How Actors Keep Their Beard Black

Imaginations running wild. A man in the late 60s with a black fluffy beard. Sounds unusual, yeah? Imagine he is an actor and you are then wondering, how come his beard is so black? Now that brings us to the question, how do actors keep their beard black?

Last night, I stumbled upon the autobiography of Will Smith, the famous American actor. In some of his recent photos, he had black facial hairs in his broad chin and he’s 51 years old.

Observing the other side of the horizon, Even most men in their late forties will begin to develop Grey or white facial hair. This can be really frustrating. Nobody wants to look old. Even though we are getting old in reality.

In my recent post where we looked into how celebrities grow their beard so quickly, I mentioned that they grow a beard whenever they want it and however they want it. But this does not apply to growing black beard.

As a matter of fact, grey/white hair is inevitable for some men. If you want to maintain a black fluffy beard even while you grow old and you have been admiring some actors who are successfully doing the same then this article is for you.

Are you so inquisitive like me? Have you ever wondered how some actors keep black beards? Well, let’s find out here. We will also look into the hormonal effect of this subject matter. That is, decrease and increase in the melanin levels.

Can you convert white beard to black?

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It is not wise to say a firm yes to this question. I will show you some few vital things about converting white beards to black which will actually explain the answer to you more clearly.

When we talk about the causes of grey/white beards, the only factor that is responsible for it is a decreased level of melanin production.

And as you probably know, Melanin is a hormone which imparts the dark (black) colour to your facial hair or any other hair in the body.

White beards can be converted to black.  But you should be careful of what product you use for colouration. Most of what people recommend are always dangerous too, not just your facial hair but your skin beneath. Let this not scare you away from the idea. It is actually cool. And this article will help you.

Your facial hairs will turn Grey/white once the melanin production is reduced.  One of these days, I’ll take time to educate you on how melanin affects the colouration of your beard as you age.

It is a topic for another day. But for now, we are about to find out how actors keep black beards and how we can go about it if need be.

Why do actors keep black beards?

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This is more like saying ‘why you should keep black beards’. But as a fact, nobody will tell you how you love to look. I’m sure every man wants to still be the handsome man of his time. Haha.

Not only actors, but this matter also concerns every man with a beard. You may be enjoying the dark black colour of your beard now, but as time goes on, you’ll come to realize how important it is to know what converting of beard colour means.

Whitebeard is very frustrating especially when it starts approaching your 20s or 30s. I’ve seen countless cases.

Most actors face this problem, and since they need to act some role that will require them to look younger, they will need to either shave off their white beard, convert to black beard or at worse, wear a black propped beard.

It is most likely that the reason why you are interested in how actors keep their beard black is that you want to get rid of a white beard but still be among the beard gang.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one facing this problem. We are currently experiencing a massive shift in lifestyle and luxury. Everyone wants to look young.

So diving down to the main deal, it’s time to find out how these actors go about keeping their beards black.

How actors keep their beard black

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Let me also mention that hereditary factors play a great role in the cause of premature greying of hair and white beards. They are not caused by the products you use for beard growth. I don’t think so.

So if we are going to tackle white beards to get black, it means that we are not dealing with the outside but the inside. Although, the result we want will reflect on the outside.

Lack of consuming healthy and nutritious foods can cause greying of beards too. Believe it or not, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption coupled with stress can be the cause of your premature white beard.

The reason why I just highlighted the causes of white beard is that your beard may not really need what I’m about to show you.

These actors take these roots because they don’t fall into the category of people who are guilty of the causes I just mentioned now.

So if you do not consume excessive alcohol and cigarettes, if you have a very healthy and balanced diet and you still find yourself among the pack of men who are fighting white beards and seeking for ways to keep black beards, here is how some actors go about it. And you can easily deploy these methods too.

So basically, to keep a black beard, actors usually make any of these two approaches which includes

  • Natural dye remedies

We will begin with the natural dye remedies. I so much recommend this approach because it has no negative effect at all. Plus it is natural, cheap, and really accessible. I’ll share two methods of natural dye remedies that actors use to keep black beards and you can try them out too.

1. Natural dye remedies

The use of Henna, Coconut Oil, Vinegar & Lemon Juice

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The relationship between beard care and natural remedies using some herbal species can never be broken. I tell you.

You mix things proportionally and they give you astonishing results. Do you know that a proper combo of these ingredients is one of the greatest and fastest ways to get rid of grey/white facial hair? Yes, it is. Lemon, when mixed with coconut oil, is safe to apply on beards.

Vinegar also has a supporting role in the mixture. I may not be detailed in going deep into how they work. But since they are not 100% of science but natural, it is ideal. To prepare this mixture what you need as follows:

  • 1 cup of henna
  • 1 tablespoon of shikakai
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Vinegar
  • Half a tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of curd

After mixing all the ingredients so thoroughly that they will form a paste, allow the mixture to get oxidized inside an iron bowl. Afterwards, Apply the paste on your hair in the morning. Make sure you rinse the paste off your beard thoroughly.

Black Tea Remedy

From the name, you should know that this tea contains some components that will help in turning white beard to black. Most actors use black tea to keep their beard black because it is natural and it is an effective white beard solution. To prepare this liquid, you will need just two ingredients which are as follows

  • Water
  • Two tablespoons of black tea leaves

Remember that the end product should be in a liquid form. Hence you will boil these tea leaves in a bowl of water for some time, then wait for the liquid to cool. This is done to room some temperature.

Afterwards, remove the leaves from the tea. We are after the water that comes out of those leaves. That’s the black tea exactly. Not the leaves actually.

Make sure the liquid is not hot before you begin to apply it to your facial hair very gently. While applying, do spread it across your Grey hair and leave no stone unturned. Please do not apply shampoo in any of the processes.

Wait for an hour for the black tea to take effect  then rinse thoroughly with cold water

2. The use of recommended Products for black beard

There are few products that help in maintaining the melanin production or even increasing it. And truth be told, they are difficult to find. Really difficult. Almost all the ones I came across are not good for the beard.

But here is a product I’ll recommend if you can not go with any of those natural remedies I’ve shared with you.

 Blackbeard for Men Formula X

With the Blackbeard for Men Formula X, it is time to wave bye to Grey and white facial hair.

Honestly, not everyone likes the smell of ammonia from those ugly looking dyes. But this is a product that will help you  Regain your youthful appearance by giving you a black beard.

Application of this product on those Grey hairs restores your manly vigour and roguish good looks.

It causes no rashes or fuss. Simply apply sparingly in a thin layer – wipe off excess on the lip of the bottle with a tissue after use.

It is also important to test it on a patch of your skin before using it. Especially when you have sensitive skin, you should not ignore this.


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