And to add, they find guys with beards more attractive.

Now we’ve known about five of the myths you always hear, as long as getting the desired type of beards is concerned, let’s move into telling you a few things you should do to help you demystify the myths listed above.

How to Demystify the Beard Myths

1. Stop Looking In The Mirror

With all the issue involved in growing beards, the more you stare at your beard in the mirror, the more you judge your goal around having a perfect beard. And hitting perfection with your beard is something that’s out of your control. By always judging your beards, you’re only discouraging and bringing yourself down. So, while you grow beards, don’t look at the mirror.

2. Quit Picking At It

Yes, you have to pick at your beards for the morning grooming, and you can’t control the urge to pick at your beards while being lost in deep thought or meditation — but you should still try your possible best to keep your hand away from your beards.

3. Clean It Up

It’s said that a clean beard is also a fuller beard. Just like the hair on your head, if you keep it clean, it’ll surely appear much fuller than if you allow it become wholly dried out or too oily. To achieve a decent beard, you can go for products such as a good beard wash and softener. They help to keep your beard clean without you torching it.

4. Moist

Moisturizing your beard is another crucial move in maintaining a healthy and full beard. To avoid the possible dryness, you can go for beard softener and beard oil.

Staying away from the myths alone is a way of demystifying the myths. And not just that, also do the right things to get a healthy beard.

Thanks for reading.

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