Beard Oil For Short Beards (Detailed Review)

Beard Oil For Short Beards – Beard oil for short beards for one has been one of the most sought-after answers ever since the awareness of growing beards for more than just warmth.

If you take out time to critically analyze the beard trend, the all-natural untouched type of beard had always been the norm until a few years back when there was a sudden boom in the demand for beard oil due to self-awareness about the best way to keep the beards glowing even in harsh weather conditions.

Before, only a select few in a thousand bearded men actually saw the need for the application of a type of oil for the moisturization of beards, and this was before the 1930’s when native Americans opt for the use of coconut and in most cases, olive oil for their facial hair.

The increase in the clamour for beard oil has enriched some set of individuals I will refer to in this article as “beardepreneurs” and they are making their headway through the production of different beard oil varieties i.e. different bottle type, scent, brands, sizes, etc.

These people never stop growing as a new beardepreneur springs up every now and then to feed on the emerging market.

Between the last quarters of the year 2014 and the early quarters of 2014, there was an increased awareness about growing beards that skyrocketed new interests about beards thereby leading to the creation of new needs and a new industry to cater for those needs.

Until about a decade ago or less, beards weren’t a societal norm as people back then preferred to have a clean-shaven face especially when the event they are planning to attend is a formal one that involves big guns from the society but, it did work for them as pictures from about a decade ago were mostly of clean-shaven handsome individuals and for that, beard never really depreciated their look(s).

Men who stuck with fully grown beards back then were always considered as people with a busy schedule which didn’t afford them the luxury of taking out time to shave off their facial hair but now, the game has completely changed as what was in the past considered as an abnormality in the most literal term is now being accepted as the norm, I mean.

Look around you, the chances that you are standing next to a bearded man right now is as high as the satellites in the sky, every industry has bitten the bug as the business and fashion world has tagged along with more and more celebrities wearing a beard.

It’s like a zombie virus now as you now have bearded men all around you and the ladies validation of how manly and cute made a lot of men crazy about growing a beard even if they didn’t connect on their chine, they just want tiny strings of hair they can refer to as beards.

Forget I said anything about society and ladies validation, in today’s world, we mostly look up to our television sets to catch up with the current trends and the fashion in vogue, having top celebrities wear their facial hair with pride is more than enough to keep the trend locked down for years to come.

We can’t really talk about beard oil for short beards without really giving an in-depth view as to what beard oil is and why it’s an application on short beards is even an option to consider in the first place.

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What really is beard oil?

This is a no-brainer as from the name itself you can already deduce what the oil is for, and for people who are still having a hard time wrapping their heads around this, beard oil is simply an oil to be used on your beard, it is as simple as that.

The composition of beard oils had never for once been complicated as most beard oils contain just carrier and essential oils with the addition of whatever the brand producing the beard oil thinks will make it stand out in the open market for better sale and recognition.

The new generation beard oils have done well enough by adding fragrances and vitamins and some other ingredients like conditioning and scent plus other skin treatment inclined properties that can help with various skin conditions like dry, oily and acne-prone faces.

As highlighted in one of the paragraphs above and contrary to popular belief, beard oil never newly penetrated the world market, beard oils had been in existence for a long time and they only phased out when beards fell out of fashion, the thing is, the usage of beard oil can be traced as far back as the Egyptian era.

With every other thing, living and non-living, beard oil evolved from being all-natural to have a few chemicals included in them but, top beard oil producers in the 21st century rejected the idea of including some acids and they all opted for the all-natural alternative to the satisfaction of their clients and prospective clients.

What Is In Beard Oil?

What Makes A Good Beard Oil?

Natural beard oils basically contain a near-perfect blend of what’s popularly referred to as carrier and essential oils.

They both work hand-in-hand to give a kick of effectiveness to the aftermath of the oil’s usage.

Essential oil as a core ingredient has for centuries been extracts from herbs and plants and they are mostly used as remedies. They also feature therapeutic vitals that help with the relief of irritation and repair of damaged skin.

Asides the well known essential oils, beard oils can also include innards such as cedarwood, tea tree, eucalyptus, and sandalwood, to top it all, these natural ingredients have their own distinctive smells that are pleasant to the sense of smell.

The down part is, these smells don’t last as they are either absorbed by the skin or evaporates with the wind and that is the major reason why the major stakeholders in the beard oil industry do away with these natural ingredients for alternatives with long-lasting scents.

Men who love subtle smell still opt for beard oils made with these natural ingredients though and that is why carrier oils are being utilized as a type of binder.

The job of carrier oils as a binder is to basically provide the beard with rich and nourishing effects through the application of the beard oil. Alongside the provision of that shiny beard outlook most men so crave for, beard oils also come equipped with vitamins A, D and E and they most often than not feature as an antibody which fights against hair loss and skin scaling.

With the presence of moisturizing properties, beard oils also help hydrate both the skin and the hair.

How Does Beard Oil Work?

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The effects of beard oils have never been and will never be magical, all it takes to know how all of this works is to take out a little time off your busy schedule to learn about the skin area, but, you need not do that, I will save you the stress of turning the internet upside down all in the name of looking for useful information.

The hair roots have been known to produce a natural oil known by the name sebum, an agent which nourishes and protects the hair and scalp area. The sebum in question is a uniquely rich natural oil which makes the hair appear shiny and as the hair around the face grows thicker, its demand for a greater supply of sebum becomes overwhelming.

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The naturally produced oil can be weakened and made less effective by constant washing of the facial hair but that’s what beard oils are there for in the first place, they trap the needed oil at the root of the hair for proper growth of the beards.

Washing of the beards as one of the major contributor to losing the natural sebum oil should not in any way discourage you from washing your facial hair, you just need to know how to go about it and if the part of the world where you live it has a thing with dryness, you definitely need to moisturize your beard more often.

Sebum deficiency can also be attributed to thick beard, cold, dry and other harsh weather conditions, if it’s the former, your skin may not be strong enough to generate sufficient amount of sebum oil to take care of your beard needs, you will have to be of encouragement by looking out for the proper beard care product to help stimulate the secretion of more sebum oils.

Beards that lack enough sebum oil are often characterized by fragility and dryness coupled with irritation of the under the skin making it prone to rashes. To reverse the new unwanted development, beard oils back up the hair follicles by acting as a support go-to system for the hair to get its usual nutrients and more.

Beard Oil for short beards – All you need to know

Now, to the part where most readers who landed on this page via one search engine or the other has been waiting for, I will do well to highlight some of the beard oils for short beards and all you need to know about each product, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Beard Oil For Short Beards

The Amish culture has been known to welcome the idea of beards with both hands and the olden way by which they take care of their hair even before hair care products became commercially available and has now been passed down to the current generation in form of knowledge and its sure worth some attention.

The natural beard oil which was handcrafted made its market debut with its distinctive smell that lasts only for a short while. This beard oil is not like the regulars as asides moisturizing the hair, it also helps with dandruff and itching.

Woodland Harmony by Seven Potions

The Woodland Harmony beard oil will do well to maintain your masculinity by helping to tame the wild strings of beards in your facial hair. And, this seemingly impossible task was reduced to a child’s play because this beard oil softens the beard and makes the once difficult to manage hair manageable with just a brush.

Softening the facial hair is not the only thing the Woodland Harmony beard hair is infamous for, it’s sophisticated scent is one to talk about for ages.

Beardoholic Natural Beard Oil

Beard Oil For Short Beards

Remember the highlight about some beard care specifically aimed at treating the skin around the beard area, you sure remember, Beardaholic is one of those as it is aimed at soothing itching and irritated skin with just a blend of natural oils, nothing more, nothing less.

This beard oil’s got a special place in the heart of its users as it comes in a dark amber glass that helps prolong its shelf life as it shields it from direct sunlight and oxidation, it’s manly scent and the inclusion of a dropper tool that helps get just the right amount of oil into the facial hair has endeared it to many prospective users.

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Beard Oil For Short Beards

The frustration that comes hand in hand with having an itchy dry beard is enough to drive anyone crazy as you barely leave your beard area for a minute, your fingers are always up there scratching away as the itching worsens by the minute.

There is no need to live like that anymore as the Smooth Viking Beard Oil does more than take care of your sturdy beard hair, it even does a better job than what your comb can achieve, it also stimulate beard growth faster than any other beard oil product in the market.

This alone has made it a must-have for intending beard gang members aiming to have a long beard like some priests in some parts of the world. The smooth Viking oil can also help with itching relieve and elimination of dandruff.

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