Happy Democracy Day Message to All Nigerians (2021)

This is a moment to be proud. June 12th is the Nigerian democracy day and we should be glad for our democracy as Nigerians. Happy democracy day Nigeria. This year again all Nigerians come together to celebrate the return to democratic rule after being ruled by the Military government for a long time.

As we celebrate our 21st year of democratic rule, we should be grateful for the freedom to do everything unlike in the military era.

We are therefore celebrating with Nigerians, particularly all bearded men in Nigeria, who are proud Nigerians. Happy Democracy Day.

We have put together a couple of Happy Democracy Day Messages this year for you to share with us.

Happy democracy day messages, wishes and quotes for all bearded men

Celebrate democracy day with you

We celebrate the democracy day with all Nigerians. Happy Democracy day. We will like to advise you to continue to make yourself law-abiding citizens of this country and to make yourself accountable to the democratic rule of Nigeria.

We urge to follow all rules and regulations as expected in a democratic dispensation and that you should let the rule of law prevail at all times.

Happy democracy day once again.

Democracy is free, so is a happy day

A happy life is free, and we should try as much as possible to live that happy life. It is our duty to keep our environment safe too. We shouldn’t leave safety and security to the hands of the government. Let us live in peace with one another. Happy democracy day to you.

Keep the faith of the democracy day

We must believe in the goal and set our eyes on it. We must also realize that unity is important and there is great power in being united. Let us get ready to stand for our country anywhere and anytime. The progress of Nigeria should be of paramount importance to us. Happy Democracy Day.

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