Late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu’s Beard Inspire Me | Michael Onyeka

The life and times of #DimOdumegwuOjukwu motivate me. His beautiful countenance fuelled my beard journey. I never got to meet him but I idolized him. A lot of my friends and family were shocked when I started growing and grooming my beards, others were indifferent. Beard Discrimination Yes, there is a lot of discrimination for bearded men, especially at the […]

My Mum Fell In Love With My Beards – Orji Maduka

1. Tell us a bit about your beard gang journey. What made you start growing your beards? I started growing beards because firstly I didn’t always have 300 naira to shave weekly. I was a student and it was disturbing my monthly kickbacks from home. But after some months, My mum said she loved the beards. Beards were one of […]

Happy World Beard Day 2018 To All Beard Gang

World Beard Day 2018: From all of us at mybeardgang, we are sending our Happy Beard Day wishes from here. From Nigeria to the United States and all over the world, we are sending our greetings to all bearded men and all beard gang out there. When is the Beard Day? The Beard day usually happens on the first of […]

Beard Success Story: I Groomed My Beards In 4 Months

My name is Iroegbulam Ikechukwu and I studied at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. I am Currently serving in Oyo State. This is my beard success story. My Beard Gang Story I have not always been a hairy person so I never thought I could not grow beards. I have always admired my coursemates with beards. My beard journey […]

10 Reasons Why Eric Bandholz Inspires With BeardBrand

10 Reasons why Eric Bandholz inspires: We all know the Beard ‘thing’ isn’t a mystery or fantasy anymore. It took us unaware like a thief in the night. The Beard is here to stay and making waves also. It is not just a trend, it’s a Lifestyle for the guys. Beardgang is a term used to refer to the Beard men […]

My Beard Gang Story: Angels Are Among Us

There are angels amongst us. They go about clad in the same flesh us normal people are trapped in, and have the same fluid running in their veins. You can see them everywhere. They are at school with your kids, they are buying in the market and the market seller is handing over bills from them to you as change. […]

Beard Discrimination | Whose Side Are You On?

Beard Discrimination – It’s really hard to keep facial hair in this country because we are stereotypical people, we also find fault in the little things and we are constantly trying to stand on one side of something, argument or theory. No matter how silly you consider a topic to be, or how sure you are about something be a […]

Why We Need To Build My Beard Gang Community

My Beard Gang Community – Do you admire the Beard gang community? Would you like to join? What are you waiting for? Give your beard trimmer a break and join the reigning crew of bearded men. It took a while for the Beard gang community to finally came on board and when it finally did, is taking the world by […]

Beard Growth and Quantifying Maturity

Beard growth – Nothing is easy, nothing comes easy too, I tell you, but as much as I have come to accept it. Being a Nigerian is not anywhere near easy, I can almost wager my money that if we, as humans have the power to decide where we are to be born and knowing what we know now, Nigeria […]

By Their Beards You Shall Know Them

By Their Beards You Shall Know Them – Last year June something happened that changed the way I saw beards, I mean men who kept beards. I was going in for the last leg of an interview that had taken most of the month. The company was a big one that hired only the best minds. Its headquarters were in the […]