My Mum Fell In Love With My Beards – Orji Maduka

1. Tell us a bit about your beard gang journey. What made you start growing your beards?

I started growing beards because firstly I didn’t always have 300 naira to shave weekly. I was a student and it was disturbing my monthly kickbacks from home. But after some months, My mum said she loved the beards. Beards were one of the reasons she fell in love with my dad. That was the beginning of my journey.

2. How did family and friends accept your new look?

Mum fell in love with the beards but Dad had some reservations about it though. He was worried about what the society will think about me. He wondered If I was now a bad boy or joined a bad gang.

3. Is there a discrimination against bearded people?

Yes especially in workplaces. I have situations where an interview was canceled because I came in with my beards and it was assumed that I am not a serious-minded fellow

4. Do you think ladies love beard guys? Why?

Yes. Most ladies I have met always love my beards. They always want to feel the beards and play with it. They claim it gives their man a manly look

5. How do you take care of your beards?

I just apply oil and that’s all.

6. What is the future of your beards?

Do you want to keep it for long or you would shave it later in the future? I hope to grow the beards for a long time. No intents to shave it off for now.

7. What is our advice for people with beards?

Always remain in the beard gang hood. It is always a nice feeling to touch your jaw and feel the beards. Always take care of the beards and do not let an external discrimination make you want to ever shave your beard off.

They are your masculinity. So, groom it and work it!

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