Honest Amish Beard Product Review

Honest Amish Beard Product Review – Honest Amish is a company that started off a couple of years back with a beard balm product they claimed was better than any other beard oil on the market.

Was the claim true? Well..?? We would say Yes.

To an unquestionable extent because back then when they made the claim, there were little to no other beard balm products and what they put on the market sure worked as described. Being that men all over the world are batshit crazy about growing beards in the 21st century, the instant Honest Amish Beard Balm hit the stores and became available for sale, it was sold out, no single one of it was left on the shelves.

Thing is, taking out time to review Honest Amish beard balm is not to promote the company or its product in any way, its more like a public service to the community of bearded men all over the world as there are tons of options out there for bearded men and making a choice can get really nasty especially if there are no prior reviews, you just go in blind and hope for the best, we want to make sure you are buying products to make your beards better with your eyes wide open.

With beard products like Handlebar and Beardbrand out there almost trying to win the battle of the bearded men ecosystem, I was tempted to pick another beard product for review, and I wanted to take it one at a time and that’s why I got myself an Honest Amish Beard Balm, used it for a couple of weeks and not sharing my impressions about the product will be the most selfish act on the planet earth.

As a busy person, I never had the time to visit the store to pick this product off the shelf so, what did I do? Yes, you guessed right, I visited one of the numerous internet stores, made my orders and got it delivered to me in my apartment while in nothing but shorts. Delivery experiences differ and as someone who has been on the internet for long to know how a little bit off some companies can be, I have decided to make a list of the contents I had in my ordered product so you can know how to scream your lungs out when any of these is missing, here is a list of the couple things found in my Honest Amish Beard balm package:

  • A mini bag which houses the balm and the user manual.
  • Beard care tips card which serves as a usual manual on what to do if your balm has been liquidized during transit and other useful tips on how to apply the beard balm.
  • The Honest Amish Beard Balm in all its glory.

The packaging to me doesn’t seem like something that was rushed because the quality was top notch and I was amazed at the appearance of the package which I noticed some other beard companies have started ripping off, innovation is dead in the 21st century aye?

Companies sitting on their ass looking for some other companies to do the thinking so they can capitalize on it and in a way or two do some modifications and claim the glory for themselves. The burlap bag is a cool addition as it makes travelling with the beard balm easy, you don’t have to find a space for it in your travel pack, just pack it in this bag and off you go.

Packagings aside, let’s take a look at the content of the balm itself, the day to day usage and every other thing pertaining to the usage of the Honest Amish Beard Product.


The application of the Honest Amish Beard product is not rocket science, for me, all I had to do was take a little onto my fingers, rub it on my palms then apply it on my face, it was that easy. This beard product really came through as one that is safe for use on both the facial hair and other parts you happen to use it on as the excess balm after applying the balm on my beards were rubbed on my skin and I can confidently say, there was no funny nor uneasy feeling on my skin after the application, instead, everything was as it used to be and there was no cause for an alarm of any sort.

Effect on Beard

The Honest Amish beard product is one that will leave your beard glistening and draw quite some attention to you and oh, do I love the attention? Of course, that’s the point of this whole thing, to begin with, I’m all for the attention and that’s why I grew some beards. Asides making beards glowy and shiny, the scent of Honest Amish beard balm  is not in any way strong and the smell is almost the same of when you just freshly got out of the bathroom, there is no perfect word to describe how warm the scent is but it’s not in any way harsh and the smell is something you’ll probably get to fall in love with.

Price of the Honest Amish Beard Balm

Being that this product is all natural and the best place to turn to when it comes to beard products, the price is slightly higher than those beard products with chemicals. You can quickly cop an Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner – Made with only Natural and Organic Ingredients – 2 Ounce Tin here on Amazon for $12.87, or get the Honest Amish Beard Balm – New Large 4 Oz Twist Tin for $22.77 here on Amazon.


As earlier noted that this product is all natural, there is no better fact sheet to back it up other than the ingredients listed on the container of the balm. On the container, it can be easily deduced that the product is a fine blend of close to twenty hair strengthening antigens infused with golden Jojoba, Grapeseed, Shea butter and Argan.


For me, beard balm application is all about doing it right and that loosely translates to applying the balm when my beards were still moist and hours after application, touching my beards still give me that satisfactory moist beard feeling. This is the direct opposite of what you’ll get when you opt for products with petroleum jelly in them, these products dry off minutes after application which is not the best way to approach buying beard products.

Overall Review (Performance and conclusion)

Honest Amish beard company has been well reputed as one that takes their time to garnish handpicked ingredients into amazing products beardsmen would never joke with as the effectiveness is always topnotch. This beard balm is no different as it contains the famed jojoba oil which can be found in only a handful of beard products. Jojoba oil which is in every way similar to the facial hair hormone, sebum, being secreted by the human body is a wonderful agent to help stimulate better secretion of the intended hormones in the human body and that’s why these ingredients have been considered as an essential for most hair and skin products. The rest of the ingredients contained in this Honest Amish beard product are less popular when pitch against the jojoba oil but they are essential as well. The avocado oil present in the beard product delivers some sort of essential nutrients to the body and hair, it does not stop there, it also helps with the absorption of all these nutrients into the bloodstream.

Virgin Argan and sweet almond oil are both agents that help with the texture and moisturizing effects of the product. The other major ingredients in the Honest Amish Beard product asides the jojoba oil are the Moringa oil and the Kukui oil which are synonymous with only beard products from Honest Amish. The combination of the two oils has been voted as the best way to combat burns, ageing, blackheads, wrinkles and beard dandruff. Somehow, these potent oils help with sleep quality leading to longer rest time and improved beard growth. The usage of Kukui oil in all its glory was first adopted by Honest Amish company before it went mainstream and other cosmetics alongside grooming companies woke up to the benefits of having it in their products. The ingredient for one act as a shield for hair and the skin as it protects them from environmental factors. Also, as a healing agent, the oil helps the skin heal and recover faster from rashes and cuts.

A side attraction to this oil is the elimination of beard itchiness which is a common experience when growing a beard. The best part about all the beard products from Honest Amish is the fact that they cut cost for customers in a bid to make everyone enjoy the luxuries of life without putting a hole through their pockets as the company sells all of their products at a lesser price than the competition, you are sure to get Honest Amish beard products at almost half the price you’d get the same product from other companies.

This offers a great value for money to consumers and it leads to a win-win situation as the buyer buys for less and the company sells even more of the same product. No matter how low priced and affordable a product is, it will remain unknown and irrelevant if it doesn’t perform up to the expectations of its consumers. The balm which I am still making use of at the moment is an all-rounder both in the price department and effectiveness but you need to be careful with its application as applying too much of the balm can be disastrous to the growth if your hair and you wouldn’t want that. Asides the long-term effect, applying too much of the balm will do no good than to make the beard heavy at that moment and possibly throughout the day which will make you feel uneasy as you go about your day to day activities, it might take a few tries to get just the amount that’s right for you but when you do, please stick with it for maximum comfort.

The Honest Amish beard balm is in no way greasy and it spreads nicely and evenly even with no comb in sight, you don’t even need one, the balm is just right for every hair type. Massaging the balm unto your facial hair with a fair amount will keep you going till the very next day. One thing that’s peculiar to honest Amish as a beard products company is consistency, most of their products have the same good stuff embedded in them with little modifications here and there especially when it comes to scent and smell and this particular beard balm that I ordered and still have with me is infused with a scent that’s pleasant to the nostrils and stays that way for a few hours or thereabouts. This is especially good as I do have a thing for scented beard products that are not too tacky but, if you happen to be someone who dislikes having the scent of your beard product clash with that of your cologne, you need not get yourself worked up as the smell of the balm will only hang around for a while after which you barely even notice you had earlier applied something on your beard. Asides the many good things about this product, one that I really hold above all else is the workings of the beard balm, the ingredients have been blended just well enough to avoid them clogging the skin pores which is one of the most important factors for the effectiveness of this product as having the beard balm clog the pores ensures just a little percentage of the applied balm gets into the body and that’s not good for business, some will even consider the product a waste of money as results will be disappointing.

With the honest Amish beard balm, there is really nothing to complain about as this product is undoubtedly one of the best out there and is well priced and effectively keeps the product soaring high in the ever dynamic marketplace of beard products.

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